Cardigan Giveaway

you may remember the last wildly popular giveaway i did with NY based knitwear brand Cardigan – well here’s your chance to enter another! and this time we’re giving the guys a chance to get their hands on some too :)

Cardigan can change an outfit in an instant, dress you up or dress you down, and most of all keep you warm. It can be worn as a sweater, jacket, suiting, or outerwear. There’s the everyday staple, the beat up favorite, and the one we wish we could replicate or buy instantaneously in every color. Cardigans are timeless and sentimental.Cardigan by Lynne Hiriak is a singular knitwear concept dedicated to the eponymous item. While designing for the likes of Michael Kors, Derek Lam and other well respected global brands, one constant remained—the request for more cardigans. Cardigan intends to explore and push the boundaries of one limitless item.

all you have to do to enter is [1] like Cardigan on facebook and [2] go browse around Cardigan and tell me what your favourite item is – in the ladies‘ or men’s department – and that’s the one you’ll win.

i’m lucky enough to have a few Cardigan pieces in my cupboard, and they are true staples of wonderful quality. here are some of my personal favourites… (tough to choose just 4, so i’m sure you will have trouble choosing just ONE).

the Lulu Dot Crewneck:

the Sidney Stripe:

the Aimee Zebra Cardigan:

the Madeleine Stripe Dress:

and for the dudes…

the Mitchell Jacquard Crewneck:

the Striped Dean Sweatshirt:

the Karl Scandinavian Crew Charcoal Combo:

the Dean Sweatshirt:

this will be my last giveaway for 2012 – GOOD LUCK!

this giveaway is open to all readers worldwide, but if you are outside the US your package might be subject to your country’s import duties / taxes. giveaway closes Monday 24 December, winner will be drawn at random. if you already like Cardiagn on Facebook you’re still eligible for the giveaway. if you don’t have Facebook just leave a comment telling me what your favourite item is.


  1. the sidney strip in rust/navy is fantastic (even if it’s a stolen menswear item!) my university’s colors are orange + blue; this sweater would be ideal for showing school spirit during these midwestern winter months.

  2. The Lulu Dot crewneck in wheat/navy is adorable and perfff for the upcoming cold Canadian winter! Love your giveaways, very well chosen :)

  3. I have come close a few times to purchase older versions of the Lulu Dot Crewneck in the past, so I’d go with the charcoal/fire version. Thank you for another great giveaway!

  4. Oh I love the Madeline stripe dress – perfect for almost every season and the transitionals too

  5. The Lulu Dot Crew neck is right up my alley. Thanks for the chance to win!

  6. Colleen G

    The Marc Sweatshirt “Fire” Stolen from the Guys, please!

  7. I love the Lulu dot crewneck in charcol/fire!

  8. LOVE the Alessia Cable Ski Crewneck in Navy. A modern twist on a classic look!

  9. i realy like it (also on facebook)
    hard enough to choose best
    so it is Ingrid FairIsle Cardi-Wheat Combo
    just adorable

  10. Not gonna lie, I’m also loving the shawl collar on the camel/wheat Aimee Zebra Cardigan! (liked on fb)

  11. I love the Madeleine Stripe dress in fire :)

  12. Emily Tseng

    Loved on facebook :)
    My favorite item is Nina Fair Isle Crew-in Charcoal Combo.

  13. I really like the Lolita (I’m a knitter and a sucker for fair isle), but I also really like the Lulu Dot Crewneck in wheat/navy! Thank you so much for another awesome giveaway!

  14. I’m really digging the Madeleine Stripe Dress in navy/wheat!

  15. Just gave the fb love. Really digging the Jacques Shawl Cardigan. Crossing my fingers!

  16. I absolutely adore the Sidney Stripe sweaters in all colours but if pressed I would select Navy/Rust as it would probably be the most flattering. How amazing are the elbow patches?!
    Liked on facebook. xx

  17. The Sidney Stripe in navy/rust is amazing, the elbow patches really does it for me! I would wear that sweater every day! We need some cozy comfort here in cold Sweden ;) Great giveaway!

  18. Madeleine Stripe Dress! It’s so a-bout-de-souffle-ish and girlish :)

  19. I adore the Lulu Dot Crewneck (Wheat), reminds me of puppies!!

  20. I really like what this brand makes! I just gave the facebook like. I love the Lulu Dot Crewneck-in Charcoal/Fire, it looks sooO comfortable… And it would be absolutly perfect as the winter has started to hit Paris pretty badly last week!

  21. Marc Rugby Navy/Fire- Stolen from the Guys! in Navy/Fire is the best. Reminds me of Kurt Cobain and grunge.

  22. I love them all, but I’d have to choose Ingrid Fairisle cardi wheat combo.

  23. Absolutely love the Madeleine stripe dress, hard to choose though as everything from Cardigan is gorgeous! (not on Facebook so just leaving a comment)

  24. Loved Serge CArdigan in Wheat! like to steal pieces from the guys;)

  25. Im in love with this brand! The Stella Dot sweater in charcoal made my eyes watery. This would be the perfect present for a very cold girlfriend up north!

  26. natasha s.f.h

    it’s the most simple one they have, but i like it best – the Nicholas Crew in Charcoal.

  27. This is a wonderful giveaway. I love the Sidney Stripe! Rust/Navy-Stolen from the Guys. It is absolutely perfect for this season! Thanks for the chance to win!

  28. I love-love-love the “Madeleine Stripe Dress” in Navy/Wheat. Very frenchy… :-)

  29. I love the Sidney Stripe sweater in LtGrey/Char

  30. The Aimee Zebra Cardigan-in Camel/Wheat hands down!
    Perfect for my windy beach winters down under – Australia is so deceptively cold..
    Thanks for the offer! :)

  31. I’d like that Mitchell Jacquard crewneck. love boyfriend styles.

  32. The Aimee Zebra Cardigan in Camel/Wheat hands down!
    It would be perfect for my windy beach winters down under – Australia is so deceptively cold..
    Thanks for the offer :)

  33. definitely the Mitchell Jacquard Crewneck in navy and red all the way! so beautiful and cozy! fingers crossed!

  34. ‘Sidney Stripe! Rust/Navy – stolen from the guys’ <3

  35. My favourite is the Lulu Dot Crewneck-in Wheat/Navy.

  36. I love the Gigi cardigan with the subtle charcoal stripe. They’re all such great sweaters, I love the merino one I have already, I wear it all the time!

  37. I like “Alessia Cable Ski Crewneck-in Navy/Ecru” and “Sidney Stripe! Navy/Rust-Stolen from the Guys” :)

  38. Sabine Surlalune

    The Jacques Shawl cardigan in the men’s department is fantastic!

  39. Catherine K

    I heart the lulu dot crewneck. Love love.

  40. I would definitely get the Sidney Stripe! Rust/Navy for myself. I cannot resist a good pair of elbow patches lately. Great site!

  41. It really hard to make a choice coz all of them are stunning. But the one which I love most is Lulu Dot Crewneck-in Wheat/Navy :)

  42. It’s almost impossible to choose. I gueeesss the Sidney Stripe in Rust/Navy is my absolute favourite

  43. MAN, it was hard to chose between sidney’s stripes and lulu’s dots. But I’m a polka dot girl at heart. Lulu dot crewneck it is <3

  44. liked them on facebook!
    and love the Madeleine Stripe Dress…so cute.

  45. Lulu Dot Crewneck-in Wheat/Navy!

    Thanks for this opportunity!

  46. I think I would choose the Dean sweatshirt in stone.

  47. i LOVE the sidney stripe. i didn’t realize at first it was a men’s item.. now i love it more. hard to pick a favorite though…!

  48. Definitely the Aimee Zebra Cardigan in Camel/Wheat. Love it!

  49. Kristina M

    my favorite is the stella tweed dot crewneck in charcoal!

  50. I adore the Aimee Zebra Cardigan-in Navy/Ecru! Good to see such good cardi’s : )
    Thanks, Rose

  51. wishing for the Sidney Stripe Navy/Rust under my christmas tree!
    cheers, bettina

  52. I like them on FB, and I love, love love, the Stella Tweed Dot Crewneck-in Charcoal !

  53. The Lulu Dot Crewneck wins my heart, I just don’t have enough polka dots in my life.

  54. Amazing giveaway, thank you so much for this chance! It was difficult to choose, but I finally decided to go with the beautiful and simple Nicholas Raglan Crew LT in grey. Have a nice day!

  55. Christie

    So hard to choose! My fave is the Sidney Stripe in Navy/Rust, however!

  56. Loved on facebook. My favorite piece is Striped Dean Sweatshirt-in Stone/Jet!

  57. Love the Aimee Zebra Cardigan in Camel/Wheat!

  58. Madeleine Stripe Dress-Charcoal/Fire would be my pick. Thank you :)

  59. The Sidney Stripe in Rust/Navy is my favorite, but seeing as they are out of stock, the Lulu Dot in Wheat/Navy was a close second. These cardigan sweaters are my idea of the perfect holiday party outfit; I would wear mine with jeans, wedges and some statement jewelry pieces!

  60. I think I would go for the Marc sweatshirt in Fire – thanks so much!

  61. I love Lulu Dot Crewneck! Dots it’s my favorite pattern. Amazing!

  62. I liked it on facebook :) My favourite is definitely “Nina Fair Isle Crew-in Charcoal Combo!” <3

  63. Kayla Horn

    Everything looks amazing but the Madeleine Stripe Dress in Charcoal/Fire caught my eye.

  64. I love Cardigan and this giveaway! My fave is definitely the Sidney Stripe Crewneck in Light Gray!

  65. Debi Case

    My favorite item is Sidney Stripe! Rust/Navy-Stolen from the Guys!

  66. gorgeous knits! fav is Sidney Stripe! Rust/Navy

  67. Love the Madeleine Stripe Dress, it’s simply perfect! I bet it would keep me warm for the long Montreal winter ahead of me! :) Thanks!

  68. Just one? The Lulu dot in wheat/ navy. But I like them all! Cheers!

  69. The Lulu Crewneck- absolutely! As a resident of the northeastern US I live in cardigans. These are adorable.

  70. So excited about Cardigan, again! I think my lil’ sis would love the Sidney Lt Grey – the perfect, belated, holiday gift:)

  71. My favorite has to be the Madeline stripe in navy!

  72. my fave would be the lulu dot crewneck-but in charcoal/fire.
    (what great color-naming!) :)

  73. Jessy Lac

    You are so right… It IS hard to choose…I seriously LOVE the Madeleine in Charcoal but I think I have to go with the Nina Fairisle!

  74. Mercedes

    I really like the Jacques Shawl Cardigan !

  75. Yes! Their sweaters are so nice.
    I like the ladies’ Sidney Stripe in charcoal the best! The elbow patches make it.

  76. Elizabeth

    I am loving the Lulu Dot Crewneck. So cute and perfect for this time of year.

  77. Difficult to pick up just one…. I stick to a favorite:
    thank you!!

  78. Gabrielle

    My favorite item is the Sidney Stripe in navy and rust – I am a sucker for elbow patches!

  79. Fantastic giveaway, as usual! And it is so hard to choose one, especially, when you are allowed to pick from the male collection. There was a hard battle between my love for knitwear and my love for my boyfriend. But finally my heart was won by Sidney Sweatshirt-in Navy/Rust! (

    My boyfriend is a sweetheart with blue eyes and fair hair, this cardigan would suit him very much. Good luck to me!

  80. Sidney Stripe in Rust/Navy- Stolen from the guys… :-)

  81. Sidney Stripe ! in Rust/ Navy – Stolen from the Guys!

  82. elizabeth

    ah, after much deliberation my favorite is: Lulu Dot Crewneck-in Charcoal/Fire
    Wonderful shop!!

  83. I love the Madeleine Stripe Dress in Nave Wheat! I’ve been looking for a classic striped dress for a while and this one is lovely!

  84. I love them all but if I had to choose it would have to be the Sidney Crewneck Sweatshirt in rust/navy xx

  85. The choice was really difficult but I’ll go with the Madeleine Stripe Dress- Navy/Wheat!

  86. Love the Lulu dot crewneck! Little bit girly, little bit tomboy. So perfect.

  87. Kristen P

    I like the Lulu Dot Crewneck-in Charcoal/Fire!

  88. Megan M.

    I love them all but the Lulu Dot Crewneck-in Charcoal/Fire is probably my favorite!


  89. Oh man I would LOVE the Aimee Zebra Cardigan-in Navy/Ecru. That’s for me for sure! Thanks, Miss Moss! Liked on Fb. :)

  90. I think the Ingrid Fair Isle Cardi in the wheat/blue combo is amazing!

  91. maiya wiester

    I really like the Gigi Cardigan -Charcoal/Navy. THanks for doing this givaway!

  92. Oooh, the Madeleine dress! It is so gorgeous.

  93. My favourite is the Arianna Cardigan in navy!

  94. Love and want the Lulu Dot Crewneck in Wheat!

  95. Love and want the Lulu Dot Crewneck in Wheat! <3

  96. Liked Cardigan on Facebook, and definitely liked “Sidney Stripe! Rust/Navy-Stolen from the Guys!”:]

  97. from men’s department I like their Mitchell Jacquard Crewneck-in Navy/Red
    and from women’s- JACQUES SHAWL CARDIGAN
    i had never heard of them before, but after checking out their site i realised that i really like their stuff :)

  98. Liked on Fb, just looove the Lolita Fairisle Crew in navy :)

  99. I’ve liked Cardigan on FB and I would love to win the Lolita Fairisle Crew.

  100. Total heart-on for the Lulu Dot Crewneck, a la wheat and navy color combo!

  101. the sidney stripe is amazing, particularly with those elbow patches. yes please!

  102. Priscila

    The Madeline stripe dress in navy is THE perfect sweater dress!!!!!!

  103. The guy’s Mitchell Jacquard Zip Mock-in Navy/Ecru is to die for!
    Even though this is a guy’s sweater and I’m a small lady I’m hoping to pull off the androgyne thing.
    Thanks, Miss!

  104. I love the Aimee Zebra Cardigan, lambswool and cashmere… yum.

  105. Completely in love with the Madeline Stripe dress… :)

  106. I’ve just liked Cardigan on Facebook – I love Cardigan! And I would MOST like to win the amazing Aimee Zebra Cardigan.

  107. The Sidney stripe in light gray and charcoal looks like the perfect winter traveling companion.

  108. I absolutely love the Gigi Cardigan -Charcoal/Navy!

  109. Man these pieces are really beautiful. I collect patterns, so it’s obvious I really like the
    »Mitchell Jacquard Crewneck« in wheat/navy.

  110. there are so many cute cardigans and sweaters!! but i gotta say my favorite is the Sidney Stripe Rust/Navy-Stolen from the Guys :)

  111. I really, I mean: really love the Nina Fair Isle Crew-in Navy Combo

  112. Santina G

    I’m in love with the Marc Rugby Navy/Ecru Stolen from the Guys in the ladies’ cardiagans!

  113. LOVE the Sidney Stripe – rust and navy. So awesome.

  114. Tessa Sanchez

    The Mitchell Jacquard Crewneck would look great on my beau……and on me!

  115. Lulu Dot Crewneck-in Wheat/Navy is my absolute favorite!
    what an awesome giveaway!!!! happy holidays!!

  116. So hard to choose! I’d have to say the Stella Tweed Dot crew-neck in charcoal is my favorite!

  117. Samantha

    oh wow, these are beautiful! Is there any way I can enter without having a facebook? Doubt it, but I request that future giveaways also be open to facebook-less readers!

  118. Lauren Plunkett

    The Sidney Stripe is picture perfect..they’re all perfect for that matter.

  119. i love the sydney stripe – and i picked it off the website before scrolling down to the rest of your post! coincidence or what?!

  120. Lulu Dot Crewneck in Charcoal/Fire! It’s on fire! (PS I liked them on Facebook)

  121. Michelle

    I like the fb page! And I love, love the GIGI Cardigan in Charcoal/Navy!

  122. favorite is definitely the lulu dot crewneck!!

  123. Jacqueline

    The Sidney Stripe in rust/navy. So beautiful!

  124. Darin Marie

    The Sidney Stripe Rust/Navy!! Love the color and elbow patches=)

  125. Love the Sydney Stripe in navy with rust!! They’re all wonderful.


  126. Dominique

    LOVED THEM ALL!! but im hoping the NICHOLAS RAGLAN crew in lt.grey small will be my new FAVORITE sweater :) THANKS MISS MOSS for the oppurtunity

  127. Golriz Ghahraman

    Love: Sidney Stripe! Rust/Navy-Stolen from the Guys!

  128. The Sydney Stripe is jaw dropping. The beautiful colors, the elbow pads, and how it looks just so perfect to snuggle into is making me have a case of serious sweater envy. This would put to shame any sweater in my closet.

  129. I love love love the Jacques Shawl Cardigan in Oatmeal :) Soooo cute!

  130. I love the Jacques Shawl Cardigan best of all….but it’s all great stuff.


  131. Emily Krieger

    I love the Lulu Dot Crew – so cute and cozy! I liked Cardigan on fb, too :) Thanks a lot for the great giveaway!

  132. The Sidney Stripe in rust and navy. I’m such a sucker for elbow patches and stripes.

  133. Catriona

    The Nina Fair Isle Crew-in Charcoal Combo is sooo so beautiful. I am dying a little bit!

  134. The Stella Tweed Dot Crewneck-in Navy Combo is definitely my favourite!

  135. Lulu Wheat…Polka Dots are always in sweetly in style!

  136. the sidney stripe is adorable…i’m obsessed with the colors and those elbow patches!!

  137. LOVE them all, but my fave is the Lulu Dot Crewneck-in Charcoal/Fire!

  138. This giveaway is only the best thing to happen EVER.
    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU soooo much Diana for making it happen!

    I’m already liking Cardigan on Facebook as Alice Lin. How could I not?!
    If I were to be so lucky as to win this giveaway (all fingers crossed!), I would pick either the Madeleine Stripe Dress or the Arianna Cardigan. Or maybe just everything Cardigan sells.
    Yes, everything in the store is just that cute and yes, I absolutely need to get my hands on something (or maybe all things) Cardigan.

    Best of luck to everyone entering this giveaway. My fingers, toes, and the fingers+toes of all my friends are crossed! :D


  139. Liked on Facebook as Katie Cubitt. The Nina Fair Isle Crew in charcoal combo is my top pick.

  140. I love the Jacques Shawl cardigan in oatmeal, but it seems they might be sold out of my size. My next choice would be the Lulu Dot Crewneck-in Wheat/Navy.
    Thanks for this giveaway!

  141. oh my geeedness. i really love the mens serge cardigan and the womens sidney crewneck, but golly, theyre all so lovely.

  142. Couldn’t agree with you more! It is tough to choose only 1 item.
    I love them all.!!! love wearing knitwear cardigan / sweater even during Summer. But whom you kidding, I live in Indonesia, tropical country, which means 24/7, 365 days of Summer. Still going to wear knitwear clothes when I go out, I’m a sucker for Knitwear!
    But if I have to choose one it would be
    Love the color and the prints!
    Have a great day x.

  143. Im a big fan of polka dots and elbow patches. I really like the bright blue stripes, the stripe dean. I’d try to pull it off. :)

  144. I am in love with the Sidney Stripe! Especially the rust and navy color, and the elbow patches are a perfect addition.

  145. Thank you for this wonderful giveaway.
    I love the cardigans! Favorites for women – Ingried Wheat and Madeleine Charcoal.
    And for men – Gustav Fairisle.
    Best regards,

  146. Really love the vibrant and cheerful Arianna Fire. So beautiful.

  147. My favorite is the Arianna Cardigan- Navy Combo (size S), it was tough to choose just one.

  148. what a gorgeous label – thank you for introducing us to it!
    everything is adorable but i love love love ‘gigi charcoal’ the most. it’s oh so chic and pretty – the perfect classic cardi to spruce up a white T and boyfriend jeans.
    this little number would take pride of place in my wardrobe…

  149. Ooh definitely the Ingrid Fair Isle Cardi-Wheat Combo in small! I love the colours, beautiful :)

  150. Definately the Lulu Dot Crewneck-in Charcoal/Fire! They all look so lovely and cosy and soft for those cold winter days.

  151. I think I’d have to choose the Madeleine Stripe Dress in Navy/Wheat…but it’s not an easy choice! Everything is so simple and classic…
    That’s definitely the piece my wardrobe could use the most : -)

  152. Man, i wish my boyfriend will let me borrow the Mitchell jacquard crewneck if we ever win it! It’s absolutely gorgeous.
    Hope you’ll have a wonderful christmas break, looking forward to reading from you in 2013!

  153. The sidney stripe rust/navy-stolen from the guys :)

  154. Nina Fair Isle Crew in the navy combo is beautifully cut and looks like it would be akin to actually wearing coziness itself.

  155. Stella Tweed Dot Crewneck-in Navy Combo uuuuu aaaaa, yesssssss!!! And I like them on Facebook too!

  156. choosing just one is so hard. I do love the Ingrid FairIsle Cardi in Wheat Combo. so, so pretty.
    holding thumbs!

  157. I utterly love everything – but you got it so right with the Lulu Dot Crewneck in Wheat… that has to be my favourite favourite. So lovely.

    (I have liked the FB page)

  158. Emma Roz

    I love the Gigi Cardigan -Charcoal/Navy!

  159. Rachel D.

    I love the Madeleine Stripe Dress in Navy/Wheat!

  160. Liked on FB and my favourite is Gigi cardigan in Navy/White ^^

  161. This company is great…I want it all! If I HAVE to choose I would love the Lulu Dot Crewneck in Charcoal/Fire. Thank you!

  162. Liked on Facebook! I love the Lulu Dot sweater in the navy dots. I’ve had a polka dot sweater on my wish list for weeks now!

  163. Justine C

    I love the Madeleine Stripe Dress soooo much!! I love the Aimee Zebra Cardigan too! So many beautiful picks :)

  164. I’m pretty sure I’d get a kiss under the mistletoe if I was wearing the striped dean sweatshirt :)

  165. My favorite is the sidney stripe or the Jacques Shawl Cardigan ;) love the elbow patches . he. he. Also liked on FB:)

  166. Love the Stella tweed dot crewneck-in charcoal combo :)

  167. I love love the Lulu Dot Crewneck! And I like them on FB (Amy J….) – thanks!

  168. My favorite is the Madeleine Stripe Dress in Navy/Wheat. I’ve been looking for a French look like that!!! Thank you!!

  169. Lucy Delia

    Mitchell Jaquard Crewneck. Thanks for including the guys.

  170. I love the men’s ERIK Cardigan ( if i win can i get it in a small-for me i don’t have a bf)
    i don’t have facebook so i can’t like it though

  171. Pick me pick me!

    Liked on FB and I just adore the Lulu Dot crewneck in wheat/navy yay dots!!

  172. I really love the lulu dot crewneck in wheat/navy!

  173. Gorgeous sweaters! I think my favorites are the Lulu and the Etienne bar stripe in navy/wheat!

  174. I really like the Madeleine Stripe Dress-Charcoal/Fire and the Sidney Stripe LtGrey/Char-Stolen from the Guys!

  175. Karen Claire

    OOH, such loveliness! I am very fond of the Fair Isle Cardi-Wheat Combo piece.

  176. Nina Fairisle, please! Or, if I was being generous, one of the men’s sweaters for the boyf…

  177. Eden-may Hawkins

    sidney stripe is my favourite, beautiful!

  178. The Sydney Stripe in rust and navy is so amazing!

  179. I LOVE the men’s sweaters…the Mitchell Jacquard crewneck would look amazing on my husband. Thanks for another great year of blog posts and happy holidays to you!

  180. The Lulu Dot Crewneck is absolutely adorable and would make its wearer feel like a cozy queen. If there’s one thing a girl in San Francisco needs this winter it’s a new cardigan.
    Merci. :)

  181. The Dean Sweatshirt in Denim, for my dude :n )

  182. Sidney stripe for my gal please. Don’t think she knows I know her fave blog . Should hopefully shock and please here in equal measure.

    p.s. attached email address is hers

    Merry Christmas Miss Moss.

  183. Hello there! Thanks for the giveaway! It’s really hard to choose one… But honestly, I am crazy for ddddddddots! So, I choose the Lulu Dot Crewneck Sweater as my favourite one!

    Good luck to everyone and happy holidays!

  184. The madeiline stripe dress is soooo cute…and my choice for the giveaway :)

  185. The sidney lt grey sweater is perfect! I cannot get enough stripes!

  186. Allison Reynolds

    oh no! I’ve just noticed that the Jaques Shawl Cardigan in Oatmeal is out of stock :(
    My next choice would be the Lulu Dot Crewneck-in Wheat/Navy in medium !

  187. i love the madeline striped dress but my lean is for the dean striped sweater!

  188. Lulu Dot for sure! So cute with ink denim jeans and red flats, me thinks!

  189. Beautiful quality and craftsmanship. I particularly love the Sidney Lt Grey.

  190. Liked on Facebook and love the Jacques Shawl Cardigan (in either Oatmeal or Military)!

    Thanks so much!

  191. Love the the Striped Dean Sweatshirt for my boyfriend!

  192. Desperately love the the Nina Fair Isle Crew-in Navy Combo!

  193. the Nina Fair Isle Crew-in Navy Combo has my name on it

  194. the Nina Fair Isle Crew-in Navy Combo will be mine

  195. Holding thumbs you randomly pick meeeee Love the the Striped Dean Sweatshirt for my boyfriend!

  196. the the Striped Dean Sweatshirt for my boyfriend!

  197. I love the Sidney Stripe in Rust/Navy, the elbow patches are so cute!

  198. done, and done. the ingrid fairisle cardigan is completely dreamy, BUT – tis the season aand so, I would have to pick the mitchell jacquard crewneck for ma boy. lovely giveaway! happy holidays!

  199. The Mitchell jacquard crew neck is awesome!!!!! My husband would look amazing in it :) great giveaway! Happy Holidays!

  200. Love the Etienne Bar Stripe crew in indigo/red heather that is currently sold out.

    Lovely pieces…all of them!

  201. Pick me pick me, drooling over the Nina Fair Isle Crew-in Navy Combo!

  202. Hannah Vellacott

    Serge Cardigan in Jet- Stolen from the guys! Simple but perfect.XX

  203. Katharina

    I’d love the Ingrid FairIsle Cardi-Wheat Combo, it is just gorgeous!

  204. I just love the elbow patches on any of them…
    But the Sidney Stripe is my top choice!
    Happy Holidays!

  205. I like them all, impossible to choose! But the combination of stripes and fair-isle on the INGRID FAIRISLE CARDI-WHEAT COMBO has caught my eye.

  206. I am in LOVE with the Sydney Stripe! Beautiful-ness

  207. Ooo I love Sidney Stripe – Crewneck in Rust/Navy! Will wear it everyday :)

  208. Liking the Gustav Fairisle Cardigan-in Gravel Combo for the guys. Awesome winter wear.

  209. My favourite item is Marc Rugby Navy/Ecru-Stolen from the Guys!

  210. OMG – you are right – it’s impossible to choose just one! If I have to, it’s the Marc Navy Fire. :)

  211. Lillian Kim

    my favorite is the Ingrid FairIsle Cardi-Wheat Combo! so pretty! <3

  212. I love Cardigan, I’ve never heard of them before. My favorite is the Jacques Shawl Cardigan, that thing is dreamy

  213. Sidney Sweatshirt-in Navy/Rust, please. Been dying to have those french-striped sweatshirt in ages

  214. Hi Miss Moss


    Liked on Facebook – yeah!

    Pick me, pick me!


  215. i need the gigi cardigan (charcoal/navy) in my life! gorgeous!

  216. Annalise

    These are all so cute! My favorite is the Rust/Navy Sidney Stripe for ladies.

  217. I can’t decide between the Lulu Dot Crewneck and the Madeleine Stripe Dress. They are both adorable. Have a great time exploring!

  218. karl scadinavian crew- charcoal combo for the lads. dreamy dream.

  219. the sidney stripe! in rust/navy is my favorite!

  220. I love the Sidney Stripe! And the Etienne Indigo… but mostly the Sidney Stripe :)

    Have a great holiday!

  221. The Stella Dot in charcoal or the Jaques…so hard to choose a favorite!

  222. For my man: Sidney Crew(grey) <3
    For myself: Sidney Stripe in color LTGrey/Char (but it looks like it's sold out, so the other colors will also do the trick!)

  223. jumping on the bandwagon with the sidney stripe in rust/navy suede — love elbow patches.

  224. Sarah Jane

    The Mitchell Jacquard Crewneck in wheat/navy is to die for.

  225. oooh I LOVE 19. Stella Dot Charcoal :-) (from the womens fall collection)

  226. you have great taste! and my favorite is still the first sweater you posted… the lulu dot crewneck in wheat/navy! thanks for another fun find.

  227. I’m slightly obsessed with the Mitchell Jacquard Crewneck-in Navy/Red…and by slightly I mean wildly.

  228. Etienne Bar Stripe Crew-in Charcoal/Fire is perfect!

  229. The stella tweed dot crewneck in navy is the jam! Such great colors.

  230. Love the Sidney Stripe! Rust sweatshirt. It looks so cozy and is a perfect edition to my winter closet. Fingers crossed…

  231. Very difficult choice! At the end I settled with the Madeleine Stripe Dress in navy and cream. A perfect classic!

  232. Gah! So many cute sweaters! Love the Sidney Stripe in either color!

  233. jesselbeth

    i don’t even think choosing a name for my future children will be that hard but the jacques shawl cardigan will have to be my choice

  234. I would love the Madeline Stripe dress or the Sidney Stripe pullover in navy!

  235. Marguerite

    I would love the Sidney Sweater in Light Grey.

  236. I love the Sidney Stripe in Rust/Navy. Such a great color combo!

  237. I love the Sebastian Cardigan in Charcoal/Navy (stolen from the guys!)

  238. My favourite item would be the Alessia Cable Ski Crewneck-in Navy/Ecru. This would be because it reminds me of another era :)

  239. hi, I really like Striped Dean Sweatshirt-in Stone/Jet! from the men’s section! would give it to my boyfriend:)

  240. I adore the Aimee Zebra Cardigan-in Navy/Ecru!

  241. My favorite is the Sidney Crewneck in Charcoal Gray, but I think it’s sold out ;( The Mitchell Zip is my favorite men’s one.

  242. Definitely the Sidney Crewneck in Charcoal Gray or Navy/Rust. What a great giveaway!

  243. Alriette

    If I win, I would love the MADELEINE STRIPE DRESS- NAVY/WHEAT, please!

  244. Elizabeth ryan

    i am in love with the Gustav Fairisle Cardigan-in Army Combo!

    already have outfit ideas in my head

  245. i love the lulu dot crewneck in charcoal/fire!

  246. Anastasia

    Marc Rugby Navy/Ecru-Stolen from the Guys!

  247. mavi alonso casellas

    i loooove the dean sweatshirt in denim -stolen from the guys!!!!!!!!!!

  248. I love the Mitchell Jacquard and the Dean Equally; they’re so unique!

  249. Wow, so many pieces I like! The Madeleine Stripe Dress is probably top of my list right now. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  250. Sidney stripe in rust/navy! for myself of course not the gent.

  251. Jessica Hunkin

    Love the Nina Fair Isle Crew (Navy). So beautiful!

  252. “Ingrid FairIsle Cardi-Wheat Combo” is Just lovely :)

    liked on FB

  253. dots or stripes ?!
    how can I decide?!

  254. The Aimee Zebra Cardigan-in Camel/Wheat is flippin amazing! This cardi, in a size small, and I, would be inseparable all winter long: we’d take walks, make soup and have romantic fireside evenings together!

  255. What a lovely Giveaway! They’re all adorable, but I think the Lulu Dot Crewneck is my favorite! :)

  256. Christina Bock Sørensen

    I’m totally into Jacques Shawl Cardigan!!!
    I would love to wear that wonderful sweater.

  257. Oh fabulous, I sure do need a new jumper. I love the Lulu Dot Crewneck-in Wheat/Navy! It’s just so perfect…it would go perfectly over dresses or just with jeans and a button-down. Also like them on Facebook. :) Merry Christmas!

  258. I love love love the “Sidney Stripe! Navy/Rust-Stolen or from the Guys!”
    Soooooo soooooo me all over it!!!!!

  259. Madeliene Stripe Dress!!

  260. It’s so hard to pick just one thing! I think my very tip top favorite is the Madeline Striped dress in navy/wheat. Lovely cozy-looking goods all around!

  261. I love the sydney stripe, just discovered your blog, these giveaways a grand!

  262. Nadine Provenzano

    I heart the Sidney Stripe. Beautiful!
    (liked on FB)

  263. I love the “Sidney Stripe! Navy/Rust-Stolen from the Guys!”

  264. I love the “Sidney Stripe! Navy/Rust-Stolen from the Guys!”
    looks sooo cozy!

  265. I love the Lolita Fair Isle in the Charcoal combo!

  266. I love, love, love both the Aimee Zebra Cardigan in camel/wheat and the Sydney Stripe in navy/rust. But, which is my favorite?! The Aimee Zebra Cardigan!

  267. Amanda Marie

    I love the Madeleine stripe dress! And in merino wool, it would be so perfect for my Canadian winters!

  268. Christmas comes a little bit early with you, Miss Moss! I would have to choose the Lulu Dot Crewneck. It’s a classic, and those little buttons on top of the shoulders are charming. Merry Christmas!

  269. I love the Cardigan men’s sweaters! The women’s Ingrid FairIsle Cardi-Wheat Combo is my favorite…but I agree with Diana- it’s too hard to decide!!

  270. I’ve done a big, fat like on Facebook, and I love the charcoal and fire knit dress, but it does rather worry me that their sizes range in the half-a-person levels.

  271. The Lulu dot crew neck is perfection in sweater form…

  272. I love the Lulu Dot Crewneck in Charcoal/Fire and would be delighted to own it!

  273. Oooo, I love love love the Jacques Shawl Cardigan!

  274. Love the Marc Rugby Navy/Ecru – Stolen from the Guys!

  275. Addie D.

    I have liked Cardigan on Facebook! I absolutely love the Lulu Dot Crewneck! It’s so great!
    Merry Christmas! :)

  276. Lindsay O

    My pick is the Calais Stripe Raglan Crew-Charcoal!

  277. Valentina

    I love so much the aimee zebra cardigan in camel! I hope i ll get the chance with me! Have a wondeerfull trip and nice christmas!

  278. Laura M.

    Hello! I am seriously in love with your website Diana, but also with these sweaters!!! Most specifically, the Sidney Stripe (colors pictures in your post). It’s too good!

  279. The Sidney Stripe — man oh man is that sweater GORGEOUS!

  280. I love the Sidney Stripe in Rust/Navy. I also “liked” Cardigan on FB!

  281. Veronica

    These sweaters are absolutely beautiful! I think the Lulu dot in wheat is perfect.

  282. Juliette

    I love the Lolita Fairisle Crew-in Navy Combo! It would be a great Christmas sweater!!

  283. Maria João

    Oh how, how can I choose just one?! They are all so beautiful, but I think Madeleine Stripe Dress is my favorite *

  284. Ah, they’re all so gorgeous! I think the Sidney Stripe in navy/rust has to be my favorite, though…

  285. I love Ingrid FairIsle Cardi-Wheat Combo! and I’d love to have one, I’m sure it would love me too.

  286. “Oh, everything is better in a Cardigan sweater”she thought with her fingers criss-crossed between his, their hands tucked up the sleeve of Gustav’s merino wool. Gustav was her favorite, but Marc was a very fair second. She loved them both, just differently, like the way she preferred her Elo Baby scarf in camel with her Gigi charcoal knit.

    Fingers crossed,

  287. marinette pacis

    Aimee Zebra Cardigan is my favourite!

  288. so tough to choose! I love the etienne indigo, and the Madeleine Stripe Dress, but for sheer simplicity, and Christmassy feelings, I think my favourite is the Marc Fire! x

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  290. The Lulu Dot Crewneck-in Charcoal/Fire is GORGEOUUUUUSSS!

  291. I liked their facebook page! I’m in love with the Aimee Zebra Cardigan-in Camel/Wheat!
    Fingers crossed :)

  292. I love the Madeleine dress in navy with white stripes and the “stolen from the boys” Marc sweatshirt. Perfect winter wardrobe!

  293. ooh! I’ve like on FB, I’d love to win the Mitchell Jacquard Crewneck in Navy/Red for my husband!!

  294. the sidney stripe in rust/navy is perfection

  295. Keila Hoover

    I LOVE the men’s Mitchell Jacquard sweater.

  296. It’s so hard to pick! I’ll have to go with the Madeleine Striped Dress in navy…

  297. I loved the Dean Sweatshirt in Denim- Stolen from the guys!

  298. I love the Dean Sweatshirt in Denim- Stolen from the guys!

  299. Tameka F.

    I love the Lulu Dot Crewneck in Wheat/Navy! I wish the grey cardigan in the picture above on the clothing line was available, that one is super cute!

  300. I love the Jacques Shawl Cardigan in oatmeal!!

  301. I liked you on facebook and my choice of favorite is the Serge cardigan in fire – stolen from the guys.

  302. The Lulu Dot crewneck in wheat/navy is a beauty of a sweater! I’d love to own one for cottaging and brunching.

  303. Edwina Zant

    The Madeleine stripe dress & the Sidney stripe are both fantastic.