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Nicola Odemann

it is possible that i haven’t left the apartment in two days, and it is also possible that i’m still wearing my pajamas at 1pm. so looking at these incredible photos by Nicola Odemann made me feel bad about all that, of course, but they also filled me with a desire to go climb a mountain. so i might just do that, but in the meantime i will be dreaming about the alps and snowy peaks and golden forests.

all photos by Nicola Odemann. check out her flickr and website.

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  1. Hi there! Thanks to not leaving the house and spending the whole of Sunday in my pyjamas, I found your blog ; ) Keep up the good work. Regards from an icy cold Berlin x x x

  2. i, also, may or may not have spent all weekend in bed in my pajamas. these photos are definitely refreshing after that. if only i had the energy to go climb a mountain…

  3. Yes to these photos. I looked at her website and it was lovely as well. Please pass along to her, that I say yes to us all being children again.

    thanks so for sharing,

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