looking through online shop Oysho feels like floating on a cloud made of bunnies and kittens. their socks section alone made me aaaaaaw too much for my own good, not to mention those ridiculously cute animal blankets. but Oysho isn’t all puppies and rainbows – they also have delicate underthings & wonderful beachwear at really reasonable prices.



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  1. says

    As I write I am wearing a Oysho singlet top bought many many years ago – I think it was a pajama top but I never used it as one. It’s so soft and the fit is fantastic, thanks for reminding me of this store!

  2. says

    I am obsessed with Oysho, it’s got to be my favorite spanish fast fashion label (yes, possibly even more so than zara). I recently fell in love with that sheep sweater along with a few other things:


    but I’m literally in there every few weeks to see what’s new. Perfect pjs, great undies, beautiful beachwear, and the coziest of loungewear too. I realize I sound like a walking oysho ad, but I seriously am addicted.

  3. says

    I love Oysho! I wish we had it here. The things I’ve picked up there on past trips to Portugal and Spain are so pretty (although they also seem to have their fair share of Betty Boop underwear).

  4. Ivy says

    I seriously just fell in love with the peach sleeveless dress. So bummed that they don’t deliver to the U.S. Will you keep us posted if they start to deliver to America?