Vuela Giveaway

– the giveaway is now closed – 

Vuela is an online boutique that offers a wonderful collection of accessories, jewellery, homeware and gifts curated from an impressive array of designers from across the globe – Laura Lombardi, Nancy Bird, Studio Patro, Ellen Truijen, Trois Petits Points and Vitrified Studio to name just a few.

today you stand a chance to win THREE items from the shop! something you can WEAR: an enameled locket necklace by Trois Petits Points + something you can USE: a cook tea towel bye Studio Patro + something you can CARRY: a gold linen pochette by Manufacture des Rigoles.

all you have to do to enter is (1) have a browse over at Vuela and leave a comment telling me what your favourite item is in the shop and (2) Like Vuela on Facebook.

Vuela is also offering a 10% discount on anything in the shop for the duration of the giveaway – just enter the code SOCIAL at checkout.

please note that this giveaway is open to all readers worldwide, but if you are outside the USA your package might be subject to your country’s import duties / taxes. giveaway closes Monday 22 October, winner will be drawn at random. if you already like Vuela on Facebook you are still eligible for the giveaway!


  1. My favourite Vuela item has to be the Crescent Brass Bottle Opener from Oji Masanori – simple, stylish, functional, robust and beautiful!

  2. What a gem! Marine de Diesbach jewelry collection is beautiful, and I’m pretty sold on ALL the wallets in the shop. Oh, holding thumbs and doing a lucky dance!

  3. My favourite Vuela item is ELLEN TRUIJEN

    Grey 36 Hours Bag.

  4. Love the Black Triangle Pendant Necklace form Naoko Ogawa.

  5. liked on fb.
    What a lovely place Vuela is! Love Ellen Truijen’s bag range. Especially Mommy Dearest (heh, I’m a mommy) and the tan Little Double Dutch bag.
    I also like the Laura Lombardi Cortona Necklace, Nancy Bird Painted scarf, Naoko Ogawa Dual Pendant Silver Necklace, StudioPatro Natural Kitchen Apron, Trois Petits Points Large Vermillion Enameled Locket Necklace… and and there is so much!

    Thank you!


  6. Suzanne Sng

    oh my, i adore the eclipse 1 ring! simple perfection! fingers crossed for the giveaway!

  7. MARINE DE DIESBACH’S MEXICO BRACELET. The vintage inspired, art-deco design, sharp angles and colour palette is so amazing it just had to be put in capitals.

  8. Danielle Shami

    Love the Silver Triangle Pendant Necklace!

  9. What a lovely giveaway. My favourite Vuela piece has to be the Facet Ring by Trois Petit Points.

  10. Hello! I really love the enamel locket necklace (Trois Petits Points) ! Also the Nancybird Red Deco Wallet :)

  11. There are lots of lovely things of their site, I’m a big fan of Laura Lombardi but I really love the Painting Long Scarf.

  12. Alouette

    I love MARINE DE DIESBACH’s Blue-Taupe Mexico Earrings. They are edgy but feminine, with this season’s color combination of pastel and bright.

  13. Liked on FB! I love the Grey 4 Big Ways bag by Ellen Truijen.

  14. I love the Devour tea towel, and the corked bottles!

  15. Hi! My favourite item is ERIN TEMPLETON’s Little Keeper Case. I like Vuela on fb. Thank you! Marta García

  16. My favorite items are the Sand Half Moon Clutch and the Writer I notebook. Clean and simple.

  17. So many gorgeous wares! I love the Feathers Long Scarf by Nancybird, the Black Half Moon Clutch by Erin Templeton, the Grey 36 Hours Bag by Ellen Truijen, and the Small Brown Corked Bottle by Vitrified Studio.

    As always, thanks for such a lovely giveaway.


  18. If I had to pick one thing, then the tephra ring is beautiful!

  19. I simply love the Small Sand Corked Bottle by Vitrified Studio (I can’t seem to get enough of beautiful ceramics, ever).

  20. I guess I can not pick one piece that I like more.
    But might elect NANCYBIRD scarf because I’m in love with scarfs.

    I already like daVuela on facebook, it is a very pleasant and inspiring place.
    I hope I win! :) Lovely giveaway. Thank you.

  21. Oh gosh, I love the locket featured in the giveaway dearly. I think my favorites on the website is the jewelry by Marine de Diesbach – especially the gorgeous Blue Coletta Bracelet. Lovely :)

  22. Robyn Hunter

    Love the Silver Triangle Pendant Necklace! Nice and simple but striking.

  23. Kristina M

    i love the nancybird painting long scarf. gorgeous!

  24. The Hammon Dopp Kit by Hammocks and High Tea – the perfect travel accessory!

  25. Oooh, my favourite item is the Erin Templeton Black Half Moon Clutch! It is lush! ♥♥♥♥

  26. Jenny Lb

    Congratulations for the good taste of the Vuela selection. I love Marine de Diesbach designs, but especially, the Mexico earrings. They are a great combination of ethnic and art decó spirit!

  27. I liked vuela on fb as Priscilla Phitsanoukane :)
    My favorite item from the shop: The Reader Toteback. I love the illustration :)

  28. everything is lovely, but I especially love the enameled locket necklace by Trois Petits Points!

  29. great giveaway , have liked on FB…love the Blue Coletta Bracelet!

  30. hanguyen

    A little boutique with great taste! I love the Mommy Dearest bag!!!

  31. I love the Nancybird Red Fish Thin Scarf – so pretty and great for summer. Liked on facebook

  32. I absolutely love (and am rather tempted to purchase) the Devour Tea Towel. Thank you for your beautiful blog!

  33. Francine

    Enameled Delta Earrings. Perfect everyday accessory!

  34. even if i don’t win the giveaway, THANK YOU for introducing me to this site. every item is amazing…favorites so far…the little enamel lockets on long chains and the trestle bracelet. lovely.

  35. i just loved the Mommy Dearest Bag by ELLEN TRUIJEN. would be great to take it to uni every day.

  36. loving the simple TROIS PETITS POINTS Ellipse 1 Bracelet, and the VITRIFIED STUDIO
    Small Sand Corked Bottle too much to choose from.

  37. i love ellipse bracelet it’s very elegant, have a nice day.

  38. Kayla Horn

    The Small Matroesjka Bag is near perfection.

  39. Patricia Wojnar Crowley

    I like Vuela on facebook. My favorite item so far is the Black Bedford Wallet!

  40. the painted nancy bird long scarf is quite simply stunning! def my favorite :)

  41. I love the black triangle pendant and half moon clutch. So pretty. (also liked Vuela on FB.)

  42. Melissa Marie D.

    I am in love with both of the Oji Masanori bottle openers. They are so lovely and remind me of oversized jewellery pieces!

  43. I think the hammocks and high tea Hammond Dopp kit is my favorite…thank you for having such great giveaways!

  44. I die for the Mexico bracelet. Everything is lovely! Thank you for the giveaway! x

  45. Hello! I am taken with the Grey 4 Big Ways Bag. Stylish and practile = what I want to be.

  46. my favourite is ELLEN TRUIJEN-Grey 36 Hours Bag

  47. pretty stuff! I love the delta drop earrings :)

  48. Diana, you’ve done it yet again – another seasonal giveaway! My favs: cook tea towel, linden dopp kit and red fish thin scarf.

  49. I love the painting long scarf best. :) And I liked on facebook as well.


  50. I adore the Black Triangle Pendant Necklace by Naoko Ogawa.

  51. my favorite item is hands-down the Cortona Necklace by Laura Lombardi. I love the length, the tribal vibe, and its trumpet-like shape.

  52. Margot Core

    I love the ONE AND THE SAME (The Reader Tote Bag); seems like a lot of other people do too because it’s out of stock! (cute)

  53. Hannah Yoon

    I love the one and the same photographer tote bag! SO CUTE!

    Hope i win the giveaway! Thanks so much!

  54. I find everything adorable! but the best: NANCYBIRD Nougat Backpack. That´s my favorite. Thanks!

  55. There are so many lovely things! Sooooo hard to choose only one! Right now I am in love with the Studiopatro Natural Kitchen Apron!!! I have to have it!!! hehehe

    Amazing give away, have all my fingers crossed! xx

  56. Maria Gaona

    My favourite is the HAMMOCKS AND HIGH TEA’s Hammam Dopp Kit. :)

  57. Chelsea Schofield

    Ooh, I quite like Erin Templeton’s clutches, especially Girl Friday.

  58. What a wonderful giveaway!

    The Prana Duo Bracelet by Victoria Bekerman is my favourite. ♥

  59. Lauren C

    My favourite is the facet ring by trois petits points. Yay!

  60. Lauren C

    My favourite is the facet ring by trois petits point. Yay!

  61. >Glad she is carrying Erin Templeton, She’s a local here ^.^

    >My favorite item is > LAURA LOMBARDI Hexagon Cluster Necklace

  62. Wonderful bags but my favorite is the the Blue-Taupe Mexico Earrings by MARINE DE DIESBACH as they are satisfying my obsession with lapis right now.

  63. ooh, the taupe coletta bracelet has just the right color metal… so simple and perfect

  64. Emily Krieger

    My favorite item from Vuela is the Ellipse bracelet. So simple and lovely.

  65. I like the Manufacture des rigoles tote. Thanks a bunch!

  66. I fell in love with the Nancy scarf.

    God bless!

  67. Would be cool to win as a gift to my wife this holiday season coming up. She would like the necklaces and earrings. Thanks for the chance.

  68. Oh goodness, the mommy dearest bag is the most luscious bag ever!

  69. Absolutely love the Large Petroleum Enameled Locket Necklace! So nice to have a simple locket option, just lovely.

  70. Oh my! This is a great find. Each of the Erin Templeton bags make my heart race, but the Erin Templeton Girl Friday Clutch makes it palpitate. Red Bull doesn’t need to give me wings for this one.

  71. I really love the Nancybird painted scarf! I love all things Nancybird, so amazing. Thank you for the giveaway!

  72. funnily enough, I absolutely head-over-heals-smitten-like-a-newborn-kitten for the lichen enameled locket necklace!

  73. My favourite item are the Orchid Earrings – but of course they are sold out! Great give-away, thanks!

  74. i like Mommy Dearest Bag so much!
    Vuela is a great place!

  75. My fav – NAOKO OGAWA Silver Triangle Pendant Necklace :)

  76. My favourite is the coral enameled plumetis earrings. I love all the unique items.

  77. Inge Swain Herman

    Definitely the Ellen Truijen Cognac Core 4 Big Ways Bag. Breathtaking!

  78. Mathilde

    Favourite item is the
    Girl Friday Clutch by ERIN TEMPLETON !

  79. Clara Stadler-Wolffersgrün

    the cognac core 4 big ways bag. what a bag. what a name for a bag :) cheers from austria, i do love your blog miss moss. rock on!

  80. Yehsong Kim

    my favorite item is the kamal cuff bracelet. it is so simply and so elegant.

  81. samanthajoy

    I’m so in love with those cook and devour tea towels.. I just want to frame it on my wall, because I like it so much!

  82. Kristy Hogue

    I love the enameled delta earrings and the black half moon clutch. Plus the tea towel mentioned here. :)

  83. LiezelTee

    My fave is the Ellen Truijen Mommy Dearest Bag – too many gorgeous things !

  84. i adore the [SMALL MATOESJKA] bag _

    authenticity of material *
    character that comes through the great quality *
    functional *
    dress up / down *
    irre-sist-able *

  85. So much to choose from! but since i’m on the market for a new purse, the Erin Templeton “Time for a Change” wallet gets my vote. Love the tan colour and it looks like it would be really soft.

  86. My favorite is the necklace. I have a devastating habit I losing/breaking my favorite necklaces. That one would look really cute around my neck :)

  87. Cute! I love the Kamal cuff – so sweet :) And I liked on FB

  88. I love the simplicity and versatility of the Cognac Core 4 Big Ways Bag! Classy and practical.

  89. I just loved the Ellipse 1 Bracelet by Trois Petits Points. Such simple elegance!

  90. i love love love anything erin templeton… so the blue little keeper case has my heart.

    what a fantastic giveaway!
    – j

  91. The NANCYBIRD Red Fish Thin Scarf is a sweet accessory. I also admire the bottle openers from Japan.

  92. charmaine

    they have a lot of nice things to offer, so it’s hard to choose. but i had my eye on the giveaway locket for a while now. :)

  93. i adore the ellen truijen little oyster upgraded bag!

  94. I love the Painting Long Scarf…..beautiful colors

  95. Szappanbubi

    I love the Cortona Necklace!
    Like them on facebook as Szabina Luzics