Cake! Cake! Glorious Cake!

oh no, don’t tell me it’s another wedding related post.

to be fair, cakes are delicious and amazing – SO – i hope you don’t mind that this post kind of has to do with the wedding. because the thought of the cakes makes me very excited. if everything goes according to plan there will be more than one cake. but not fancy tiered wedding cakes, just a few normal sized yet wonderfully tasty cakes to suit everyone’s taste. and by everyone i mean the two of us because we simply can’t choose.

salted caramel… vanilla buttercream… tres leches… maybe something with strawberries in it… or perhaps a pavlova cake?! the options are endless! but here are some i like the look and sound of.

the cutest ever carrot cake by Cereal Magazine:

chocolate cake with mascarpone frosting + pink lime cake with cream & coconut cheese frosting by Call Me Cupcake:

burnt almond torte by Photissière:

chocolate brownie mousse cake by Chasing Delicious:

coconut cream cake by Always With Butter:

lemon & poppyseed cake by anna-mavritta:

chocolate banana cake with maple glazed walnuts by My New Roots:

strawberry & chocolate cake by Matchbox Kitchen:

blood orange and rosemary cake by What Katie Ate:

petal layer cakeruffle layer cake & banana layer cake with salted caramel buttercream by Made from Scratch:

salted caramel chocolate fudge cake by Sweetapolita:




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  1. says

    Looking at a cake post at lunch when I don’t have a piece of cake (or even a cookie) is pretty much torturous. I’d want to do the same sort of cake set up (several different normal sized cakes) at my own wedding.

  2. says

    oh. my. goodness. these cake pictures are killer. i love cake, i just wish they were easier to make at home and in a smaller scale. i’d be like a mad cake baker. i’m always scouring the city for the best cake and sometimes when i’m jonesing late at night for some, i go to bed disappointed because bakeries close early.

    i guess i should disclose i’m pregnant and therefore have the right to such complaints?

  3. says

    My god so utterly pin-worthy – every one of them. Apparently ‘naked cakes’ – i.e. layered cakes with no icing on the outside – are very hip right now. Yeah, I’d eat one.
    And we want to know EVERY DETAIL of your wedding plans. Spare us none!

  4. says

    Omg cakes. And please don’t apologize for the wedding related stuff–if you feel like sharing I’m more than happy to read! I’m sure your impeccable taste will carry over, and wedding stuff is some of the prettiest! Oh, and congrats :)

  5. samantha says

    good grief i had to stop myself from licking the screen! but now, i have some cakes/recipes to make for a rainy day, so thank you! i’m excited to see future wedding posts :)

  6. says

    I got married in December – and asked a bunch of our friends (who love to bake), to make cakes and desserts, rather than opting for the traditional singular ‘wedding cake’. The cake table turned out to be a sumptuous spectacle! It was a feast for eyes and mouths.