10 homes


10 awesome homes where i wouldn’t mind being invited in for tea…
but don’t let me stay too long or i might pitch a tent and claim squatter’s rights.

/ 1 / Céline Saby by Freunde von Freunden
/ 2 / Isabel Wilson by Brian ferry for FvF
/ 3 / Vanessa Bruno’s Paris Apartment
/ 4 / Jake’s Silver Lake Home by Dabito
/ 5 / Lauren Moffatt’s apartment
/ 6 / The Art House photographed by Line T. Klein
/ 7 / Stine A. Johanson’s apartment
/ 8 / Inge Rylant’s home photographed by Eefje de Coninck
/ 9 / Jan S. Hansen’s apartment
/ 10 / The Sneeoosh Cabin



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  1. says

    thanks so much for sharing !
    I’ve seen the fabulous Céline Saby’s apartment on FvF yesterday and was dreaming of how much i wanted my apartment to look like that… and how it feels very parisian and pretty.
    i’m a lot into interior inspiration right now (maybe because fall is coming here?) and i’ll check out the others which seem great inspiration too…

  2. says

    Loving #2’s plants as well. Makes me want to go out and buy all new plants right now! Awesome post, love the layout. :) Love this blog….everything on it makes me want to go out and spend all of my money. haha!

  3. says

    These are all great and I’d like to be invited to them as well!
    My favorites have got to be the 7th with the wonderful painting and matching bead spread and the 9th with the cozy and popy colorfulness.
    Thanks for sharing :)