Curious Creatures Giveaway

if you’re on the lookout for something special for a friend, sister, mom, girlfriend (or you simply wish to treat yo self) then you’ll be wanting to be entering this giveaway from Curious Creatures. shop owner Larissa makes “curious handmade things” like beautiful necklaces, bracelets, earrings and even hand dyed silk scarves. she’s also been working on some hand dyed silk tees which i hope to see in her shop soon…

so, you stand a chance to win a $40 gift voucher to buy anything you desire from Curious Creatures. to enter [1] have a browse around the shop and leave a comment telling me what your favourite thing is + [2] like Curious Creatures on Facebook.

Larissa is also offering a 10% discount on all items till 31 December, just use the code missmoss10 at checkout.

the giveaway is open to all readers worldwide, but your package might be subject to your country’s import duties & taxes. giveaway closes Monday 17 December, winner will be drawn at random. if you’re already a fan of Curious Creatures on Facebook you are still eligible to win.

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  1. Jessica Fannin says

    I love the “Delicate Everyday Necklace : Faceted Amazonite on a Brass Bar” – it’s my favourite thing on the website! Liked the FB page too. Glorious brand!

  2. what a beautiful collection of pieces- i love the statement necklace, mauve rope cord with mystic aura quartz

  3. Catherine K says

    Love love love Rope Necklace : Summer Jewelry – Mauve Rope Cord Chain with Brass Tubes. Super heart.

  4. Elsie Moult says

    I LOVE the rope necklace!
    Would love to give and recive these for christmas in both the lovley colours!

  5. Little Lokó Matoaka Dyani says

    The Chevron Turquoise Spike Necklace is my favourite! So beautiful!

  6. Mette Silke says

    If I had to choose one right this moment, I would choose Autumn Fashion – Asymmetrical 3 Triangle on Brass Bars, because it goes with my outfit of today. However, all the pieces are so lovely and it is impossible to choose only one favorite.

  7. I love the Rope Necklace with Mixed Brass Beads in Navy, and I’m equally besotted with the Mauve Rope Cord with Mystic Aura Quartz statement necklace. What a talented designer! It’s really difficult to choose because every one of those pieces is so unique.

    {I was like #692 on their facebook!}

  8. ok so-i adore- Geometric Necklace : Summer Fashion – Painted Brass Triangle Necklace , but this Locket Necklace : Vintage Round Locket is awesome and i have to agree the Statement Necklace : Scallop Bib Collar Necklace with Pyrite Drop is pretty cool x

  9. I love love love the Geometric Necklace with the Round Dalmatian Jasper Stone. Beautiful!

  10. Liked on Facebook! What I like most from her webshop is the Geometric Necklace : Blue Glass Triangle Buntings. I’m a big fan of blue, and a big fan of simple, so this necklace is perfect for me.

  11. I love the Body Harness Jewellery with the turquoise, so striking yet still understated on the dainty chain….lovely things.
    also like on facebook xx

  12. Jessica Hunkin says

    It was difficult to decide, but my favourite is the “Triple Coin Flamingo Jasper Necklace” – so stunning!

  13. So many beautiful things! I love the Triple Coin Flamingo Jasper Necklace. So beautiful.

    Also, I liked them on Facebook :)

  14. I love this one :Geometric Necklace Single Round Dalmatian Jasper on Brass tube.
    Its so simple and beautiful :)

  15. I just fell in loooove with Delicate Everyday Necklace : Faceted Amazonite on a Brass Bar

  16. I love the geometric necklace with the brass triangle buntings. So simple yet so elegant!

  17. Fave – Rope Necklace : Autumn Jewelry – Rope Cord with Mixed Brass Beads in Mauve or Navy, Gifts for her – pretty stuff!

  18. totally love the ‘Delicate Everyday Necklace : Faceted Amazonite on a Brass Bar’ woweee!

  19. so many beautiful things to choose from but Delicate Everyday Necklace : Faceted Amazonite on a Brass Bar was one of my favourites.xx

  20. Stunning work! Really loving the LIMITED Geometric Necklace : Brass Prism-Square Necklace on Copper Links.

  21. I love everything. But my favourite is the Geometric Necklace. I’ve seen a picture somewhere and always wondered where it was from.

    (Unfortunately, I don’t have facebook so I’m crossing my fingers that I won’t be disqualified!)

  22. The Brass Triangle Necklace with a Blue Cab on a Vintage Chain is very beautiful. I would love to give it a home around my neck.

  23. My favourites are the Flamingo Jasper in Geometry Necklace an the Delicate Everyday Necklace : Faceted Amazonite on a Brass Bar! I liked their facebook page as well!

  24. I have four favorites. I have a feeling if I won this, I might go a little overboard…

    1. Turquoise Necklace : Raw Turquoise Magnesite Slab Statement Necklace
    2. Scarf 1
    3. Scarf 2
    4. Geometric Earrings : Autumn Jewelry – Chevron Hematite Drop Earrings

    Oh I love these all…! Great giveaway!

  25. I love the Geometric Necklace – Black Curve Asymmetry as well as the Delicate Everyday Necklace: Faceted Amazonite on a Brass Bar. Both are so lovely and go with practically everything in my closet!

  26. Everything is so beautiful but I love the Geometric Necklace : Single Round Dalmatian Jasper on Brass tube! Such a beautiful piece and a perfect length.

  27. The Simple Brass Bar Minimalist Necklace caught my eye right away! Thanks for introducing us to this shop! I think I’ll get something from them anyway… :) (I liked on Fb)

  28. oh my goodness! all of it is so elegant and beautiful, but my favorite has got to be the statement scalloped necklace with the body harness as a close second. :)


  29. The logo with the owl is my favorite :). Next, painted brass triangle necklace. But pretty much all of her stuff rocks! Great find.

  30. Love the Geometric Necklace : Blue Glass Triangle Buntings and the Brass drop earings. Simple and pretty!

  31. without a doubt my favorite is the turquoise body harness. it’s beautiful inventive, lovely and i can just imagine my little girls trying to copy the look with one of their tiny necklaces:) another favorite piece of mine is no longer on the etsy site, but was a beautiful necklace with a thin cut white stone, maybe white turquoise, i loved its purity and simplicity. both pieces just capture femininity to me.

  32. Emily Martin says

    The Mauve Rope Cord w. Mystic Aura Quartz is a magical piece and I love the Raw Turquoise Magnesite Slab Necklace. Beautiful!

  33. love the statement necklace, the black cord + arrow pendant is sweeet. the lightning bolt stud earrings are amazing too!

  34. Emily Hazzard says

    I can’t choose between that delicate everyday necklace with faceted amazonite and the simple brass bar necklace!

  35. Favorite? The Geometric Necklace – Black Curve Asymmetry. But it was a tough choice. There are at least a dozen other things that are just as spectacular.

  36. The native Arizonan in me would love any of the gorgeous turquoise necklaces, but the geometric necklace and the everyday earrings are calling my name!

  37. Mary Frances says

    I like curious creatures on Facebook. My favorite thing in the shop is the geometric necklace in brass.

  38. Love love love the Delicate Everyday Necklace : Faceted Amazonite on a Brass Bar! I would wear this everyday :)

  39. This was about to turn into a list of every necklace in that shop… Let me sum it up by saying I can’t decide between pretty much any of the necklaces. Yowza. I hope to be lucky enough to get to further explore that dilemma.

    Thanks for giving away!

  40. I really, really love this the Geometric Necklace Blue Glass Triangle Buntings!! Amazing etsy shop – love everything! Thanks for the giveaway :)

  41. Loving the Geometric Necklace : Brass Prism-Square Necklace on Copper Links, perfect for my little sis this Christmas. Fingers crossed…

  42. I adore all of the Geometric Necklaces, especially the Flamingo Jasper design. (and I liked them on facebook!) What a wonderful shop!

  43. very tough! narrowed it down to three…Brass Crescent Scallop Bib Necklace, Chevron Turquoise Spike Necklace, Autumn Jewelry, Mini Brass Spikes with Robin Blue Drops (probably the last one would win upon second looking). Beauty!

  44. The design for most of these pieces is great. I really love the body harness with the turquoise stone as well as the Statement necklace- it would be a very solid piece for anyone’s wardrobe. Her simple geometric triangle layering necklaces are also perfect!

  45. I love everything from the store! I’d really want the minimalist bronze bar necklace and the double dalmatian jasper necklace. <3

  46. I’m in love with Spike Necklace – Autumn Jewelry, Mini Brass Spikes with Robin Blue Drops. And liked on Facebook!

  47. The Triple Coin Flamingo Jasper Necklace is so beautiful. Thanks for always having the best giveaways!

  48. Gianna Summa says

    The Delicate Everyday Necklace ; Faceted Amazonite on a Brass Bar is really lovely !

  49. my previous favorite just sold out :( but my new favorite is definitely the geometric necklace with brass triangle buntings. thanks!

  50. I love the Drip Drop Polka Dotted scarf!!! And the turquoise necklaces definitely remind me of summer.

  51. perhaps ill finally win one of these… i would be happy with any piece, but i really love the turquoise jewelry… the body harness piece is amazing and so is the mini tribal necklace.

  52. My favorites are the roped necklace and the coin charm necklace. I love the way she styled her products too! Thanks for the chance to win!

  53. Geometric and rope necklaces, always and forever! And facebook love for all.

    Bless your cotton socks for the chance.

  54. I love the Geometric Necklace : Single Round Dalmatian Jasper on Brass tube! Or of course the Statement Necklace : White Turquoise Necklace on Brass!

  55. such pretty things! you can wear most everything with anything! my fav is the: Geometric Necklace : Double Round Dalmatian Jasper on Brass Cube. Thanks Miss Moss and Curious Creatures :)

  56. Oh boy, I adore the Mauve Rope Cord with Mystic Aura Quartz. In fact, I can’t live without it!

  57. I liked the Facebook page, and after a browse through the shop, I’d say my favorite item is the geometric necklace blue glass triangle. So lovely!

  58. Oh my, are we supposed to just pick one thing? The filigree brass locket is pretty great. I think I might just have to buy it if I’m don’t win that forty bucks! Love everything on here.

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway and good luck to everyone!

  59. All gorgeous! But the agate necklaces and painted brass triangle necklaces are my favorites. :)

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