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i got an exciting email from Julie sharing the debut collection for her handmade accessories label Jujumade. you might recognise her ceramic pieces from that fantastic collaboration with Brook & Lyn that i shared in last year’s post about good hair. Julie’s pieces are composed of hand sculpted ceramic and leather elements – her soft leather bags look good enough to eat, though if i ever had to own one i’d probably just hang it on my wall to admire from afar (just too beautiful to haphazardly toss my wallet and makeup in, that’s for sure). be sure to explore the Jujumade website and online shop, and also follow Julie on instagram – where you will discover a scottish fold cat called Pancake (!!!)

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  1. they are beautiful! however, I can’t not mention… it really reminds me of building block:


    adela x


    J’ai vraiment aimé l’association du coté raffiné et brut en même temps, ce qui rend la pièce simplement belle.

  3. michelle says

    HELLO BUILDING BLOCK! down to the styling and graphics. I wonder how Kimberly & Nancy feel about this.

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