Rugs not Drugs

first of all, i APOLOGISE for the title of this post. it could not be helped.

so, a difficult thing i had to do recently was help my boyfriend pick out a carpet (actually, rug) for his apartment. at one stage there were three HUGE beautifully colourful kilims on the floor of this old school carpet place we visited in cape town, and the carpet salesman was almost rolling his eyes at us as we umm’d and aah’d over which one he should take home. eventually after peeling away layers upon layers of piled up carpets he found the one. but i’m still thinking back to all those carpets, i honestly would have loved to take all of them home.

i’m also on the market for a carpet, and i thought i had a good idea of what i wanted until i came across the Nazmiyal Collection of vintage rugs boasting Swedish kilims, Moroccon rugs and some incredible Art Deco pieces too. do i want something fluffy? or Scandanavian? ideally i’d like all the rugs in the world, but if that’s not possible i could very happily live with one of these.



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  1. megs says

    Oh how I wish you were coming to visit Arizona…so many gorgeous rugs I know you would fall in love with – one day, you must come and visit!

    Beautiful post, thank you x

  2. says

    my my, these are beeautiful. When it gets rough in the winter here in Canada it always helps to have a cozy rug touching your feeties, one of these would be fantastic! Yes we say feeties, not feet. :)

  3. says

    Thank you for appreciating this wonderful works of art!!! We work very hard to find each and every piece and it is truly heart warming when people appreciate our taste ;)

    We actually have clients all over the world and we just sold another rug to Cape Town last month!

    Just letting you know that we announced our first sale EVER on our collection of Moroccan Rugs so if you like any, now it the time!

    Feel free to check out the entire collection of: Moroccan Rugs

    Again, thank you and lots of love from NYC!

    Omri Schwartz