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Sweet Look

sweet things + sweet looks. let’s not over think it.

earl grey cake with rhubarb cream + hanneli by easy fashion

caramel tart with apples and whiskey + a fine day for sailing

sticky toffee pudding + antonia siegmund by a love is blind

tapioca pudding with smoked sesame seeds + nao by vanessa jackman

lemon speculoos layer cake + chit chat by the locals

peach pie + claire by stockholm streetstyle

dark chocolate chiffon cake with fluffy rosewater frosting + katherine by trendycrew

lemon pound cake + the sartorialist

blueberry meringue pie + irina by streetstyle aesthetic

almond cream filled cardomom buns + tommy ton

dulce de leche + the sartorialist

banana cream pie + the locals

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  1. Have you ever seen 101 Dalmations? There is a scene in the original cartoon Disney version where all the dogs look like their owners…Your lovely post reminds me of that scene! I wonder if these ladies subconsciously eat these amazing things that match their outfits like you’ve paired up for them!! =)

  2. You have such an impeccable eye! It is posts like these that keep me coming back to your lovely blog! Thank you for the visual treat.

  3. Haha, the cardamom buns is called “Semlor”, and is an old swedish tradition. They even got their own day in the calendar up here! Lovely post!

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  5. addition to the semla information provided by Lena; a semla served with hot milk like in this picture is called a hetvägg, which can be translated into hot wall, why it has this name i don’t know though.
    very great post indeed.

  6. Hello Miss Moss – would love to receive your posts or be able to find the most recent ones but cannot locate a subscribe section or a home button on this page. Could you help me please. Thank you!

  7. Hi Miss Moss. I find your blog very inspiring and beautiful. i like it very much. these sweet colors are great. congrats!
    but i must call your atention on this post as you called as “dulce de leche” a hazelnut spread. THEY are not the same.
    i am from argentina and the dulce de leche is a tipical argentine sweet that has no chocolate, nor hazelnuts. it is delicious, really, and we usually eat it with desserts, pastries , toasts with butter, chocolate, nuts or just alone with a big spoon.
    i found a link with a recipe in english that is quite good. try to do it at home and enjoy it!
    regards, mariana.

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