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i haven’t been able to get the beautiful hair accessories by Brook&Lyn and Jujumade out of my mind since they launched their LA colab series recently. why don’t we dress up our hair more? i’m not one to talk, since i barely ever wear my hair out of a top knot (yes i’m one of those). but it would be nice to see our tresses a bit more jazzed up. not in a diamanté alice band way (shudder) – just in a casual “oh this ceramic barrette? i wear it all the time” way.

also reminded me of this revelation that bobby pins were actually invented to be inserted crinkle side down. did you know that? i did not, and judging by all the ladies in my twitter feed neither did they.

jujumade + brook&lyn hair accessories:

simple bobby pins at vanessa jackman:

maison michel for opening ceremony:

after dark copper hair cuff:

which you can achieve using an oysho copper hair tie:

always love the hair tutorials from a cup of jo:

also dig the DIY do’s from refinery29:

how to do a halo braid:

simple golden flower hair pins:

grecian leaf head piece:

floral haircomb by ginny & jude:

an elk antler (!) hair comb:

fun hair ties from anthropologie:

even funner match stick bobby pins by kate spade:

rodarte deco ball hair comb:

going a bit older now, a beautiful art nouveau hair comb:


more antique hair combs:

even older, hair combs from the qing dynasty:



and, unrelated by kind of related…

hair portraits by elizabeth mayville:



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  1. says

    Lovely. I just bought my mum a ’20’s tortoise shell hair comb for Christmas. I think she’s going to love it! I knew about bobby pins but I think the confusion isn’t helped by the fact that when they’re decorated, it’s on the wrong side, so if you put them in crinkle side down, the decoration would face your head! It’s silly.

  2. says

    Revelation indeed! But it makes sense, and they might hold hair better that way (?). Lately I’ve really been into wearing one side of my hair held with something like that ( I use the very long ones since I have very thick hair. Not sure whether it’s pretty or not, but it’s very practical. Also, have you seen this ( fantastic use of bobby pins at Rodarte SS2012? Now, to find simple gold bobby pins…

  3. says

    I am in aw and inspired by all of your post. All of your content flows so well. This post is great, not just focusing on a single product but lots, plus DYI and history and art. I don’t know how you have the time to research and collect all this content. really really well done

  4. says

    I’m totally taken with the Opening Ceremony feather pin. And those hair portraits are just beautiful. I love that the subject has their back to us! I’m a ‘hair-up’ kind of girl, so this post really ticked all the boxes!

  5. Maj says

    How can I purchase the Grecian leaf head piece? I absolutely love it!

    Please use the email I had left, that is my personal email.
    Thank you.