Amathunzi by Miss Moss

we took a much needed break this weekend and were lucky enough to spend a day with family at the amazing Amathunzi Nature Reserve (less than two hours outside Cape Town – man i love this country). if you follow me on instagram you might have seen my pics of our sunset visit from some zebras – including 2 babies – a herd of eland and an adorably lonely bontebok. consequently i’ve been catching up on work today, but check in tomorrow… a new music mix is on the horizon.

ps: all of these pics were taken on my iphone, snapped using the amazing pro hdr app – perfect for low light situations, or even when the sun is too bright for a decent photo. smart phones are amazing.



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  1. Leigh says

    Wow. As someone who has never visited your continent, I tend to picture your wildlife in only the wilderness setting. To see zebras in a built setting such as this is such an interesting perspective! My mind would be blown if I were to emerge from the swimming pool to see these beautiful creatures grazing before me. What a neat experience!

  2. Benita says

    Hi – we have booked out the whole reserve for my 50th birthday weekend. Seeing your pictures now – I am so excited and cannot wait!! We are so blessed to live in this beautiful country.