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Kelsey Genna

i’ve eagerly been following the making of of Kelsey Genna’s bridal collection on her Instagram account, so was pleased to see that her new website showcasing the entire range launched this morning. and WHAT a collection! you may remember that i blogged about Kelsey last year, so to see how her designs have evolved is just wonderful. she is of course still inspired by nature & blooming florals – the entire bridal collection is in fact inspired by flowers (as you can probably tell by names such as Begonia, Windflower, Zinnia, Flowercup) and all pieces are hand crafted & limited edition. plus, i pointed this out last time but i can’t help but emphasize – Kelsey is only 21 years old.

learn more about Kelsey & her work at her blog The Flower Bride and shop the bridal collection here.

Designer – Kelsey Genna / Photographer – Ben and Elise Johnson

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  1. Seriously !!! is she only 21?? OMG!!! I am feeling so stupid now… I am also 21, and I still didn’t achieve any big thing !!! This girl has her own bridal collection… Anyways, the gowns are very soft and fresh … Nice job

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  3. These dresses and accessories are so beautiful! Your blog always provides inspiration (even though I’m not getting married anytime soon).
    I posted about your most recent color comparison. Your color comparison posts are extremely clever and unique.



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