jewellery is something that i love in theory, but never really wear. maybe i’ll sport a ring now and then, or a necklace if i’m feeling really flashy – but mostly i don’t really accessorise as much as i should. this past weekend i bought a new necklace from skermunkil which i love, and it got me browsing the internet for more rad pieces to potentially wear. or dream about wearing. please click on the images to be taken to the relevant designers.




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    I’m the same, love the idea and the look of jewelry but I have only two things that I wear daily: a pair of earrings and a skinny ring. I think there is no such thing as having to accessorize as we -should- but ah these do make me wanna own as many baubles as possible. You find the best designers!

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    wow – so many AWESOME designers… we´re so very honoured to be included in this list! thank you so much (also i really love that collage you made with those pictures…)!