Summerland Giveaway

the giveaway is now closed, thanks for entering!

i have been so excited to launch this giveaway with Megan from Summerland, who is offering one lucky reader a Seaecho clutch made exclusively for Summerland. these puppies have been sold out since their first run, but the shop has now been restocked in very limited quantities, and you stand the chance to walk away with one…

striking jacquard clutch crafted from virgin Pendleton wool. features a thick leather tassel with turquoise bead detail and sturdy canvas lining. measures 14″ x 12″ and 14″ x 9″ when folded. the perfect size to hold all the essentials with easy transition from day to night.

all you have to do is (1) sign up for the Summerland newsletter on their homepage (bottom left hand corner) and (2) tell me in the comments which Seaecho clutch is your favouriteNighthawk or Sunset Canyon? if your name is drawn next week that’s the one you’ll win!

please note that this giveaway is open to all readers worldwide, but if you are outside the USA your package might be subject to your country’s import duties / taxes. giveaway closes tuesday 9 october, winner will be drawn at random.


  1. Wow, thanks for the amazing giveaway! I think I like the Night Hawk clutch a little better, although they’re both amazing!

  2. They are so beautiful! Not easy to choose but would have to go with the Night Hawk!!

  3. Both of them are truly amazing, but the Night Hawk is just perfect! Thank you for hosting the giveaway.
    PL ♥

  4. Nighthawk is beautiful! Love black and white.
    (signeg up)

  5. So pretty! I have subscribed to Summerland’s newsletter- already coveting their beautiful offerings. I would love to win the Sunset Canyon clutch.

  6. Sunset Canyon is a sure winner!! Love the geometrical prints

  7. The Night Hawk clutch is just adorable! It would considerably improve my accessorizing! Sending love from Bulgaria :)

  8. done! Sunset Canyon is my favorite! great to warm up winter night hangouts! :)

  9. Nicole Fenner

    Subscribed, tough choice but Its the Nighthawk for me.

  10. these clutches are too beautiful!! the Sunset Canyon is definitely my favorite!!

  11. I really enjoy reading your blog…thanks for this great giveaway! I love the Sunset Canyon clutch!

  12. gosh! they’re both exquisite, but i think i’d have to pick the beautiful bright colours of sunset canyon. much love from belfast. xx

  13. BOTH! If I had to pick it would be the Sunset Canyon… irresistible and inspiration. Lightening my night from Sydney, Australia. Thank you for that gorgeous dose of wonder.

  14. Night Hawk! Classic black and white, but with a twist!

  15. Done! Both are lovely, but I want Sunset Canyon! :)

  16. Such a good giveaway…love the monochrome Night hawk !!

  17. wow, great giveaway.
    i looove the sunset canyon, perfect for fall (and winter and spring and summer ;)

  18. Wow, they are both so nice! It’s a tough choice but I think I will go with Sunset Canyon… Thank you!

  19. Sunset Canyon is perfect for days/afternoons/nights when you’re looking for a bit of spark in your outfit!

  20. I opened my wardrobe yesterday and realised everything in it was grey or black. I need some of that Sunset Canyon colour in my life!

  21. Love them both! But have to choose the Nighthawk! fun times entering the giveaway!

  22. Their both so beautiful, but I realy love the Nighthawk!

  23. They’re both great but I love the sunset canyon the best!

  24. Alouette

    They are both quite versatile, depending on what colors you have in your closet. I think the Nighthawk would work the best in my closet!

  25. I absolutely ADORE the Night Hawk!! It would be a perfect new thing to add to my winter wardrobe.

  26. Wow… great clutch, great material, great site! I love both but wannnnt the Nighthawk. Think I’m gonna treat myself to a vintage dress from the site too :)

  27. So beautiful… But the Night Hawk is my winner!

  28. Night over suset – but only in the clutch. The real deal – sunset wins every day.

  29. Totally obsessed with the monochrome magnificence of the Night Hawk Clutch.

  30. Emily Elizabeth

    Oh man, those are both so gorgeous. I think I’d go for nighthawk, but really, both are so perfect. Thank you!

  31. Julia Ramirez

    Nighthawk would be amazing :) subscribed!

  32. hard to choose, but i have to go with sunset canyon.

  33. fab giveaway! I’m already on the summerland list, so check. and i think the sunset canyon clutch is dreamy!

  34. The nighthawk clutch is so beautiful. I would love to own it!

  35. …i see myself nighthawking with the n i g h t h a w k …

  36. Martin_C

    Sunset Canyon! Because, life is not black and white.

  37. Amazing! love the Night Hawk….And that star cut out vest. Great giveaway!!

  38. Sunset Canyon for some colour in a girl’s life!

  39. I subscribed – and like the Night Hawk the best (I think – so difficult).

  40. Amazing giveway! Love them both, but I think I like the Nighthawk best. I’m loving black with carmel leather right now!

  41. Love both! I would definitely get more use out of Sunset Canyon – those colors are beautiful!

  42. I can see myself holding either, but the NightHawk would make me smile widest. So pretty!

  43. You always have the most amazing giveaways!

    I love the Sunset Canyon one… great colors :)

  44. I like them both, but I absolutely adore the Nighthawk Seaecho clutch!
    Pretty please pick me with a Miss Moss, Summerland and Seaecho flavoured cherry on the top!

  45. I love both. While the sunset canyon would match a dress I already have, I think the nighthawk would be perfect.

  46. Oh.My.Gosh, I love these both! Night Hawk is my favorite… I’m going to be keeping summerland on the wishlist for sure.

  47. Amanda Phillips

    Love the Sunset Canyon, look at those colors!

  48. These are both quite perfect, but the nighthawk will definitely get more wear with my closet! Thanks for this terrific giveaway and for introducing me to Sunset Canyon!


  50. I had the hardest time choosing because they are both so beautiful. It’s like choosing between my two very adorable children. I’m going to have to go with Sunset Canyon <3

  51. Sunset canyon… If I win I’ll give it to my sister for Christmas!

  52. I’m in love with the first one ! The Night Hawk pattern is beautiful, thanks for this giveaway !!

  53. Sunset Canyon! I live in New Mexico and the colors are so true to the hues we get in our gorgeous twilight skies here. Thanks for the chance at the giveaway.

  54. Hayley Goodwin

    Sunset Canyon is beautiful! Signed up!!

  55. I signed up! Sunset Canyon is definitely my favorite – I love the colors

  56. The Nighthawk clutch would be a perfect contrast to my super bright wardrobe!!

  57. subscribed! I love the Sunset Canyon clutch!

  58. The bold lines and stark contrasts of the Nighthawk has enchanted me – the Sunset Canyon clutch is also gorgeous but ultimately I would chose Nighthawk!

  59. Alexandra Angeli

    I’m in love with the Sunset Canyon ! Thanks for the giveaway !

  60. Nighthawk, please! Signed up on the newsletter, thanks!

  61. The nighthawk is divine! However, not as divine as you! <3 Thank you for the opportunity!

  62. maiya wiester

    i’ve signed up!!!!! And I love the nighthawk!!!

  63. I love them both, but I must say that I prefer the Sunset Canyon. I love the colors as well as the design!

  64. Megan Jensen

    I love, love the night hawk. They are both fantastic though. These are both so perfect for fall. c:

  65. loving night hawk.. the perfect evening accessory.
    thanks Miss Moss!


  66. jessica b

    Awesome giveaway!! They are both amazing, but I would use night hawk more.

  67. Love the Nighthawk, signed up for their newsletter!

  68. Oh please Baby Jesus let me win this one. Beautiful, beautiful bags! Have to go with the Nighthawk.

  69. Michelle Warnke

    Eep how to decide! I think I prefer Night Hawk!

  70. Night Hawk is so so perfect! Signed up and crossing fingers and toes!

  71. Both are absolutely beautiful, but I have to go with the Night Hawk.

  72. I prefer the Night Hawk, but they are both fabulous! Great giveaway and good luck to the winner!

  73. Amelia C

    the Night Hawk is lovely! awesome giveaway x

  74. They are both lovely but the colours in the Sunset Canyon are stunning. Thank you Miss Moss xx

  75. love them both but my favorite is the nighthawk!


  76. night hawk! oh my goodness i want it on my body! LOVE.

  77. Nighthawk is amazing and would definitely match my wardrobe more. The pop of color in the tassel is a nice touch. <3

  78. sunset canyon, for sure! so funky and beautiful.

  79. Night hawk, the name is as perfect as is the clutch itself.

  80. it’s night hawk for me. had me at a blink : B + W delight. signed up !

  81. They are both stunning but I would have to say Night Hawk! Such a magical name too!

  82. Night Hawk! Beautiful! Can’t wait to check out SummerLand Website

  83. Oh, swoon! I adore the Night Hawk so much. Definitely subscribed. ;]

  84. A giveaway just in time for my birthday! I’m in love with both but the night hawk is just stunning!

  85. Siobhan Dreelan

    I love them both! But I would go for the Night Hawk. :)

  86. To make me choose should be a crime! I think I’s pick Sunset Canyon to put a little pop into my fall wardrobe!

  87. just subscribed – they’re both SO BEAUTIFUL. I am in love with the Night Hawk.

  88. My favorite: Nighthawk!
    Thanks for this giveaway!

  89. Your blog is such a happy place! I love the Night Hawk!

  90. Maria João

    Oh yes great giveaway!!! My favorite is night hawk, so so gorgeous *

  91. Jennifer

    Such a tough choice! I think the Night Hawk is my favourite, if only just. Thank you for a fantastic giveaway!

  92. Nighthawk ! Nighthawk ! Nighthawk ! grazie ;)

  93. Nighthawk – the simplicity of colours catches my eye.

  94. sunset canyon! i’ve loved this clutch for ages!

  95. Sunset Canyon is so stunning and eye-catching!

  96. Kate Sylvan

    California girl so I’m going to have to go with Sunset Canyon.

  97. LOVE this giveaway! I like the Nighthawk clutch. Signed up for the newsletter, as well! =)

  98. As much as I like a great black & white item, I absolutely loooove the Sunset Canyon! Gorgeous, appropriate all-year around and it’s an awesome pop of color :)

  99. Azka Shafiq

    The Night Hawk is so classy and pretty. Great giveaway :)

  100. I would love the sea hawk clutch…thank you!

  101. Night Hawk is oh so pretty. i would love to have that one, please! :D

  102. They’re both amazing, but I think Night Hawk would match more of my clothes!

  103. Beautiful clutches and I love their site!! My favorite is Night Hawk!

  104. Emily Krieger

    I signed up for the newsletter…and I ADORE the Sunset Canyon clutch. It’s gorgeous!

  105. Great giveaway! Just signed up and I pick Sunset Canyon. Thanks!

  106. I’m really vibing on the awesome black and white Nighthawk!

  107. J’adore the clutch in Nighthawk. Fingers crossed.

  108. I thought about this for a while, and it’s hard to choose which one I like best! I think I would go with the Night Hawk, but they’re both beautiful bags!

  109. A's Fashion Files

    Those clutches are stunning! I signed up for the newsletter & am obsessed with the nighthawk!

  110. Hannah-Ham

    Night Hawk Please!! (its my birthday on the 9th…just saying)

  111. Oo.. I love Night Hawk!! Both are beautiful, but I love this one the most. Gorgeous!

  112. i love your website,really it’s my necessary routine.. the sunset canyon clutch is great!
    love from Greece

  113. Awesome giveaway!
    I have signed up to the newsletter. I love the Sunset Canyon :)

  114. The Seaecho Sunset Canyon Clutch is tooo beautifully hot & gorgeous! My wordy word!

  115. Hildegardt

    My favourite is Night Hawk. I’ll definitely be the girl with the hottest clutch in Knysna (if I’ll be so lucky to win this of course).

  116. Bayley Middleton

    The Sunset Canyon one is beautiful <3

  117. Danielle Shami

    My favourite is Night Hawk. Love the name!

  118. Elizabeth R

    these are just so perfect. My favourite is night hawk though (it was a tough choice)

  119. Ahhh, gah, can’t decide….um…. ah… Night Hawk! Both are stunning.

  120. Night Hawk is by far my favourite – love how they are both Aztec inspired. Stunning!

  121. Lauren Guilbeau

    I signed up for the newsletter and my fav is the nighthawk

  122. i just ordered your previous give away! I signed up for the letter. The Nighthawk is beautiful.

  123. the Nighthawk is the clutch for me :) its so unique and beautiful! thanks for this amazing giveaway :)

  124. LOVE both of them!!! But i think i have to say the Nighthawk. Super giveaway!!!

  125. It’s got to be nighthawk. Pick me, pick me!

  126. It’s difficult to choose……… I conducted a survey among my collegues and the answer is… Sunset Canyon!

  127. I am in love with the nighthawk clutch! It would go with soooo much.

  128. Michelle

    loving them both but the Sunset Canyon stands out for me.x.

  129. both fab – but it has to be Sunset Canyon – it just makes me think of sunshine (which is in short supply here in London as the nights draw in, the rain starts and we face up to the reality that winter’s just round the corner…brrrr!)

  130. I adore the night hawk bag.. fingers crossed!

  131. Megan Lundberg

    These are beyond beautiful. I love the Night Hawk best !!

  132. Both amazing! I’d have to pick Sunset Canyon.

  133. I love the Sunset Canyon.. it brings me back to living in Arizona when i was young. I cant wait to rock this cluth with my Leopard print booties.

  134. Szabina L

    I adore the cheerful Sunset Canyon!!!!

  135. My favorite clutch was stolen this last weekend, so it would be a perfect time for a new one! I love the nighthawk!

  136. Wow! these are amazing! I think my fav is the sunset canyon one. The colours are so beautiful!

  137. Krista Pustam

    Both are wonderful but the Nighthawk is pure love!

  138. Love the night hawk! Thanks for the opportunity.

  139. as a Portland girl, I am a big fan of Summerland. All signed up for that newsletter (and fingers crossed for Sunset Canyon!)

  140. I am liking Night hawk more. So classic and goes with everything! All signed up and hoping to win!

  141. Marykate

    Oh, that’s a hard one, they are so rad I’d be happy with either.
    However I think I’d prefer nighthawk .

  142. What beautiful pattern work. The Sunset Canyon clutch is too colorful for me NOT to love it!

  143. Andreea Sofrone

    They are both gorgeous, but I love Sunset Canyon better! :D

  144. Its tough, but Sunset Canyon takes it… Makes me think New Mexico, especially with the touch of the turquoise bead!

  145. Ann Hidayat

    Both are sooo pretty:) i think i’d have to go with night hawk:) because the blue bead is such a contrast with the black and white fabric. I have also subscribed to the Summerland newsletter.

  146. night hawk. i love the contrast with the tassel.

  147. sunset canyon please!

    :)))) <– quad-chin happy

  148. Annabel Quiroga

    NIGHTHAWK!! *please*…. *thank you*

  149. Thanks for the great giveaway! Both are stunning but Sunset Canyon keeps calling my name! :)

  150. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them both, but if I really need to make a choice it would be Sunset Canyon!

  151. nighthawk is rad. email signed up. thanks miss moss!

  152. I’m loving b&w accessories at the moment, nighthawk all the way! Beautiful xx

  153. Yay Summerland and Sea Echo!!! These girls are awesome :) Nighthawk is the business!

  154. I love the Night Hawk! Keeping my fingers crossed for this :)

  155. They are both beautiful but I am going with Nighthawke for this one. Thanks!

  156. I’d have to go for the “night hawk”. Although “crayon pop” is undoubtedly beautiful, “night hawk” is so diverse. I could probably fit my macbook inside, plus a few notebooks and my pencil case!

  157. I love them both! But if I HAD to choose, Night Hawk is my fave.

  158. They are both stunning but I think I’d have to go for Sunset Canyon.

  159. The “Sunset Canyon” is beautiful, it reminds me of South American fabric. The colours are stunning.

  160. Clara Cheng

    Awesome giveaway, I’ve subscribed to the newsletter! I think I would choose Nighthawk :)

  161. I love them both but if I had to choose….. Sunset Canyon!

  162. hard to choose, but I think Sunset Canyon wins the day…gorgeous

  163. Difficult choice but I’ll have to go with Sunset Canyon (love the tribal print!)


  164. count me in for the lottery, I hope I win the Night Hawk :)

  165. Hey Miss Moss, I really fancy the Night Hawk. So nice of you to have a giveaway :)

  166. Sunset canyon for me Miss Moss! Please and thank you.

  167. Gabriella

    I love both of them, and would be happy with either, but if I had to choose, I’d go for the sunset canyon.

  168. so beautiful! sunset canyon would be my choice.

  169. Heidi Devereaux

    It is like trying to pick your favorite child! Both awesome but I would choose NightHawk.

  170. Nighthawk! Mainly because the name reminds me of superheroine!

  171. Nighthawk is beautiful and is my favorite! they are both really awesome though!

  172. night hawk, perfect for the autumn/winter season

  173. both are awesome but nighthawk i like the most:)))……

  174. Oh my! Sunset Canyon without a doubt! It’s so beautiful. Winning would be a dream! I love your blog! you are too cool, thank you! -Clarissa

  175. Brook Sasha

    Oooh! Tough choice (and I hate to have to choose!), but I think I have to go with the Night Hawk.

  176. A super yes to Sunset Canyon Clutch, although i like them both!!!!. Laura

  177. Amara June

    The sunset canyon is quite lovely! I heart Pendelton and thank you for doing this giveaway!

  178. They are both beautiful, but Sunset Canyon is just a lil more amazing!

  179. Maria Kristilia

    done! wish me luck..
    i choose night hawk^^

  180. Both are just lovely! But Sunset Canyon is PERFECT!

  181. Colleen Clark

    Nitehawk fo sho. Super versatile colors!

  182. Juliette

    Love the Nighthawk. Super versatile, and perfect for fall!

  183. Love them both! Id be honored to have either!!!

  184. I would love to have Nighthawk. I think it’s very subtle and beautiful.

  185. Finally bought red tights and I think the Nighthawk clutch would be the perfect match!

  186. I absolutely ADORE the Nighthawk Clutch. Gorgeous patterns in classic black and white. PERFECT! I hope I win this! :o)