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Josh Brolin for Band of Outsiders

Band of Outsiders is well known for their range of lookbooks featuring celebrities shot on polaroid. Kirsten Dunst is a regular model, as is Jason Schwartzmann. i like the latest one with Josh Brolin because he’s not your typical indie darling… and he looks good as a cowboy.


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  1. Oh, this lookbook is too cute! My favorite is the one with the toy horse. As much as I love Kirsten and Jason, I’m glad they decided to mix it up this time!

  2. Oh my! The last photo is my favourite, I just watched The Goonies over the weekend – he was my tween crush.

  3. ladyoflettuce says

    awesome, best lookbook i’ve seen. so over models. more people should take this approach. bring on older, wiser characters.

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