Young Frankk Giveaway


the giveaway is now closed. winner to be announced soon!

i am sure that you have seen Christine Young’s beautiful jewellery label Young Frankk all over the internet, blogs, pinterest, etsy and here (of course) which is why i am THRILLED to be offering you this giveaway today!

here’s how it’s going to work. (1) have a browse around the Young Frankk shop and leave a comment telling me which piece is your favourite. (2) go to facebook and like Young Frankk. that’s it. if your name gets picked next Tuesday 24 July you’ll be walking away with the piece of your choice!

please note that this giveaway is open to all readers worldwide, but if you are outside the US your package might be subject to your country’s import duties and taxes. giveaway closes tuesday 24 july.


  1. Lotte Ghielen says

    The ‘Wire Wrapped White Calcite Stone Necklace’ is just magical!! It’s all so beautiful! Have a nice day!

  2. Rebecca Cecelia Howard says

    My fave piece is the spine hammered brass ring. I’ve been looking for a piece of jewellery to remind me of my time at university since I graduated last summer. I studied physiology and this would be perfect especially as I’m a bit of a bone obsessive…weird, I know. I also love how it’s adjustable, there isn’t enough rings out there for those of us whose grandpa passed down the wonderful trait of big-jointed fingers!

  3. says

    My favourite piece is the Wire Wrapped White Calcite Stone Necklace, drawing attention to the back and the most beautiful feature of a woman’s body. K

  4. says

    i love so many of these pieces, it’s hard to pick! but i do love the x brass cuff, as well as the Points Hammered Brass Layere — it has such great movement.

  5. Emily says

    I would love to own the V Steps Brass Cuff.
    I have super skinny wrists so can never find bracelets that fit. As Young Frankk custom makes all her jewelry I could actually wear a bracelet. yay!

    Holding thumbs.

  6. Megan says

    Such a tough choice!! I loooove the double band brass cuff, the x brass cuff and the double band brass ring but I’d say the ring is my favorite – its exquisite :)

  7. Mary Jane says

    hands down the wishbone earrings, when growing up, every sunday without fail my dad always presented me and my sister with the wishbone of the roast chicken. Happy memories (although I recall hardly ever winning the wish!)

  8. Dee says

    The Points Hammered Brass Layered Necklace is lovely! (All of the pieces are, really). But that necklace particularly draws my attention. Thanks for the post!

  9. ritz says

    My fave piece is the double band brass ring. it is beaut!
    the matching bracelet is always a winner!
    but my heart lies on the ring.

  10. says

    I work with my hands a lot so can’t wear much jewelry as it tends to get in the way, but Young Frankk pieces look like they’ll stay put while serving as an aesthetic delight. I especially love the X Brass Cuff, the Double Brand Brass Ring is equally awesome!!! Thanks for the post.

  11. Marta says

    Very tough decision…. in the end, I have to opt for the wonderful
    which gleefully reminds me of a Calder’s mobile sculpture !

  12. Laura says

    Hi Diana – Miss Moss,

    Althought, I visit a lot of blog and different websites, this is the first time I heard of Young Franckk.
    I immediatly liked her creations. Simple, raw, pure creation. I love X1000 it !
    No so easy to choose only one jewel, I watched them about 30min and my favourite one is the Rays Wire Necklace. I love necklaces more than every other pieces and this one is like a part of the sun..

    Thank you so much for this wonderful giveaway


  13. Melanie Goethals says

    Wow! Stunning pieces! Very delicate and strong at the same time :) Thank you for introducing me to the brand.
    I’m have a huge crush on the wishbone earrings.. I have a pixie so earrings are a necessity of I don’t want to end up looking like a little boy ;).
    Melanie X

  14. says

    oooh love it all!
    My biggest crush is on the Points Hammered Brass Layered Necklace but frankly I want them all….
    have liked the page fingers crossed I’ll win ;)
    PS We LOVE Miss Moss

  15. Charlotte says

    Oh well, if I HAVE TO choose jus tone it must be the X Brass Cuff … to die for in its minimalistic twistedness. Keeping my fingers crossed for myself likewise ;-)

  16. Sara D says

    SO many amazing pieces at Young Frankk! I would love to add the Garland Hammered Brass Necklace to my jewelry collection. I could see myself wearing that every day.

  17. Gabriella says

    I love the points hammered brass layered necklace, wishbone earrings, and the x brass cuff!
    And, of course, everything else.

  18. Melanie Sartain says

    So hard to choose from so many gorgeous pieces but to pick I’d say the X Brass Cuff. It’s stunning!!!

  19. Cathryn Bowles says

    Holy moly…these pieces are just too beautiful! The ‘Points Hammered Brass Layered Necklace’ would be my winner, for sure!

  20. Alex says

    pointshammeredbrasslayerednecklaceXbrasscuffVsteppedbrassnecklacepeakbrassringantlershammeredbrassnecklace………. aaah! they’re all so beautiful!

    but i’ll have to go with _points hammered brass layered necklace_


  21. says

    As a fellow jewelry designer, I can say that I’ve been admiring her work for quite a while! I really love the Tower Brass Cuff, but everything is beautiful!

  22. Rayne says

    Love them all quite a lot… But like the double brass ring a little bit more and the brass step bracelot… Oh dear… Ok, the brass step bracelot. You know what, if my name gets drawn you can send me what you like and I’ll be happy.

  23. says

    I love the Points Hammered Brass Necklace! It’s gorgeous. I love the layering – and I’ve loved Young Frank for some time! Liked them on facebook! :)

  24. erin c. says

    ahhh! the spine hammered brass necklace is the stuff of dreams! MY dreams!
    either way, thanks for making me aware of this shop. its amazing..

  25. bryanna says

    i can’t believe i haven’t heard of this shop before! it’s amazing and i have already pinned half of the jewelry since reading this post but i LOVE the double band brass cuff!

  26. says

    such difficult choices!!! but i guess if i had to choose… right now.. it’d be the v steps brass necklace !
    i love the tiny little details of the v, they remind me of birdprints.


  27. says

    amazing… i grew up in richmond, virginia but haven’t been back for over a decade, since i now live in europe. after need supply co. this is the second time you’ve brought me back home fashion-wise. thanks!
    my fave: the x brass cuff
    xo katja

  28. Carla says

    I discovered your blog last week and now i’m totally addicted to it! My favourite piece is the Points Hammered Brass Layered Necklace. I wish I could win although I live in Peru (South America).

  29. says

    The X Brass Cuff is beautiful. It’s a little edgy but perfectly timeless. A must have, staple piece that should be in every girl’s jewelry box. Including my own, so hook a sista up! ;-P

  30. Sarah Kate says

    My favorite new piece is the antler necklace. Brass is such a great metal to wear every day.
    Been a fan of Young Frankk for awhile now, glad to see her get love!

  31. Rachel says

    Oh my, oh my. I can’t decide which I like better between the Points Hammered Brass Layered Necklace or the X Brass Cuff. Such pretty pieces!

  32. Café says

    Me fascina el anillo de la tercera foto tanto como me fascina tu blog!

    I am fascinated by third photo ring as much as I love your blog!

  33. says

    What an awesome giveaway! If I should win (what is not probable, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed) I’d go for the classic v steps necklace. xoxo A

  34. Anna says

    I love the simplicity and organic way of wrapping the wire over the white calcite stone, that is definitely my favorite necklace, very very pure and beautiful! x

  35. KG says

    There was a serious three-way tie between the Wire Wrapped White Calcite Stone Necklace, the Antlers Hammered Brass Necklace, and the Spine Hammered Brass Ring.
    IF there was to be only one, I’d have to go with the Spine Hammered Brass Ring.
    All of these pieces are lovely.

  36. says

    My favourite would be the V Steps Brass necklace cause it’s so simple and sleek but still with a quirk – which is an absolute requirement when it comes to jewellery for me. Lovely pieces!

  37. Lea! says

    Such beautiful jewlery…and so unique! I am absolutely in love with the July Wire Wrapped White Calcite Stone Necklace. Fingers crossed! :)

  38. Jane B says

    Absolutely everything is gorgeous, but I think my favorite is the double band brass ring! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  39. Lisa says

    So hard to decide! The V-Steps cuff is perhaps my favorite. I have her brass collar, and always receive compliments when I wear it!

  40. says

    Ohmygoodness, how hard to pick just one! I adore the double band brass ring, but my heart truly belongs to the V Steps Brass Necklace.

  41. Masia says

    ohhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Points Hammered Brass Layered Necklace

  42. Suzyanne M. says

    Of them all – I’d say the Spine Hammered Brass ring would be my favourite! That being said, each piece is fabulous in it’s own way!

  43. Pia says

    oh my, i want everything together…but if i have to choose i would like to win the spine hammered brass ring.

    that is one of the best giveaways.

    thank you for sharing the collection of young frankk-it will be a great gift for friends and family for birthdays and maybe christmas, you have to think ahead!:)

  44. Taryn says

    The Wire-wrapped White Calcite necklace is gorgeous! So elegant and I love the way it can be worn reversed down you back if you’re in an edgier mood.

  45. Melissa says

    My name is the double band brass ring! Thanks for the link to the jewelry–I’ve been looking for something simple & stylish!

  46. Courtney Richards says

    I loooove the double band brass ring and would love to win it in your sweepstakes! I also love your blog, keep up the good work! <3

  47. Hannah S says

    I love the Wire Wrapped White Calcite Necklace. It is so gorgeous and so well done. Also the model’s lipstick is stunning ;)

  48. Nicci B says

    How to choose a favourite piece? They are all so beautiful! But I would have to say that I would get the most use out of the V steps brass cuff! Love it!

  49. Miriam says

    The points hammered brassed layered necklace is my favourite – I think it would go with so many things in my wardrobe!.

  50. Corinne says

    I’m in love with everything, though (and I see I’m not alone) the Points Hammered Brass Layered Necklace is my favorite.

  51. says

    I have to pick just ONE favorite? Unpossible. I can narrow it down to three, though: the Garland Hammered Brass Necklace, the X Brass Cuff, and my all-time favorite (not currently available in her shop) is the Collar Hammered Brass Choker!

  52. Wandarful says

    I’m in love, mad mad love, with the double band brass ring !

    i actually love all of the piece of young Frankk, it’s amazing !


  53. says

    LOVE your blog !!! Thank you so much for the giveaway !! I really really love the wire wrapped Calcite necklace…its BEAUTIFUL :))))))))))