Mes Dames A/W 12


it goes without saying that i fell in love with the Mes Dames A/W 12 campaign the minute i saw it, since it so beautifully combines my love for classic fashion and art. shot by photographer Anna Malmberg, the campaign takes inspiration from 19th century oil portraits and especially the work of Finnish painter Helene Schjerfbeck. Mes Dames designer Lisa Wikander will be showing her latest collection at Stockholm fashion week this year.

Mes Dames creates women’s wear in the intersection of Nordic minimalism and French sensuality. Using materials of the highest quality combined with fine tailoring, the label aims to provide each wearer with a sense of uniqueness and elegance. Mes Dames collects interesting, characterful women, be they historical heroines, fictional characters or present role models; each collection has its own muse. 



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  1. A. says

    they’re awesome but somehow i am not feeling those ultra-highheel shoes with this style.
    while the clothes are strong, wearable and beautiful, the shoes are the oposite.
    oh well, maybe its me, and i just dont get it.

  2. says

    This is an amazing work! Not only the fashion which is very retro and extraordinary, but also the artwork of the whole campaign is just beautiful. It really reflects the effect of 19th century oil paintings! Stunning work!

    Best Regards,
    Andi Smith