Nice Things No.12


[1] atelier beautravail [2] whistles maxi skirt [3] antik batik aztek beaded dress [4] whistles mozaic shift dress [5] m missoni top [6] desert flora soap [6] laklak bracelet [8] folded paper scarf [9] extinct animals tote [10] half moon necklaces [11] pineapple print espadrilles [12] coral necklace [13] fieldguided tote [14] triangle pattern name card holder [15] audrey & shay [16] jessie harris jewellery [17] big cats scarf [18] amethyst gold spike ring [19] roxy marj clutch



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  1. Rachel Townsend says

    Miss moss I love the green pink print dress, the crystle ring, the endless bummer bag and the panther scarf.
    Especially the coral necklace, thats my favorite, VERY COOL

    Thanks x Rachel

  2. says

    everything. so good. everything is so good! I’ve been eyeing those pineapple soludos also, and those two wallets are trouble for my wallet-needy-self right now.

  3. Hayley says

    Hi! All of your images are coming up as the “red X”. Both on your site and in google reader. I use internet explorer [I know, i know…]. Did you change something recently?