Couverture & The Garbstore Giveaway

- the giveaway is now closed – congratulations to Kaja! -

what better way to kick off the week than a giveaway? and an AWESOME one at that. you’re probably familiar with Couverture & The Garbstore – a fantastic shop in London that also sells their variety of independent designer wares online. they stock some of my favourite brands including Colenimo, Falconwright, Hansel from Basel, Lauren Moffat, Minä Perhonen, Mociun, Odette, Rachel Comey, Steven Alan… the list goes on and on.

so today you stand a chance to win FOUR ITEMS from C&TG! a polka dot leather clutch by Falconwright, a pink tote bag by Sokeri, an adorable porcelain vase by Meyer-Lavigne and a sunny rain wood tray by Minä Perhonen. that is pretty nuts if you ask me – i can’t enter myself obviously, but damn do i wish i could.

this is what you have to do: 1. have a browse around C&TG and tell me in a comment what your favourite item in their shop is, and 2. sign up for their newsletter.

Couverture & The Garbstore is also running a 20% discount offer for the duration of the giveaway – just enter the code eDg5eq2K at checkout!

please note that if your name is drawn you will be receiving all four of the items listed below, not the item you comment as your favourite in their shop. this giveaway is open to all readers worldwide, but if you are outside the UK your package might be subject to your country’s import duties / taxes. giveaway closes Monday 10 December, winner will be drawn at random. if you’re already subscribed to the C&TG newsletter your entry is still eligible.

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  1. it was difficult to decide (really), but i love all the porcelain section items & the Pink Peace Wrap Me Not Gift Set by Smiling Planet :)

    thnks ms. moss! xx

  2. I love the embroidered fox doll. I would carry him in my pocket and whip him out and say “cuss” all the time.

    Subscribed to newsletter.


  3. What a wonderful giveaway!
    I live in the UK at the minute and if I could I’d basically buy the whole shop. But if I had to choose just one product, it would be a lovely pink quilt ( – it’s so cold here right now!
    I”ve signed up for their newsletter as well. Just take my email address if there’s a chance to win something!

  4. I’m a sucker for their whole accessories category… especially the Humanoid scarves… gorgeous… I hope Santa sees this!

  5. I didn’t know Couverture & The Garbstore!! That shop is amazing! And it is possible to find a lot of things not so easy to find here in Europe! Thank you for the suggestion! And for this amazing giveaway! I subscribed to their newsletter and borwsed a little. There are so many amazing things, but I love the Falconwright bags, Malo brass brooch, the Heart eco stationery set, and a lot more!!

  6. I just fell in love with the Poem Cashmere Cardigan!
    Thank you for the giveaway and keep on the amazing work, miss Moss.

    (I already receive Couverture and the Garbstore’s newsletters!)

  7. I am pretty much obsessed with these pyjamas:

    Why is it so hard to find beautiful women’s pyjamas?

    Plus, I see they sell Le Train Fantome toys in there – I’ve been such a fan of Fanja for years – I have one of her Babette dolls, and I never get tired of seeing her perched on a shelf in my kitchen…..

    Thanks for the giveaway – I recommended your blog to a friend who is moving to Joburg soon – I thought your guide would be a good intro to the city for her…. thank you!

    Leah xxx

  8. What a great giveaway! Their selection of products is rad. I’ve signed up for their newsletter.
    I especially love the Fanny pintuck silk dress by Lauren Moffat.
    Thank you!

  9. i love the jewellery by odette ny but could never find a shop that offers shipping to germany! thank you for introducing Couverture And The Garbstore to me. i especially love the odette ny brass arrow cuff and the kauniste tote bag… and the falconwright clutch… so i hope i win! ;)
    all the best from germany and thank you for the great gift guides!

  10. Oh my, i am so EXCITED they have Velva Sheen tees! Also loving the Alpaca Chunky Knit PA18 Scarf. signed up for their newsletter

  11. um, how amazing is this giveaway? love Couverture & The Garbstore! i have been crushing on Humanoid’s Hanka tweed trousers and Florence cable knit cardigan, the A Détacher Kaho baby alpaca cardigan, the embroidered bear pocket doll from Coral and Tusk, and Ferm Living’s The Dorm Scandinavian display case.

    oh, and i am already a newsletter subscriber.

    thanks for the lovely giveaway! xo

  12. I rarely attend any giveaway because I don’t really trust in my luck but right away seeing the polka dot clutch I can’t resist. I must try this giveaway right now!
    I just browsed around and love their toys so much especially Miga de Pan sections. Oh I’m excited I hope I can win this :)
    I also signed up the newsletter and said MissMoss brought me there :)

  13. I love the Aesa quartz pendant, the Grenson brogues, and just about everything else. I’m already signed up to the newsletter!

  14. This is definitely your best yet!! I loveeeeeeeee everything in their shop but I think I’d choose all of the Falcon Wright bags (and the Rachel Comey suede boots!) if I could have anything/lots of things.

  15. Francesca says

    What I like most is the Malu brass brooch by Minä Perhonen. It’s enchanting, and it mirrors the philosophy of Couverture and the Garbstore: something beautiful, something precious, something to fuel your imagination.
    (it’s so beautiful that it’s already out of stock!)

  16. I’m already signed up to their newsletter, and the Meyer-Lavigne ceramics have been killing me softly for months… So sweet! Thanks for hosting yet another fantabulous giveaway, Diana! xx

  17. All the ceramics are lovely, but really love the ‘no baby in the corner ‘ coffee pot! It would have looked great in your ‘noir’ gift roundup too!

  18. I love the No Baby in the Corner Coffee Pot! Signed up for the newsletter. @tamsinranger

  19. Emma Jane says

    I love all the Falconwright clutches and wallets. So great to have a stockist in the UK! The Araks undies are also on my wish list. Love C & the G.

  20. Oh my. I hope luck favors me this time around. I am already signed up to the newsletter of C&G, and on my dreamlist from their online shop is, the Magumi Ochi lace up shoes. So gorgeous.

  21. I have been searching for the perfect bomber jacket for yonks – and the Epaulet bomber jacket by Lauren Moffat might have just been it. Thanks!

  22. loveeeee the Mommy Dearest leather bag by Ellen Truijen. gorgeous. also love the polka dot clutch- so cute! thanks!

  23. I love the patterned ceramic bowls they have in the shop (not online)… they are really colourful inside and beautifully textured on the outside!

    Have signed up :)

  24. Adore the Falconwright leather clutch – just darling! Signed up to the newsletter and hoping lady luck smiles on me:)

  25. i love the coral & tusk tea towels! Although everything they have is great. can’t wait to start getting the newsletter.

  26. Miss Dollaway reversible dotted sweater. By far, my favorite! And I signed up for the newsletter! This is a wonderful giveaway!

  27. A wonderful giveaway indeed!
    My favorite item is the Rose Classic Wingtip Brogue by Grenson :)

  28. Oh my. Well, I guess I have a new place to go when I need to look at pretty things! I love everything on the site, but the tiny mint green teacup from Ferm Living is calling my name :)

    (I’ve subscribed to the mailing list as well.)

  29. Oh man, this is the most beautiful giveaway ever! Tough choice to pick a favorite, but I am extremely partial to those Meyer Lavine vases! True love!

  30. The Komon Shark Print Hand Towel is beautiful. So beautiful, I’d like to throw out all my bathroom towels and have those instead.

  31. I love the Ellroy high open toe t-bar sandal! So gorg. Excited for the newsletter. Thanks, Miss Moss!

  32. I love almost everything in that shop, but, i´d take, as my favourites, the porcelaines by Meyer Lavigne.
    I´ve already signed up for the newsletter

  33. maiya wiester says

    Maritime Metallic Brocade Blazer Black and Gold is my fav. One day I will be able to wear the cool things in this store

  34. Gabrielle says

    My favorite item is the Mommy Dearest leather bag by Ellen Truijen – natural leather and simple design. Beautful!

  35. The knitwear is amazing! I love the Steven Alan Rosada sweater and the lovely mustard Colenimo one. Also – I have signed up for the newsletter!

  36. What an amazing giveaway! Given that I am a sucker for pretty underwear my favourite items would be the Beatrice bralett and the Aaron panty by Araks.

  37. oh dear… can I have one of EVERYTHING in this store? really though… the lauren moffat, aesa, charlotte linton! also, I signed up for the newsletter!

  38. The Humanoid mohair jumper – the perfect piece to throw over a button-down in chilly Seattle!

  39. This is the best giveaway I’ve ever seen on a blog! I loved the Odette brass cuff bracelet! I’ts lovely!

  40. The House of Rym ‘Tea for Ten’ teapot is just perfect–and so are the four items above, especially that little vase! Thank you for the great giveaway!

  41. One of my favourite items is oena wide neck cotton sweatshirt by Humanoid!
    Thanks for this chance!

  42. Definetly, I love the Mommy dearest leather bag by Ellen Truijen…
    thanks for the giveaway and congrats for your blog, is my favourite! :)

  43. The No Baby in Corner Teapot is pretty rad. I’ve been on the market for a new one so those catch my eye first!


  44. I already saw the polka dot clutch on Pinterest and thought it to be so cute and now this! It’s part of a giveaway yay:)
    They have a lot of awesome stuff. Thanks for showin us. Especially some of the dresses are very nice.
    I liked also their lingerie pieces. My favourite thie green sporty-futuristic one of course with suiting panty

  45. I love the Harlequin wool blanket! But I think everything in their shop is lovely :) I signed up for the newsletter!

  46. I agree with everyone, great shop! Glad to be introduced! I’m in the midst of my first long-term-cold-weather season coming from a recent move and have therefore lost my mind in everything jackets/coats/sweaters/anything to cover my freezing skin. My eyes were immediately drawn to the Epaulet Bomber Jacket! A really lovely design and shape! Subscribed to the newsletter!

  47. The Ojos Bracelet is so amazing! I have been obsessed with eyes since I was a child (weird right) and I love this cuff! Evil eyes are specifically my favorite. This shop is so amazing love all of these items.

  48. Hi Diana,
    I love your blog! Great work. Thank you for sharing your findings with us.
    My favorite item in this shop would be the Mina perhonen book. But there are really so many beautiful goodies on there. Thanks so much again! Angela

  49. Wow this is the greatest giveaway EVER!!! I love everything but Satomi’s Diamond Earrings have my heart.

  50. My nieces would howl with delight if I came over with a couple of those monster hand puppets! How cool are they? I love all the items in this give away. It would be like “one for me, one for you, one for me. . .” since it is the holidays! :-)

  51. Oh dear, a new favorite shop that I could never afford!

    I’ve had an incredibly difficult time choosing a favorite item, so here are a few: the irina wool coat, the amanda leather lace-up shoe, the randy tea dress, the washed cotton cropped carrot trousers, the vals leather maryjane shoe… and many more.

    What a great giveaway!

  52. Karen Clair says

    That ceramic vase by Meyer Lavigne is divine! Would look so sweet perched in my loft!

  53. I am a huge fan of Lizzie Fortunato jewelry but I do appreciate learning that Couverture and the Garbstore is selling some of their leather goods too. Hard to choose, but I’m going with the Port of Call embroidered leather clutch…just perfect.

  54. Sigh… Rachel Comey Mars boots and Charlotte Linton scarves… a girl can dream! What an amazing shop.

  55. my favourite is definitely the Puli Wool Cap by Minä Perhonen, so perfect for every season or for the one continuos season in New Zealand.

  56. My favorite are the porcelain vases, they have such personality and I want one of each! Thank you for the great giveaway opportunity!

  57. Fun shop! My favorite item is the Weam Triangle Print Wrap Scarf in Maroon – I signed up for their newsletter.

  58. They have so many wonderful things, but I’d have to say the Mommy Dearest Leather Bag.

    Signed up for the newsletter.

  59. To say that I’m now officially in love with Couverture&The Garbstone would be an understatement.
    Thanks for introducing me to such a lovely shop and for having this giveaway Diana!

    I’m really loving the Rachel Coney ankle boots as well as just about everything else in the store. How about I win the lotto so I can buy it all? A girl can wish! :)

    Good luck to everyone entering this giveaway! I know I definitely want to win (especially for that adorable polkadot clutch and that fabulously whimsy vase)!


  60. beautiful shop. everything FalconWright is incredible but then i just saw the Organic cotton voile 4006 maxi dress by Ryan Roche knocked me on my butt. so beautiful.

  61. my favorite item is the Ojos Brass Cuff! it’s simple and versatile!
    thanks for the lovely giveaway :)

  62. Robyn Hunter says

    Love the drop waist silk dress with the cape, and all the ceramic vases are amazing.

    signed up for the newsletter!

  63. Love the prices, such a great selection of products. I also love Odette jewelry from the shop! Thanks for hosting this amazing giveaway!

  64. I would love the Odette jewelry pieces to be around my wrists this christmas! What a sweet give away!

  65. absolutely in love with the Style 2 bronze and titanium quartz ring by Andy Lifschutz. Appreciate the giveaway and fingers crossed!

  66. I love the Fanny Pintuck Silk dress and the Leonor Crochet Blanket. I’m already a subscriber of their newsletter

  67. My favorite item is this wide leg pant
    I love the very modern style but still easy to wear. It give a strong silhouette. Thanks for the contest by the way, so exciting hihi

  68. I would love the entire Araks line of lingerie, I would take one of each if I could! A great balance of clean lines with adorable class.

    Thank you for hosting!

  69. I loved the Sunny Rain Wood seems like a perfect home for all my miniature dinosaurs. Or old letters from my grandmother. Maybe it can host them both.

  70. Love this shop! Hard to choose but my favourite would be Mina Perhonens bird tray… fingers crossed, thanks Miss Moss!

  71. I’ll have one of everything. If I had to decide which one is my favorite right now it is the Rachel Comey cheriway dress.

  72. Alexandra Roche says

    The Irina Wool Coat is amazing! What I wouldn’t give for a winter coat hat’s actually stylish…

  73. Maria João Fragoso says

    So very hard to choose a favorite. But I’m in love with the Colenimo jumper * Ah want it

  74. Great giveaway. I adore this store and always drop in when I’m in London, and I’m signed up for their newsletters. I’ve had my eye on the Mommy Dearest leather bag from Ellen Truijen for a while. It’s on my Christmas wishlist.

    Fingers crossed!

  75. i think i’ll go for the steven alan fletcher dress but i can choose lots more,you inspire thanks!!!x

  76. Their shasta wool Hepburn coat is beautiful. signed up. Please enter me in the draw, thank you.

  77. My favourite item is the Francoise gold plated necklace from Lizzie Fortunato Jewels; simply gorgeous. Signing up for the newsletter : ) thanks!

  78. Love the sunforger daypack, but will probably have to go with the Rachel Comey leather ankle boots. I can’t resist a perfect pear of hardy shoes! xx

  79. My favorite item from Couverture has to be the Fanny Pintuck Silk Dress – quirky yet luxurious! This is such a lovely giveaway thank you so much for hosting it Diana! I would dearly love to be picked!

  80. Subscribed! I would *love* the Satomi black diamond ring! Or the Odette amulet necklace – or Ace & Jig Must top…I could go on and on!

  81. i love the rachel comey brunswick wide leg pant.
    im sure they’d be flattering (and cool as hell) on just about everyone.

  82. Those Rachel Comey Mars leather ankle boots have been calling my name for weeks.
    (and that deco quartz spires bangle ain’t too shabby either)
    Already been subscribed to the mailing list.

    Keep doing what you’re doing girl. You rock.

  83. The Port of Call embroidered leather clutch is lovely! Love the colors and the contrast of the powder pink back. I’ll add it to my Svpply and drool over it some more.

  84. Jenny Coulson says

    I want EVERYTHING, but most of all an Ellen Truijen Mommy Dearest bag. SO pretty. Subscribed to the newsletter :)

  85. It’s hard to choose because everything is so nice but I love the polka dot clutch you’re giving away, and the rabbit bag, and the wooden animals, and, and, and..
    P.s is that lovely handrawn font your own? Or if not what is it called?

  86. That light grey Rachel Comey Shawl Collar Wool Cardigan is stunning, and would be a great way to dress up a cozy winter outfit. To be honest, it was hard to choose from all of the lovely knitwear!

  87. I love the tailoring on all their clothes, but I have to say that the cotton voile 4006 maxi dress in its length and cut and soft tones really caught me. All of their homewares are also wonderful! Excited about this giveaway.

  88. Katharine Moss says

    Love the Araks Kate and Ally pyjama set, need them to get me through this long winter. Plus I want to buy every single one of the Miga De Pan knitted animals for my nephew xxx

  89. Choosing one item is torture! I love that they sell one of my favorite pieces is the
    BEATRICE bralett. Fingers crossed!

  90. Miluska Theron says

    So many amazing things! Pink isn’t usually my first choice but the Port of Call leather clutch is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen!

  91. I went from falling in love with the crochet throws, to gazing lovingly at the amazing vases, but my heart is set on the Georgina Crewel Work Handmade Cushion! It’s gorgeous, I love the print!

  92. My favorite piece that I found in this lovely shop was the Fanny pintuck silk dress by Lauren Moffat; I love the colors and the hints of gold, so pretty! Thank you for this fantastic giveaway!

  93. So many lovely things, it’s difficult to choose a favorite! But I guess I’d have to go with the Lizzie Fortunato Francoise necklace!

  94. simply love the Falconwright polka dot leather clutch… actually I’m in love with all Falconwright staff…they look so fresh and delicious to me.

  95. Jessica Hunkin says

    I love the “Away We Go” Dress by Therese Rawsthorne – laid back beautiful! Never heard of the store before but it’s fantastic, really enjoyed browsing through their lovely items.

  96. I’m already a subscriber – I love this shop too much!
    I’m a huge Stine Goya fan and their Clemence jersey maxi dress is to die for.
    Thanks for running such a great giveaway.

  97. it hurts my heart to pick just one favorite but i have to go with the Port of Call Embroidered Leather Clutch, just beautiful. *Signed up for the newsletter*

  98. Ooh… what a tough choice, but I think I’m going to with the Deco Quartz Spires… I <3


  99. I feel in love with this OSTHEIMER wooden toy collection.
    In particular, Mr Bear –

    Hand crafted wooden goodness!

    The need for such toys is beautifully summarize ““It is the fantasy of our children alone that breathes life into the seemingly stiff wooden figures, the form and colour of which purposely have been reduced to an essential minimum….We go to great lengths in shaping and crafting individual figures so as to preserve this fantasy world and thereby to give children the ability to draw on their creativity during play.” ”


    Signed up for the newsletter, I hope it isn’t spam ;)

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