Playlist / Painting

Rose Blake is a brilliant illustrator whose new portfolio website i was perusing when i noticed a link inviting you to buy her paintings, leading me to a little project she calls Playlist / Painting. basically Rose makes a painting and then also compiles a playlist to go along with it. unfortunately for me Spotify is not available in South Africa, but most of you will probably be able to go have a good listen to her cool playlists while looking at some rad paintings.

Rose also has another side project called Studio Music that ‘provides an insight into the creative process of visual practitioners, through the music that they listen to whilst working.’ each person contributes a playlist which you can listen to. what a GREAT idea.



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  1. The Wheats says

    I love this! Some of my favorite music has come from other visual artists at the art studio I worked out of. So rad. Thank you for sharing this!

    My husband and I are buying a house… so we have to pack the apartment up for the next two weeks. I’m pumped to listen to some new music and keep motivated.


  2. says

    Miss Moss, you can download a 30 day free trial of Spotify’s Premium package – I literally just did it and it’s awesome, you can even download a version for your mobile and listen to your lists offline. :-)

  3. says

    i love this idea. every artist does go through cycles of music, and i’m sure Rose was going through a cycle for each of these paintings.. it gives such an intimate feeling to own these with the playlist.