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i had a few posts prepped for yesterday & today but unfortunately my computer c-c-c-rrraaasssshhhheeed and i spent the entire day trying to fix it yesterday. sigh. i managed to get it back up and running this morning, but while i sort that bugger out here’s an update on some instagrammin’ and real life things that have been going on. did you see the new instagram web profiles that have launched? they are still busy rolling it out, but you can see what it will look like by visiting famous people’s instagram profiles like oh, i don’t know, Barack Obama.

in the meantime you can follow me @miss_moss or just check out my instagram page.

making home more homey…

walking around cape town…

and exploring more places to include in the cape town city guide

trying not to shop too much…

visiting old friends in the country…

having picnics and eating a lot…

and just enjoying the scenery.



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  1. says

    this is strange, because i just tried to find my instagram homepage a couple weeks ago, and i realized i didn’t have one. no one did. i’m kinda glad they’re comin!

    i’m loving the pictures. i’ll have to take time to read back and see why the heck you’re in cape town!


  2. Laura says

    Those green shoes! Where from?
    Also, just curious if your walls are white or cream? I’m re-painting a room and aiming for an open, clean simplicity like your rooms!

  3. says

    These photos just take me back to my honeymoon – which was exactly 10 years ago. Have been back a few times since to visit family and all I can say is nothing beats South Africa – particularly now that London is shrouded in the cold and grey drizzle.