i discovered the photography of Nishe through flickr – which lead me to her blog, which in turn lead me to her website… and all the while i wondered who she was, but i couldn’t find any information about her. which, in the age of the internet, seems kind of crazy right? so i did what any good fan / stalker would do – i sent her an email, and got to know the girl behind these beautiful photographs. Nishe is the pseudonym of Magdalena Lutek, a 27 year old graphic designer from Poland. says Magdalena,

Photography has been my biggest love since I was 15. I used to take black and white film photos of landscapes and nature trying to capture emotions in lonely places. In 2009 I started taking self-portraits, I had a lot of spare time but I wasn’t brave enough to ask people to model for me. My face was always obscured in the photographs I took and it became my obsession to portray a soul of a person, their emotions, anxiety, loneliness without showing their face. In December 2011 I finally broke out of my shell and began working with models. This summer has been the most prolific time for me, I’m living and breathing photography.

all photographs by Magdalena Lutek.



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  1. says

    She is very good, but I must say I’m a bit saturated with all the soft, poetic, whimsical photographers around the internets.
    The pictures are gorgeous, no doubt, but it mostly revolves around: girl in vintage outfit/lace/etc – nature – subdued colors – soft lightning – very stoic. It’s hard for it not to be stunning though, and Nishe does it beautifully!
    (maybe I’m just used to being over-stimulated and it’s totally my problem though haha)