Of A Kind Giveaway: Pick Your Own

man alive i’m so happy to present another awesome giveaway thanks to Of A Kind! since this is the third one i’m doing with those wonderful ladies we thought it would be nice to give you THREE THINGS to choose from.

a little bit about Of A Kind – in case you didn’t know or perhaps you’re using the internet for the first time – Claire & Erica commission emerging independent designers to create one of a kind pieces in limited editions for you to shop. if you’re not into reading then just watch this cute video all about them and their business.

today you can win one of three items from the Of A Kind editions:  Erica Weiner’s classy-shassy Confetti Squares Bracelet or Love Mert’s utilitarian and stylin’ Kroller Tote or Feliks + Adrik’s free-wheeling Desert Sun Studs.

all you have to do to enter is: (1) sign up on the mega fancy Of A Kind giveaway page and (2) leave a comment telling me which of the three pieces is your style – and that’s the one you will win if your name is drawn.

the giveaway is open to anyone anywhere in the world as Of a Kind offers international shipping. readers outside the US must please note that you may be subject to your country’s customs charges / import duties upon arrival.  the giveaway ends on Monday 5 November, and the winner will be randomly selected in a lucky draw. if you’re already subscribed to their newsletter you’re still guaranteed an entry – just be sure to leave a comment!


  1. I’d choose the confetti squares bracelet, I think it goes great with my style because it’s chic and simple (because of the geometric shapes and gold), but really something special. I’d pair it with a little black dress, perfect combination!

  2. Hi Diana,

    I would really, really love to win the confetti squares bracelet. I think it is just lovely :) I’ve been checking your site for a while now and really enjoy it, the layout is beautifully professional and the posts are always quirky and entertaining. Please don’t stop anytime soon!



  3. Confetti squares bracelet, definetely. Ive been looking for elegant but fun gold bracelet for a long time and this one is the best Ive seen so far! Beautiful.

  4. isabella


    I’ve had my eye on the confetti square bracelet since it came out. It’s the perfect blend of sophistication and whimsy, something I try to achieve in my style. Thanks! Isabella

  5. I instantly loved the desert sun studs when they came available (been subscribed to their newsletter for a while now). But since I just lost my job, there’s no buying earrings for me at the moment! Would LOVE to win those. Thank you for hosting this giveaway.

  6. Evi Jane Kay Molloy

    Erica Weiner’s classy-shassy Confetti Squares Bracelet

    It’s just Beautiful!!!

  7. As I see we all need the confetti square bracelet – me too… :)


  8. I’d go with the desert sun studs. I don’t have my ears pierced, but I have a friend who would absolutely love their geometric style.

  9. Mary Frances

    I absolutely love the confetti squares bracelet. Such an easy piece to wear everyday.

  10. Elizaebth

    Like so many others, I love the confetti squares bracelet! Simple and classic with a touch of gold sparkle is totally my style!

    Of a Kind always has great stuff, getting their e-mails adds such a fun spark to my day and always provides me with fashion inspiration!

  11. So hard to choose, but that Confetti Squares Bracelet has got me swooning. So pretty!

  12. I really like the Desert Sun studs! Love the asymmetry–such a cool but simple look.

  13. Kristina M

    oh my gosh i’m in love with the bracelet!

  14. I choose the desert sun studs: Although i never wear earrings (I got my ears pierced when i was 15) I would definitely start wearing these. they would be the best excuse to start wearing earrings… soooo pretty

  15. i’m definitely loving the Kroller Tote – the design, the use of recycled materials, the size. would be so wonderful to win!

    thanks to you and Of a Kind for the lovely giveaway,


  16. Erica Weiner’s classy-shassy Confetti Squares Bracelet is my favourite! It is fine and famine but at the same time it is a statement piece. It is elegantly bold because of the massing together of a beautifully simple shape.

  17. All of the items are beautiful, but the Kroller tote bag is more of my style!

  18. The confetti square barcelet! because it has an absurd and classical grace – square confettis, making a circle with squares§ And it looks nice on anyone with ( almost) any style!

  19. Confetti Square Bracelet! Beautiful, fun, a little sassy!

  20. I adore the Confetti Squares Bracelet. It’s absolutely perfect!

  21. The Desert Sun Studs are so beautiful; linear, bold but still feminine. I’d like to think they’re my style. Love Of a Kind.

  22. I love that little confetti squares bracelet. Been looking for a gold one to give to my Momma, this could be it, with or without the giveaway.

  23. I definitely love the bracelet. I’m a huge sucker for yellow gold and have loved OfA Kind for quite some time now. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  24. Hello! what a lovely giveaway… I’d choose the confetti squares bracelet since my wrists are small and dainty and i like to make them pop with simple and chic accessories like this bracelet.



  25. Totes are my weakness. The Kroller is perfect! Crossing my fingers :)

  26. Kia Maria

    What a wonderfull giveawy! I’d choose the confetti squares bracelet.

  27. The confetti squares bracelet will be an every day wear, I promise. ;-)

  28. Kayla Horn

    The Desert Sun Studs are amazingly pretty. Fingers crossed!

  29. I would love the tote. It’s a great print and looks super roomy.

  30. Lovely, all! But I like the Desert Sun Studs best. It’s my birthday on the 3rd, what a fun birthday surprise they would be!

  31. Confetti squares bracelet all day long! Great names think alike.

  32. Stephanie Businelli

    The confetti squares bracelet. It’s absolutely beautiful!

  33. I like all three of items and think I can incorporate all of them into my style. However, I think the Kroller tote would get the most use! =)

  34. Alouette

    I love Erica Weiner’s classy-shassy Confetti Squares Bracelet! Being petite, bold jewelry doesn’t always work on me. But I have found that if there is a mass of fine detailing in a statement piece such as this, it works! I love the simple concept of its design and its delicateness. I feel like I want to touch and play with it!

  35. Yehsong Kim

    confetti squares bracelet is so delicate and gorgeous.

  36. I’m all kinds of in love with the Kroller Tote by Love Mert! I could stash my laptop, Uppercase mag, sketch book + camera in that bad boy and go for an adventure! Also perfect for going to the bakery to pick up some fresh baguettes. :)

  37. the tote is so perfect! I could use it for school, work, and life in general. :)

  38. Desert Sun Studs, please! (I like them all a lot — so hard to choose one!)

  39. That bracelet is absolutely gorgeous and decidedly classier than the hair elastic I usually wear around my wrist.

  40. Charmaine

    I love the confetti squares bracelet that you’re featuring here…it may even be pretty enough to convince me to start wear bracelets again.
    I maze & cutouts pillows would fit in perfectly with my new place!
    And the third pick would be the clove scarf… I have a huge collection of scarves, but I can never have enough!

  41. The beautiful Confetti Square bracelet – it was love at first sight!

  42. Juliana Sobral

    Hey! I´d love the cofetti sqaures bracelet, since I´ve fell in love with it!!!
    Please Luck, be on my side this time!

    Congrats on the website!

    XO from Rio, Brazil!

  43. I would love the confetti square bracelet…thank you!

  44. Jessica Kelly

    The confetti square bracelet: It’s beautiful and perfect for someone with minimalist style with a little added fun (that’s me). Yay!

  45. I signed up, and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win that confetti square bracelet. It’s gorgeous.

  46. Hi Diana,

    Totally heart the confetti squares bracelet. Would love to layer it with my watch. Thanks for sharing!


  47. The Confetti Squares bracelet is gorgeous- I love interesting, bright pieces like that that bring sparkle to an outfit! Love the blog, such a great source of inspiration :)

  48. I adore Of a Kind’s releases! And I would certainly choose the Kroller Tote :)

  49. I love the confetti squares bracelet!!!!!
    Thanks for this chance!

  50. The confetti squares bracelet, it’s such as gorgeous design- i would treasure it!

  51. Mary Nancy

    The confetti squares bracelet is stunning– so fun and easy to pair with any outfit!

  52. The tote for sure – because it’s both awesome and the description on Of A Kind makes a Canadian tuxedo reference.

  53. All three are incredible! But, if I were to pick one, I’d pick the Kroller Tote!

  54. It’s got to be the Kroller Tote by Love Mert. It’s classy and sustainable. Love it.

  55. Hey Diana,

    That bracelet is amazing! Thanks for the opportunity!

  56. I love Of a Kind so much. The Kroller tote is amazing! would make trudging to class much nicer :)

  57. Love of a kind! and I love love love the desert sun studs, I’ve had my eye on them…

  58. I love the confetti bracelet…It would be amazing to win it!

  59. Alexandra

    The confetti square bracelet is so pretty, I would have an excuse to drink champagne every time I wore it! Not to mention that every day is a bit brighter with something beautiful on your wrist to catch the light.

  60. The confetti squares bracelet – straight up.

  61. Confetti golden bracelet it is; just so simple and elegant whit a twist.

  62. I’m definitely a bracelet person and the Confetti Squares is just my style…

  63. I have been subscribed to these guys for yonks… Love every edition that comes out, but in particular… The Kroller Tote! I could see it becoming an every day go-to piece for me… Sigh. Thanks for the chance!

  64. I’m definitely a bracelet person. Love the Confetti Squares, it’s just beautiful!

  65. Hey – lovely giveaway (I am already a huge fan and subscribe already:)
    I’d adore winning the amazing confetti golden bracelet, so cool and chic.
    Fingers Xx

  66. Jessy Lac

    The Kroller Tote! I love the black and white pattern… and well everything about it! (I’m a big fan of the canadian tux)

  67. I would love that bracelet forever if i won it… :) :)

  68. The confetti squares bracelet – it is beautiful.

  69. J'Lyn Chapman

    I could use the Kroller Tote right this minute!

  70. I’m torn between the bracelet and the tote, but I’m saying bracelet–it’s beautiful!

  71. All 3 are wonderful options! I think I’d go for the bracelet if it’d fit my teeny wrist!

  72. I love the Kroller Tote – it is perfect. I’m working as an unpaid intern in Brussels at the moment, without a good work bag, and the Kroller would be ideal! Pretty sure I’d use it until it fell apart! (and even if I’m not chosen – thank you Diana, your blog always brightens my day!)

  73. Gorgeous tote would be my choice. Beautiful and practical. :)

  74. So hard to choose- but I think I would go with the Kroller Love Mert tote- lovely and functional! :)

  75. The desert sun studs are simply gorgeous!!!!

  76. Chelsea Schofield

    The desert sun studs…I rarely wear earrings different from simple hoops, but these I would definitely swap in.

  77. Caroline Stefko

    I would love to sport the Confetti Squares bracelet. I’ve had my eye on it for a while!

  78. Totally adore all three pieces, but I guess I’ll go for the bracelet. It’s festive and wonderful and something special!

  79. Azka Shafiq

    the confetti squares bracelet is gorgeous! love everything by erica weiner

  80. The Kroller tote is perfect! Would definitely love that..

  81. love love love the confetti squares bracelet!

  82. I already subscribe to their newsletter; I love seeing it in my inbox!

    It’s so hard to choose because they are ALL my style! But i’ll go with the kroller tote.

  83. Szabina L

    My heart is crying for Confetti Square Bracelet *_*

  84. i’ve been dreaming about the desert sun studs for awhile now. they’re such a prefect balance of sophistication and fun.

  85. The Kroller tote would make my life so much easier and cuter! Subscribed.

  86. Love love the Desert Sun Studs! Matches with any outfits. What a killer gift x

  87. Ashley Mackay

    Desert Sun Studs!!! Desert Sun Studs!!!

  88. Emily K.

    The confetti squares bracelet is lovely – it’s classic and would go with anything! Thanks for the giveaway!

  89. Oh, what a great giveaway! I’ve been browsing Of A Kind since the launch but haven’t pulled the trigger quite yet. I would pick the Kroller tote — I am a sucker for a carryall and this one is so beautiful!

    Thank you!

    mklade (at) gmail (dot) com

  90. i love the bracelet. i am FOREVER looking for perfect, everyday, goes-with-everything jewellery. it’s harder than it seems – and hence i’m jewel-less quite often – but this bracelet fits the bill nicely :)

  91. The Weiner bracelet is the jam! Almost bought one of her pieces the other day in Brooklyn!

  92. I love the confetti-squares bracelet. It is so, so beautiful.

  93. Hi! The Kroller Tote is my favorite. I love it because I love textiles, and fabrics. I have been starting to make my own textiles using images I take at work (at a flower shop) and I am very inspired by this bag!

  94. I would choose the Kroller Tote by Love Mert. It would be perfect for lugging my laptop around. Thank you for the giveaway! I LOVE Of a Kind, and check their website every day!

  95. I could def see myself wearing the confetti squares bracelet

  96. Sandra Abbott

    All three are so nice, it’s hard to decide! But the rule is to pick one, so I choose the confetti squares bracelet.

  97. Confetti squares

    Confetti squares for my round wrists, perfect golden boxed twists!

  98. love both jewelry pieces but methinks the bracelet :]

  99. The Confetti Squares bracelet is absolutely stunning, the individual pieces look so delicate – so simple yet unique. I haven’t seen anything quite like it!

  100. Prudence Blake

    I am so obsessed with of a kind, and the kroller tote will be the perfect bag to carry around for my final year of study! Thanks!

  101. Emily Hazzard

    I like the Desert Sun Studs. Like a lot.

  102. The Kroller tote is a beauty. Would love to wear that around.

  103. Of A Kind are genius! I would love love love the Confetti Squares Bracelet xox

  104. After much agonizing, I think the confetti squares bracelet best completes my style – but I love love love those earrings too!

  105. I’m torn between the bracelet and the tote! Both are so lovely!

  106. the confetti square bracelet – I need something new to pair with my watch when my other bracelet broke

  107. So tough to choose but I love those stud earrings. Thanks for the giveaway!

  108. oh my gooodness, that bracelet is one serious piece of gorgeous. I’d love to take it home and show it off to my friends.

  109. I would love the desert sun studs. I plan to hunt them down if I don’t win. ;)

  110. Kimberley

    All lovely pieces but the confetti squares bracelet would be my number one pick. Great giveaway!

  111. The Confetti Squares Bracelet is an intricate piece of art, beautifully designed to create drama to anyone’s wardrobe. It’s so enchanting that it can turn a simple outfit into a Cinderella dress! It shouts E L E G A N C E! :)

  112. I really love the confetti squares bracelet – it’s gorgeous!

  113. Hello~ The dessert sun studs are my style; I love triangles!

  114. Love all 3 but the bracelet is definitely my fave.

  115. I love all this but I think the tote suits me the most. It’s amazing!

  116. Those desert sun studs! they’re to die for!

  117. I love the desert sun studs, simple, quirky and super stylish.

  118. Alexandra Angeli

    The Kroller Tote ! I’m looking for a bag for school and this one is just perfect !! Thanks for the giveaway !

  119. The confetti squares bracelet is awesome! The kind of jewelry that would complete my everyday office look perfectly, adding some serious coolness.

  120. Kate Gluckman

    The confetti squares bracelet – it is simply divine!

  121. I would really, really love to win the confetti squares bracelet. It could be chick and casual so it’s the perfect choice for me.

  122. Mine would definitely be the tote bag. Since living in London I’ve garnered quite the collection and they’re just so useful!

  123. I love, love, love the Confetti Squares Bracelet! I’ve considered for a while if i should buy it or not, but my low salary doesn’t really allow it….

  124. The Confetti Squares Bracelet is amazing! Elegant and feminine in the same time – totally my style!

  125. IN LOVE with the Confetti Squares Bracelet. I can see my arm glittering away in the summer sun, reflecting the sun off of the beautiful bracelet. xxx

  126. Ooh the Desert Sun Studs are gorgeous, would bring some sunshine to wet and windy Manchester!

  127. I love the Kroller Tote! I’m a student so I love big bags that can hold all my books and stuff, and the print is amazing!

  128. Loving the Confetti Squares Bracelet, absolutley fabulous! It would light up my fall here in Gothenburg!

  129. i like the bracelet most.
    wonderful shop btw. (o:

  130. I would definitely choose the Desert Sun Studs.
    I wear different studs every day and this would totally compliment my collection!

  131. Love Mert’s Kroller Tote looks like my style. Big enough to lug around daily supplies and shopping with a great print to help avoid looking like a bag lady.

  132. I’m just a huge fan-reader of your blog for so long. I fell in love with confetti squares bracelet at the first time. Its just perfect for any outfit or any style. Love it <3

  133. After much internal debate, I’m joining the confetti squares club. :)

  134. Khin Mai

    Love the EricamWeiner confetti squares bracelet. Have other stuff by her which I also love!

  135. I love the Erica Weiner’s classy-shassy Confetti Squares Bracelet

  136. The lovely designed tote is just what I need.

  137. The Kroller Tote is my first pick. Love all the items!

  138. I love statement jewelery but being a bit of a pocket person I just can’t seem to pull it off! So the Confetti Squares Bracelet would be perfect. Thank you Miss Moss and Of a Kind xx

  139. All lovely items, really! But I’d love the desert studs!

  140. Hi, I had my eyes on the cofetti sqaures bracelet and would really love to have it if I’m drawn! =))
    Thanks lots!

  141. I would love to hear the Confetti Squares tinkling on my wrist all day!!

  142. I love the bracelet, would look really pretty with my maid of honor dress for my sisters wedding.

  143. Erica Weiner’s Confetti Squares Bracelet is my favourite!

  144. The Desert Sun Studs are so very beautiful and chic! My ears have been naked for a few months now and these would be simply perfect x

  145. The Kroller Tote by Love Mert is my perfect bag – one that is the perfect depth for encouraging an overload of library books and scarves, and, hopefully, helping me (safely) lose my phone in the bottom for a few hours.

  146. I love the desert sun studs!! Simple but different and unique AND pretty!

  147. It’s nearly impossible to pick one! I think I’ll have to go with the confetti bracelet. The triangle earrings are more me, but let’s try something new! : )

    ps. Love your blog. <3

  148. I’m in love with the Confetti Squares Bracelet and can picture myself wearing it every day. It’s perfection.

  149. It’s hard to pick just one thing but I’m obsessed with tote bags so the Kroller tote. :)

  150. Hello! I would love, love the Desert Sun Studs. I’m a sucker for anything mismatched. Thank you for giving your readers this fun opportunity!

  151. The Desert Sun Studs — love pretty things for my ears, especially with short hair, there is never a reason not to wear studs!

  152. I love the Confetti Squares Bracelet! Modern and fun yet timeless and classic design. Thanks for having this giveaway. :)

  153. the desert sun studs are stunning! definitely my style.

  154. i wish for the desert sun studs. love yr blog too!

  155. Hard to pick…. but the bracelet. Gorgeous!

  156. the confetti squares bracelet is amazing…

  157. Caroline

    All three are lovely, and I do love the desert sun studs, but I think I’d have to pick the kroller tote! I love its look and its fabric, and I know I’d use it all the time! Thank you!

  158. Samantha

    I’m looking for something cute to wear with my watch and the confetti squares bracelet fits the bill!! <3

  159. i’m having a tough time choosing between the tote and the bracelet, but i think i would have to say the confetti squares bracelet is my favorite!

  160. That tote is stylish and looks super useful!

  161. I need another bag!! Yeah, right! Of course, I don’t. No, wait… Yes! YES! I DO! The tote! Let me win the tote!

  162. The confetti squares bracelet! When I think ‘confetti’ I think of fun and a celebration…this little stunner will be my constant reminder to celebrate something every day and have loads of fun this summer! Plus I’m a ginger – since I won’t be getting a golden tan this December, I’ll need some other gold to make up for it :)

  163. Definitely love the Confetti Squares Bracelet – been a fan of Erica Weiner for years, bought a couple of gifts from her site but never anything for myself!

  164. The Kroller Tote is definitely on my wishlist :)

  165. Caroline

    LOVE those earrings—I’m a studs girl to begin with, but they’re way more interesting when geometric and mismatched! So great.

  166. Those sunset earrings are lovely – I’ve been a subscriber to Of a Kind for such a long time – it’s hard not to want to buy something every week!

  167. I have been in love with the confetti squares bracelet since it was released! :)

  168. Love, love, LOVE all of the choices, but I must say that the confetti square bracelet is something special. So happy the world has embraced gold! It was so hard to find 2 years ago. Hope I win, I will wear it to a very special occasion coming up in the new year!


  169. Confetti bracelet for sure! Such a fun (and pretty!) piece, and what better way to make any day a party. Love it!

  170. Confetti squares bracelet! I’ve been coveting it for holiday parties.

  171. Melissa C

    Definitely Erica Weiner Confetti bracelet-her stuff has been on my wishlist!

  172. Melanie Sartain

    All three pieces are lovely but if I must choose one I pick the gorgeous Confetti Squares bracelet by Erica Weiner. Thanks so much for the chance at this wonderful giveaway!

  173. Taysha Murtaugh

    I love, love, love that Confetti Squares bracelet. It’s so elegant, but it has an element of fun as well. It might make a lovely Christmas gift for my mom, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to give it up!

  174. I was already subscribed to their newsletter, they’re so charming :)
    And I’d choose the Desert Sun Studs!

  175. While the tote is cute and helpful looking, I have been looking for a quirky but not-too-assuming bracelet. I love the confetti squares bracelet!

  176. The confetti squared bracelet is soooo adorable!!

  177. I love the confetti squares bracelet, its classic and fun.

  178. Ooooh so hard to choose between the Kroller Tote and Confetti Squares bracelet…. !! I think I would choose the bracelet, because I already have a million bags. But the tote would be really handy too!

  179. christine

    Kroller tote mixes form & function–my style in a nutshell.

  180. I don’t know which I’d choose. Probably the stud earrings though the bracelet is divine. Then again, that tote would be greatly used on my market runs…

  181. I would like the Kroller tote! I think it fits my style because it is simple, graphic, and practical!

  182. Diana Lake

    I just love the desert studs! So simple yet they make a statement. I adore your blog and hope to run one someday just like this :) greetings from Cali <3 Diana

  183. oh man, all three are such great choices. i think i’d have to go with the confetti bracelet, it’s so nice!

  184. i’m just a little bit obsessed with the confetti squares bracelet. and everything erica weiner makes in general.

  185. Design that includes geometric shapes are just cool to me. Especially triangles ;I’m not sure why I have a thing for them but the Desert Sun Studs are lovely and has a vintage touch to it and would love to own a pair.

  186. The Kroller Tote is lovely and looks like it can hold a lot of stuff, too.

  187. It’s a definite toss up between the the tote and the sun studs. The tote is my obvious choice, but those studs would be an adventurous change…okay the tote it is:)

  188. Can’t take my eyes off the Kroller Tote, this is IT

  189. Katarzyna

    I’d pick the Kroller Tote – it’s good (i.e. practical) and beautiful, what’s more to want?

  190. All their items are so fun, but from those 3 I love the most : Erica Weiner’s classy-shassy Confetti Squares Bracelet
    And thank you for the giveaway :)

  191. Love the desert studs in particular!! But it is a bit hard to choose among the three of them. Anyway thank you for the giveaway!

  192. Erica Weiner’s classy-shassy Confetti Squares Bracelet is the cutest :)

  193. I love love love the Kroller Tote! Would be perfect to take with me to work, on a weekend away – would fit everything I like to carry with me…

  194. Oooh it’s a tough call. I think the desert sun studs are my personal fave though. :)

  195. The Kroller Tote! Beautiful geometrical prints with controlled randomness! :)

  196. Genevieve

    I love Erica Weiner’s Confetti Squares Bracelet. So pretty and simple and looks like fun to wear.

  197. Jamsine Edwards

    Most certainly the desert sun stud earrings, so cute!

  198. Has to be the kroller tote, though the bracelet and earrings are as desirable .

  199. Kate Poulter

    Square gold wires around a round wrist? Stunning!

  200. christina

    I am in absolutely love with the confetti squares bracelet!!!

  201. Since I am obsessed with bracelets, I would pretty much LOVE to get a Confetti Squares bracelet!

  202. The confetti squares bracelet! Such a beauty.. perfect on any wrist

  203. Shredesh Naido

    Your website is very nice and very cool i am proud to be apart. Pls give confetti squares bracelet from biggest fan Shredesh Naido.

  204. I really like the confetti square bracelet. It’s fun and elegant.

  205. I absolutely adore the confetti squares bracelet; it is so simple and effortless. I would love to have it!

  206. Elizabeth

    The confetti squares bracelet is gorgeous. I’m a “just a hint” of gold kind of girl, and it matches perfectly with that aesthetic.

  207. I’m in love with the confetti squares bracelet! So delicate and elegant!

  208. Obj, the confetti squares bracelet is stunning! Thanks for the chance!

  209. I love the kroller tote! It’s so rad and could definitely hold anything I’d ever need.

  210. Erica Weiner has really made the confetti squares bracelet which i need!

  211. The Kroller tote would be perfect since I carry a ton of stuff with me at all times and the print is lovely!

  212. Christina

    I love the confetti squares bracelet because of its simplicity….it would be perfect for my daughter

  213. Lotte Ghielen

    The confetti squares bracelet is beautiful and fun….and beautiful!! Did I mention fun?

  214. Rachel Z

    the confetti squares bracelet for sure! I can see it going perfectly with a little black dress, or dressing up a cashmere sweater!

  215. I think the Kroller Tote is pretty rad! And a Melissa made it x

  216. The bracelet is adorable and extremely unique. Love it :)

  217. The bracelet is my favorite, so delicate and fun.

  218. christiana

    the confetti squares bracelet, yes please!

  219. the tote bag-

    i love tote bags.
    because, you can never have too many of them.

    also, this one goes with everything.

  220. I’ve been lusting for the confetti square bracelet for some time now. Gold, orthogonal, and just the right amount of splashy.

  221. Madeline

    Definitely the confetti squares bracelet! So chic!

  222. Caroline

    Love them all, but I’m all about the Kroller Tote.

  223. desert sun studs! Just got my ears pierced at 23 (I know,I know >_<) and would love to have these beauties to put in after these boring place holder earrings!!!

  224. Thanks so much for this lovely giveaway Diana!
    I’m really glad that you introduced me to Of A King. It’s so cool that there’s such a limited amount of each adorable thing. Unfortunately, that makes me want to buy everything all the more! :)

    If I were to be as lucky as to win this giveaway, I would probably have to go with the Confetti Squares Bracelet. Right now, I’m really digging anything shiny and pretty so that fits the bill perfectly. I’m already picturing have a fun little bracelet jingling around on my wrist! Wouldn’t that be lovely?

    Best of luck to everyone entering this giveaway <3


  225. Ann Hidayat

    I have signed up and i love the confetti squares bracelet:)

  226. Hey! I’m already signed up for their newsletter, and I would love the Confetti Squares Bracelet! Thanks!

  227. I love Of a Kind – such great selections of gorgeous items!
    I’d love to win the Confetti Squares Bracelet – seems a really funky design for something which is really delicate and dainty.

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    The Confetti Squares Bracelet is to die for; I am in love with minimalistic jewellery but my.. this is simple yet so intriguing at the same time – it’s a winner!x

  229. The confetti squares bracelet looks rad. I love bracelets that display movement rather than being stationed and structured to the wrist. Even the closure on this bracelet is awesome as it looks like a padlock of some sort. The square links makes it modern but the volume gives it a playful attitude. Definitely a statement piece!

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  231. Katherine

    The Kroller Tote is absolutely ACE!
    I love it!

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