Laure de Sagazan

oh well, i guess this was going to happen. you know – the engagement has done funny (and somewhat embarrassing) things to my brain. suddenly there’s a pinterest board involved. it’s secret for now, i don’t wish to spam the whole world with wedding talk. and i actually found the dress i think i know i want within a couple of days of being engaged. there are a few venues we’re circling too… no date has been set but at the moment it could even happen as early as autumn if things fall into place. who knows!

one thing i do know, though, is that when i saw these wedding dresses by Parisian designer Laure de Sagazan my heart sighed. and sighed. and for a brief moment i thought maybe just maybe i’d be able to afford a french wedding dress. but these puppies start at 2000 euros. no biggie, guys, no biggie.

…her previous collection is beautiful too.

the funny thing is that before actually having a wedding to plan i wouldn’t have even blinked about posting nice wedding related things. but now i’m very aware that i might be susceptible to posting about them a bit too often. let me know if i get out of hand.


  1. I’m pretty stoked that you’re going to be posting more wedding stuff! All of the wedding things you’ve shown before have been so nice, and since I’m doing more wedding photography this year it’s great inspiration! I don’t really follow any wedding-only blogs (just check in on some from time to time) so this will give me a nice fix. :)

  2. Congratulations on our engagement, woo hoo!! I especially love the lace detailing on wedding dresses :) Thanks for posting!

  3. I’m a bit obsessed with these dresses, I need a reason to go to Paris, despite already being married!

  4. Posting too often about a wedding? Not possible. Looking forward to seeing more about it (and all the other gorgeous things you find along the way).

    And congratulations on the engagement of course!

  5. these gowns are utterly beautiful. i had a heyday on brooklyn bride last night and i’m not even engaged! this is the style id wear if am ever a bride :)

  6. Find a seamstress, these designs are very simple and basic. The lace can be expensive but total cost would be much less than a designer original and you would have a custom fit.

  7. congratulations on your engagement! love the simple silhouettes, the second- and third-from-last dresses are stunning with the lace sleeve and open back detail.

  8. I am ready for you to go to TOWN with wedding stuff! These dresses are so lovely…

  9. sjoe… this makes me want to get married again. luckily i can live it out through you ;) xxx

  10. so dreamy.

    I wish I had more options when I was getting married. People overseas are way too spoilt for choice.

  11. well, first – big congratulations on your engagement:)
    second, wedding dress with pockets – what a delight :)

  12. Beautiful dresses!
    I want one (if I can get it and keep it till I find the guy that I will be marrying)!
    You will look marvelous.

  13. Lovely, delicate, so feminine. A beautiful collection and stunning presentation.

  14. yes they are a dream…but why don’t you try to find nice vintage lace in a thrift store and have a seamstress adapt one of these design for you…? i think it would be even more personal.
    on eof my friend had a tight budget for her wedding and she design her dress ( i mean rough sketches inpsired by existing real dresses) and went to a local seamstress, and the result was very very lovely for a very reasonnable price ( and all that in Paris!).
    good luck and congeratulations!

  15. Congratulations!! I hope you have so much fun planning :)


  16. Congratulations! I know the feeling, I am planning a wedding myself, I would love to be able to afford a french wedding dress! Glad you found one you are in love with!

  17. Do not worry about posting to much wedding stuff as your blog reflects your life! Maybe you need a side project and start a wedding blog (:

    Congratulations! I have been following you for years… xo

  18. Congrats!
    I recently got engaged as well so please do share more on the subject :)
    I love you blog.

  19. Congratulations & I hear you!
    I made a blog: …
    (and then when it’s over the nicest thing is you barely look at those wedding blogs again ;)

    Ps the answer is “we’re really happy being engaged. We’ll let you know as soon as we know the date” ;) – enjoy the engaged bit too ;)

  20. stunning! love the second one and the backless one with pockets at the end… swoon. makes me want to get married all over again :) excited to see all the beautiful things you’ll be posting!

  21. oh god they are gorgeous!!! I would just eat carrots and leaves to fit into one those beauties! good luck with the wedding plans, I’m newly engaged too and I’m with you on secret wedding boards, I’ve been out of control this past week!

  22. @ceparie
    These designs are not just “simple”. When you buy a piece from a designer, you support talent and creativity. She uses the most beautiful french materials. You can’t get that for free. Your comment is totally inappropriate.

  23. jade de Paris Reply

    its true, the designs are quite simple however I would like to see a simple seamstress re-create the Visconti for example. No small feat.. the construction is utterly complicated!!

  24. Lovely dresses, no princess stuff. Less is really more. But the model is to thin. Real women have breasts and hips.

  25. I am sorry I do not understand your comment. More 90 % of women are bigger than this model.
    Or has this something to do that English is not my mother toungue….

    • plenty of women don’t have big breasts or hips. there is no standard that can be considered as a “real woman”.

  26. Congratulations Diana! Such a lovely way to start the new year! These dresses are gorgeous but I am sure you’ll find the one that is perfect for YOU , even if it doesn’t costs 2000 bucks! (I wore my mum’s dress from the ’60’s at my wedding, go figure )

  27. Sorry, this really has something to with the language. What I ment is in reality women usually are bigger than the model. Every woman is a real woman regardless the size.

    Best Regards from Finland!

  28. This is amazing! I got engaged over the holidays too, and I couldn’t wait til you started blogging about your wedding inspiration ;) xoxo

  29. These are perfect, welcome to the wonderful world of weddings…..;-) Its an addictive bug which is extremely hard o detox from….im a wedding planner and still cant get enough of all the prettiness out there….

  30. These Laure De Sagazan dresses are so beautiful. I’ve been dreaming of them ever since the 2012 collection. I’m getting married next summer and I contacted Laure De Sagazan about the dresses but unfortunately the price range is out of my league (2500-3000€) and getting the dress would have required couple of fittings in Paris. Kind of a good reason to fly to Paris few times,eh :)? Instead I’m now thinking of turning a vintage dress I have into something bit similar by adding lace and remodeling it a bit.

    And thanks for a beautiful blog! I’ve lived in South Africa before and maybe hoping to move back there sometime.

  31. Oh gosh, what beautiful dresses. Even at 2000+ euro I would be sorely tempted! Congratulations to you and your man on the engagement xx

  32. Congradulations Diana! I got married last October and I was lucky enough to wear a dress designed by Laure de Sagazan. I live in Belgium, so it wasn’t too far to go to Paris. Laure and her team are amazing! The materials they use are so beautiful, and the dresses she makes are all diffrent, mine was based on two dresses from her collection of 2012 because I only had six months before the dress need to be finished, but otherwise she designs the dress for you and with you. She is well worth the 2,000 euros if not more! xxx
    I can send you some pictures if you would like.

  33. these dresses are amazing, i love that backless one, i totally would consider it if i hadn’t already bought my gorgeous dress!

  34. firstly, congratulations!
    secondly, the dresses are so gorgeous! And i totally can see you in them. Even wearable out of a wedding context. subtly so beautiful!

    again, congrats diana!

  35. My daughter has her heart set on one of the dresses but they can’t see her til Autumn – no good for a summer wedding. Its fine saying get one made but you need to see a dress on. Dresses I thought would be beautiful were not and a dress I thought was to make up the numbers was totally breathtaking. So how can you imagine yourself in a dress? Once you commission a dress to be made, that’s it. Like it or lump it. One anxious mum.

  36. Post about wedding stuff as much as you like! I’ll probably be having one of my own within a couple years. And I believe you may have the finest taste of… anyone… that I am aware of. Seriously.

  37. Oh dear…first congratulations!! I also am recently engaged and am over the moon with these dresses. Of course I also cannot afford them but just looking at them makes me happy. What would also make me happy is if you did a post on affordable gowns that are similar to these. I’d be so happy and grateful! Thanks for the beautiful blog!

  38. Stunning dresses! How do I get more info, and prices. Is it best to contact the designer directly?

  39. I got my dress made in Laure de Sagazan’s boutique… so gorgeous!!
    The price was rather steep but the quality of the material is incomparable and the details divine! If anyone is interested, I’d be interested in selling my dress and the little gilet (as picture above) and making another bride happy!

  40. These are the most perfect dresses!

    @JEN – I’d be interested in your dress! I am in love with Laure de Sagazan’s designs but theprice is out of my budget.
    If you are still thinking of selling let me know!

    dark (dot) glass09 (at) gmail (dot) com

  41. These dresses are gorgeous. I did get a seamstress to make one of them. The materials might not be as fancy, but the dress is pretty and the price was ridiculous (low hundreds). What sort of shoes would you wear with something so delicate (but also kind of edgy)?

  42. @JEN in case the dress isn’t right for Ally – I’d be interested in buying the dress from you too! erwinandollie (at) gmail (dot) com

  43. i’m cimpletely in love with the dresses i’ve always wanted a wedding dress that’s just as simple, yet elegant, buti’m looking for a preowned dress… so JEN you probably need to rent yours many many times, if you and or any Laure de Sagazan bride selling her dress please…. nileberry (at) hotmail (dot) com

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