Paper & Chain Giveaway

– the giveaway is now closed. congratulations to Gaby! –

remember i included the Paper & Chain hex bar necklace in my birthday wish list? well now you can stand a chance to win one – or any other handmade piece of jewellery from their range! so, all you have to do is go have a browse around Paper & Chain and tell me in the comments which piece is your favourite – and that’s the one you’ll walk away with if your name gets drawn next week.

please note that this giveaway is open to all readers worldwide, but if you are outside the UK your package might be subject to your country’s import duties / taxes. giveaway closes wednesday 26 september.


  1. Kina Meyer


    The Vega Pendant in silver is my favourite by far!


  2. Love the silver solitaire necklace. lovely thanks!

  3. I love the Hex Trio necklace. Like your own personal beehive. Would make me feel like the Queen Bee x

  4. maria gómez-senent

    Solitaire necklace can’t be more perfect! Thanxxx :)

  5. I love the the honeycomb design of the Hex-Trio necklace – perfect for springtime!

  6. I adore the Hex Trio earrings, and I’ve been wanting a pair ever since I first browsed your blog for jewelry ideas months and months ago! <3

  7. I’m all about the trilogy necklace! All the pieces are so lovely!

  8. I’m torn between the hex bar necklace in brass or the Vega ring in brass! Both are beautifully simple. But if I had to choose I’d prob go with the ring.

  9. Lovely, lovely jewelry by Paper & Chain, I would love to own one of their pieces. The Hex Trio Necklace in brass reminds me of beehives, beautiful and delicate.

  10. my favorite is the trilogy necklace, in gold.

  11. Love Paper & Chain! I would love love love the Arrow ring (straight through my heart!)

  12. Alexandra Angeli

    Please please, I’m in love with the Solitaire Necklace ! (the gold one) Pleeeaaaase.

  13. The Vega Pendant in brass! Such a pretty little shard of elegance.

  14. Inge Swain Herman

    Definitely the silver chevron necklace.

  15. Brigitte

    I love their style and designs but my favourite is the hex bar necklace in brass… oh heart be still

  16. Justine Kilkerr

    I love the Hex Bar necklace in brass. Gorgeous!

  17. Oooo… the arrow pendant is my favorite! Thanks, Miss Moss.

  18. YAY – i love Ismays´ work and the Triology necklace sure is my favorite… such a lovely giveaway…

  19. Diana Alemann

    I adore the beautiful Hex Bar Necklace!

  20. My favorite is Hex Trio Necklace (Silver). Thank you Missmoss!

  21. Oooh! so hard to choose! i think the Vega Pendant in brass is absolutely beautiful.

  22. I absolutely adore the chevron bracelet. Beautiful jewellery!

  23. Hex Trio Necklace in Brass, very beautiful. :)

  24. Although I do have a couple favorites, it’ll have to be the Hex Trio Earrings. Thanks for the giveaway!

  25. so beautiful
    i adore catena leather bracelets in light colors

  26. Megan Lundberg

    That silver solitaire necklace is so so wonderful! But I would adore any of these pieces, fingers crossed.

  27. The Hex Bar Necklace in silver is fairest of them all to me.

  28. Greta J.

    Hex trio brass necklace is the one for me! :)

  29. marianne

    I think the gold solitaire necklace is my soulmate. one true love. destiny.

  30. The silver single diamond shape necklace is oh so fine! I would like to make it mine :-)

  31. Love love love the Vega Pendant…gold and silver are gorgeous, tough decision!

  32. My favourite is also the Hex Bar necklace! I absolutely adore it!
    I had it on my birthday list too, but I think the birthday fairy forgot about me…

  33. Wow, these are all so lovely! It’s hard to choose, but my favorite is the Hex Trio silver necklace!

  34. I love the Catena Bar Necklace! It’s awesome!

  35. Margaret

    The Catena Bar, for sure! So simple and elegant.

  36. Silver Vega ring is so simple and chic, a must have.

  37. My favourite is the Trilogy necklace. I can’t decide if I like the gold or silver more yet.

  38. I would love to have the silver hex trio necklace!

  39. Jesslynn

    What beautiful, simple pieces. It’s hard to choose, but the Hex Bar necklace takes my pick!

  40. Valentina

    I’m in love with the hexbar necklace. But I must say everything is wonderful! Thank you for this opportunity!

  41. So in love with the Hex Trio Necklace! I’ll be counting the day’s till the 26th :)

  42. I would love the Vega pendant! Thank you for this wonderful giveaway :-)

  43. It’s a really difficult choice because they’re all so tiny and adorable but if I might chose one I pick up the solitaire necklace :3

  44. Magdalena

    I’m in love with silver Chevron necklace

  45. Suzanne Sng

    I’ve never won anything! Let’s hope the 100th time will be the charm! I am in love with the Trilogy necklace in gold!

  46. i love the simplicity of their designs. the hex trio earrings are especially sweet!

    thanks for the lovely giveaway, xo

  47. Most definitely the hex trio necklace in silver!

  48. Wow, it’s hard to choose, everything’s so pretty! But the Solitaire Necklace in Silver would be my choice :)

  49. what a lovely giveaway! love the hex trio necklace (brass)!

  50. oh Diana, thanks for doing this! Hex bar necklace in silver would be just plain perfect for me.

  51. The Hex Trio Necklace – Silver is my favourite!

  52. the arrow ring is already since several months on my wishlist

  53. I love the Hex Trio Necklace and earrings xx

  54. The brass chevron necklace is lovely. Minimalism at its best! Wonderful giveaway.

  55. I’m loving with the vega pendant, but I’m in love with the photos of the models even more!

  56. Hex trio necklace in silver is my favourite! I have that one in gold, but it’s broken…

  57. the silver hex bar necklace is my favourite, your blog is so inspiring! :) x

  58. Hex addict that I am I’d go chevron, because I snapped up the brass hexy necklace already!

  59. The chevron necklace is a bit of alright!!
    Thanks so much for the opportunity. xx

  60. wow this made me feel like a kid in a candystore, the (silver) Vega studs are definitely my favorite!

  61. So much awesomeness… but I am head over heels in love with the hex bar necklace in brass… TO DIE FOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. probably the vega pendant in brass. delicate but pointy. thanks!

  63. Thanks for the giveaway- what beautiful jewelry….. that being said, it’s a tossup between the Chevron necklace in silver or the hex trio in silver! Gracias :)

  64. The hex bar necklace in brass! So simple, delicate and unique.

  65. That awesome Chevron Necklace is my favorite! The brass and silver are both lovely.

  66. my favourite is the hex trio necklace in brass!

  67. Henrietta

    I love all of them, but the Catena Blocks necklace is my favorite :)

  68. I love the hex trio necklace in silver. Simple and geometric, perfect!

  69. Love the solitaire necklace. Fingers crossed!

  70. Eek! Too hard to decide, but that solitaire necklace in gold would probably rock my world. Thanks!

  71. Gemma Ludbrook

    I love the arrow ring – exactly the kind of jewellery I would make if I knew how!

  72. Sarah Levitt

    I love the solitaire necklace! Great giveaway :)

  73. The Arrow Ring is just lovely, what a good giveaway.

  74. I’m so torn between the Vega studs and the Vega pendant necklace!

  75. How lovely! After taking a look, I can say without a doubt that the trilogy necklace is my favorite! It would make a stellar addition to my necklace collection—most of which are of the larger variety. I need to mix it up for sure, and this would be a great place to start! Thanks for hosting this giveaway.

  76. Michael E

    Achieving simplistic beauty is always a challenge. Well done!

  77. Clara Canepa

    It’s hard to choose but my favorite is the Chevron Bracelet <3


  78. Kristina M

    i’m loving the hex trio necklace in brass!

  79. wow! tough to pick, but i’d love the trilogy necklace in gold – perfect for my birthday saturday. :)

  80. Love the Hex bar, I have these bookmarked for gifts for my bridesmaids!

  81. It’s hard to tell, but I think the Vega pendant in silver is awesome… :)

  82. all so pretty – but my fave is the silver chevron necklace ;)

  83. I love the silver Vega Pendant! Paper & Chain makes some lovely pieces.

  84. This is hard because I love it all! But I think the Chevron bracelet is my fav.

  85. I love the gold trilogy necklace. Such a beautiful shop!

  86. so hard to choose one, but i love the vega pendant in brass!

  87. afrobrownies

    I am in loooove with the trilogy necklace, with a preference for the gold. (Although the silver is equally pretty.) Also, love how the gap in the middle looks like an unfinished pentagon… Delicate & feminine.

  88. The chevron bracelet is my favorite! Would be a nice addition to my arm party.

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!


  89. I love everything, but especially the Hex Trio earrings!

  90. The Solitaire necklace is my favorite! Reminds me of Carrie Bradshaw’s “Carrie” necklace. A little ironic sass.

  91. They are all so beautiful! My favourite is the Solitaire necklace :)

  92. I’ve been eyeing that trilogy necklace for quite some time now! it’s gorgeous.

  93. What a wonderful giveaway!

    My favourite is the “Catena Blocks Necklace”.

  94. My favourite is the Chevron necklace in brass.

  95. They are all so pretty! Absolutely falling in love with the trilogy necklace! =))

  96. I absolutely loveeee the Arrow Ring but I love the Vega Skinny Cuff just as much. They are both my favorites, If I win, choose either one. I love surprises :)

  97. i love the simplicity of the chevron necklace. thank you for hosting!

  98. Ohh! I have been lusting after the triology necklace for quite some time!

  99. Love them all, but I’d have to go with the hex trio necklace in brass. Great giveaway!

  100. i’d like the chevron earrings! they’re lovely!

  101. Those earrings are the cutest. what a fab giveaway!

  102. I love the solitaire necklace! so cool! thank you for doing a giveaway :)

  103. Oooo its a hard choice! I love all the pieces in the hex collection. Hmm if i have to choose, gotta be the hex trio necklace in sliver.

  104. Recently moved to the UK and so glad to find out that Paper & Chain is based here! I’m in need of a jewelry upgrade and would go with the gorgeous Hex Trio earrings. Thanks!

  105. Madeleine

    Love the chevron bracelet! What wonderful pieces!

  106. The Hex Trio earrings are lovely. Wouldn’t mind putting them on my ears every day.

  107. Everything is so pretty and simple, my favorite is the hex bar necklace in silver.

  108. Elizabeth

    The Hex Bar Necklace in Silver is still my favorite! I love how dainty it is.

  109. Ingrid Pienaar

    The Hex Trio Earrings just want to live on my ear lobes!

  110. the vega studs are sew cute. i can never manage to wear earrings, but these would be simply lovely!

  111. i love the catena leather bracelets in light pink, baby blue and tan.
    love your blog too.

  112. I’m loving the catena blocks necklace- that’d be a wonderful piece to own!

  113. Oh goodness, the Solitaire necklace in gold is by far my favorite! That dainty diamond shape. Oh so pretty.

  114. I love the solitaire necklace kinda resembles the Superman logo ;)

  115. Julia Calbetó

    I really like all of them but I think that the most gorgeous one is the HEX BAR NECKLACE – BRASS

  116. I absolutely adore the Vega Ring in silver! I love Paper & Chain x

  117. natnatnat

    The trilogy necklace in gold is a dream. Such simple yet elegant pieces. Yay giveaway!

  118. the gold trilogy necklace is simply gorgeous.

  119. Bianca Misino

    Hi, i’m in love with the Hex Trio Necklace – Silver. Hopefully it will be mine ♥

    Love your blog too. Kisses from Brazil. :)

  120. Hi,
    I love:
    a) your blog
    b) the silver hex bar necklace


  121. They’re all so nice but I think my favorite is the Trilogy necklace.

  122. Hi Diana,

    I love the Hex Trio Necklace – Silver.
    And your blog :-)


  123. I love the silver trio hex necklace, reminds me of honeycomb!

    P.S I also live in Cape Town, and am waiting for the day I bump into you so I can tell you how much I love your style and your blog. Always inspiring!

  124. I love all the geometric shapes, perfect for an off-beat yet feminine jewelry piece

  125. I would like the little chevron earrings! My birthday is next week so it would make a lovely birthday present!

  126. they’re all so lovely! I think my favorite would be the triology necklace though.

  127. There are so many pretty things! I would choose the vega pendant though (and then go buy the hex trio as well)

  128. The hex trio earrings are calling my name. I’d wear them every day.

  129. Noemnoem

    The trilogy necklace is my favourite.
    ∆ ∆ ∆
    Thanks for this generous giveaway!!

  130. Samantha Tedesco
  131. Love how simple these pieces are!
    It’s so hard to choose, but my fav will be the Vega pendant. so beautiful :)

  132. thank you for this lovely opportunity! my favorite is the arrow ring.

  133. Solitaire necklace is the one I would choose.

  134. It’s so hard. The pieces are lovely! I would go for the Arrow Ring… but can I vote twice???

  135. The Catena Bar Necklace is so simple and charming.

  136. Michelle Warnke

    oh my! I love the Chevron necklace in brass!

  137. BambiChloe

    I love the Trilogy necklace! With love from England x

  138. The solitaire necklace is stunning and definitely my fav!!

  139. Beautiful! There are so many great pieces. I’d like the hex trio necklace in silver.

  140. The Hex Trio necklace is my favourite, but they’re all lovely. Thanks for the great giveaway! :)

  141. Ahhhh they’re all so lovely! The Catena Blocks necklace, however, is calling my name.

  142. I think the Hex Trio Earrings are just magnificent!

  143. just choose one, they’re all so beautiful! but i guess i love the gold chevron necklace!

  144. Everything is beautiful, but I’m drawn to the hex trio necklace–so lovely

  145. Hi, my favourite is the Chevron braclet. Thanks!

  146. Really digging the Catena Blocks Necklace. Fingers crossed!

  147. Emily Krieger

    I like the Hex Trio necklace in brass. Thank you for the giveaway!

  148. The hex trio necklace is so delicate and pretty!

  149. Absolutely adore the catena blocks necklace!

  150. Jessica DiNardo

    The ARROW RING in beautiful, definitely my favorite:)

  151. My absolute favourite is the Trilogy necklace, how perfect!

  152. Since the first time you posted info about Paper & Chain I fell inlove with the Vega Ring, and still am

  153. The Vega necklace is my favourite, but all the jewellery is gorgeous!
    I got stuck in the rabbit hole of your birthday wish list – I only just managed to make it out of Poketo – ha!

  154. hard to choose but the chevron earrings are so so lovely!

  155. Rocio Chuquillanqui

    ♥ the Hex Trio Necklace! Good luck girls!

  156. Juliette

    Simply adore the hex bar necklace in brass. I’ve been eyeing it ever since you posted your birthday wish list!

  157. Oh my! I LOVE the silver Vega Studs. That is something I could wear every day, so so lovely! **swoon** xoxo

  158. I love the hex trio necklace in brass. and most everything on their site.

  159. I went back and forth about 12 times because it was such a tough pick
    But I’d choose the Chevron Necklace, it’s so lovely!

  160. well, i am also ”september born”…and my birthday wish is trilogy necklace…it reminds me of autumn – golden light, falling leaves, diamond shaped wine glasses…oh, yes, it is a kind of yewellery that stimulates your magination…and that is what i love the most!

  161. I’m in love with the Hex Bar Necklace in brass since the first day I saw it..! First sight love.

  162. omg! you have 380-some comments to read! good luck :) well, my fav is the chevron bracelet. thanks for sharing this cool jewelry brand

  163. So hard to choose- love em all! but the hex bar neck lace in silver is so beautiful

  164. i love the Catena Bar Necklace, but they are all beautiful!

  165. Valentina

    Trilogy necklace is my favorite! So beautifull! Thanks

  166. Joanna Hetzel

    I really like this jewellery, it’s creative yet simple. I really like the 2nd necklace, it’s cute :) x

  167. A small Arrow ring, please. It has a captivating structure.

  168. Caroline

    I have diligently searched the Paper & Chain site to conclude that the Trilogy necklace is just completely lovely

  169. HEX TRIO NECKLACE is so simple and unique! Love the image of honeycomb.

  170. Elizabeth

    oooh, the vega skinny cuff (earring) is my favorite!

  171. it’s hard to choose, everything is elegant but finally i’m in love with the chevron necklace (brass) .

  172. Laura Lynn

    The Vega Necklace is gorgeous. Thanks for the giveaway, Diana!

  173. I love them all but I think the arrow ring is my favorite…thank you!

  174. The hex trio necklace is absolutely awesome <3

  175. My fav is the brass chevron necklace. Many thanks!

  176. I’m OBSESSED with chevrons at the moment, so it would have to be the chevron necklace or bracelet. I also love the Vega ring, though I have really fat sausage fingers!

  177. The gold Trilogy necklace is my fave! It looks really modern and elegant.

  178. maiya wiester

    My favorite is the vega ring or the hex trio earrings. I can’t decide!!!! But I promise I will

  179. I love the Catena bar necklace. It’s really simple but unusual. x

  180. kathleen

    They’re all amazing but the arrow ring is something else!! Love it!

  181. ana xenia

    HEX BAR NECKLACE – BRASS!!!!!!! love the work! simple and delicate. do you know them?

  182. Courtney

    fabulous! the hex trio brass necklace is quite lovely.

  183. that hex trio is the best. would love to hang a little honey comb hideout around my neck!

  184. I love how you’re doing a giveaway on your birthday; I feel so spoilt! I pick… The hex trio! And a big happy birthday to you! x

  185. Robyn Hunter

    Definitely the Trilogy necklace – gorgeous!

  186. paper & chain… wow! the trilogy necklace is absolutely gorgeous :) :) :)

  187. Hi Miss Moss :) My favourite is HEX BAR NECKLACE – SILVER!

  188. Zoe Van Spyk

    Thanks for opening my eyes to their delightful work .. I adore the silver solitaire necklace!

  189. Well I would say my fvourite is… Hex Bar Necklace in brass
    But they are all wonderful!

  190. I adore the hex bar necklace in silver, though all of their stuff is fabulous!

  191. to feed my triangle obsession, i’d love the VEGA PENDANT! its the one for me:)
    thanks for such a great giveaway, have a super bday.

  192. Dear Miss Moss,

    the Vega Chevron bracelet is the perfect balance of feminine and cool. Love it!

  193. Hex trio in gold :) looooove it. Almost bought it for my best friend but I wanted it all for myself haha

  194. Brittany Lau

    The brass hex bar necklace is so simple and delicate.

  195. Aww, Ismay and Naomi’s jewellery is so lovely. I love the hex cluster necklace.

  196. the hex bar necklace is prettttty perfect! (the chevron earrings are also calling my name!)

  197. I love the Hex Trilogy Necklace in Silver. So beautiful!

  198. ooh, the silver trilogy necklace is too, too good

  199. The solitaire necklace in silver is gorgeous! I would wear it non-stop.

  200. Torn between the arrow pendant and the hex trio necklace… so many pretty things that’s just too hard to pick just one.

  201. Totally smitten with the silver solitaire necklace. Have an awesome birthday!

  202. these are all so lovely, but i dig the chevron necklace most.

  203. Has to be the vega pendant in silver, beautiful!

  204. It’s hard to choose, but I’d have to go with the brass vega pendant.

  205. Ooh, the trilogy necklace is my fave! Pretty.

  206. The gold trilogy necklace has such beautiful, subtle geometry!

  207. The hex trio necklace is so delicate and beautiful

  208. Suzyanne M

    The arrow ring is definitely my favourite :)

  209. the chevron bracelet is definitely my favourite.

  210. Elizabeth R

    The Chevron bracelet is to die for. its so delicate. fabulous.
    that said i want everything i now have an obsession!

  211. Rebecca Lenahan

    The Solitaire Necklace in gold is my absolute favorite. If I don’t win it this time, I ma have to splash out inappropriately (and contentedly) and make it mine.

  212. The arrow ring! I’ve been thinking about that ring for a month now, ever since I saw it in a magazine. It may need to be an early christmas present to myself.

  213. I love love love love everything but my favourite is the arrow ring! <3

    Thanks so much for this giveaway! :D

  214. Vega Pendant is the one. I will send you a sticker present from me as a thank you gift.

  215. Michaela

    Catena Hex Trio earrings would rock my world! :)

  216. Claudia Baillie

    The hex bar in brass is beautiful xx

  217. I’m going to get the hex trio necklace in silver for my sister, but I really want to keep it for myself! Simple, bold and delicate

  218. I am in love with the Triology necklace. Beautiful!

  219. the hex trio necklace in silver- it reminds me of diagrams of chemical formulas

  220. paula gillespie

    SOLITAIRE NECKLACE, sooo very pretty. what a treat to look over the website.x

  221. HEX BAR NECKLACE – BRASS is my favourite :)

  222. I love the silver Hex bar necklace and I love your website. Merci!