Catch Up: Spaces

ever since i got back from my holiday i’ve been tirelessly catching up on my reader (which is now down to under 500 items!) and pinning away in the mind to do a massive These Things. but, MASSIVE it was. too massive. so i decided instead to create a little mini-series of sorts called Catch Up. relevant to interiors, fashion, design etc.

first up – SPACESif you want to see more spaces see this board.

the wonderful wallpaper of Kirath Ghundoo:

Victoria’s new home:

all the home goods from Joinery (thanks Mariah):

like the look of this new guesthouse in Simon’s Town, Cordelle:

the home of Claire Cottrell photographed by Jessica Comingmore for FvF:

the (art) studio of Aussie artist Laura Jones:

the home of Antonia Siegmund and Matthias Last:

designer Lotta Neiminen’s NY studio apartment:

clever people using washi tape to put up rad prints:

– by Design Sponge

– by noepahjertet

some more interesting DIY wall art:

Jennifer’s home (always):

this studio space with the narrow desk:

this glass top trestle table & work space by Hitta Hem:

this room at Finnish blog Suvi sur le vif:

these beautiful wooden desks by Hiromatsu:

the Huguenot dining table by Pedersen + Lennard (i almost bought one for myself):

and finally, this cutie photographed by Aya Gao. what’s a home with a pet?



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  1. says

    There are so many lovely ideas in this post I actually printed off the image with the map of the world by noepahjertet the other day to put on a mood board. I thought it was a fabulous idea and it works really well in that environment.

  2. CW says

    Wow! Lots of pinning to be done from these photos alone. I’ve been trying to pin more lately, but every time I think I’ve been on a “massive” pinning spree, it turns out I’ve only pinned 10 things!

  3. says

    Great collation of interior inspiration Diana! This is just what I needed, as I’ve been hitting a brick wall lately with how we can redecorate the place a bit after changing the space around. Thanks!!