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Les Composantes

i overslept this morning, and so rushed through my usual get ready & dressed routine in about 5 minutes – threw on jeans, shirt, cardigan and ran out the door… when i realised, it was curiously warm. my cardigan was making me uncomfortably hot. after months of revelling in my favourite season of all, it dawned on me that winter was over.

so it’s usually at this time of year that the fall/winter lookbooks & collections for our northern hemispherean cousins start trickling in, and i experience mixed emotions because on the one hand i love the feeling of everything thawing out in spring (including myself) – but i’m already jealous of the cool clothes that those going into autumn get to wear.

Les Composantes is a fashion label by self-taught french designer & vintage lover Morgane Sézalory. she releases new creations every month, and just launched her Autumn 2012 collection.

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  1. Seriously, how do you do it? Everytime I’m thinking “been there, done that” in terms of fashion and designers you come up with someting new and interesting — such as this beautiful brand.

    Many thanks for broadening my horizon! (And have fun with sundresses and sandals — in France, we’re starting to eye boots, coats and woollen jumpers… almost enough to compensate for shorter days and colder temperatures).

  2. love the shirt details. usually i go for male shirts for narrow cut & simplicity, but this is almost as attractive. Will be checking out their site

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