1. I reallllly love option #1! It has so much character and the texture and width of it looks great and contrasts nicely with the design of your site. I wanted to vote for the blue option, but I helped the black stay ahead!

  2. Wow, she does beautiful work! I am definitely in awe of such a great hand letterer. At first I was totally sold on the first option. But once I saw them in the little thumbnails of your site it was no. 3 all the way. Very classic but still fresh and not cutesy. That is a seriously talented lady to pack all that into lettering. Love it and can’t wait to see what you pick!

  3. I’m so much in love with hand lettering! Need to give my own fingers some exercise in that area. Loving no 1 along with the majority :)
    The lettering of option 3 is beautiful too but feels just a little too thin.

  4. Numer 3 and 4! They are beautiful and clean and nice, but I guess I’m not with the majority over here. Good luck picking one! Either way, they are super

  5. Option number one, I say is the best. The thickness of the font just feels right when combined with the rest of your websites layout.

  6. Oooooo tough choice but definitely options 3-5 the font is classy and this is a classy blog! But I think No. 3 as font is classy but the colouring shows the reader your uniqueness and creativeness and there ‘s a lot more under the surface you just have too look! So No.3 for me! Go Miss Moss!

  7. Hi Diana, I really love your blog. You have magnificent taste.
    I like the 2 options in black. Maybe you can try a really dark grey … just an idea.
    Have a nice day and I’m looking forward to read your new post.

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  9. I am also fascinated by beautiful lettering, but also colour: I’d love to see number one in a moss green!

  10. Hi,
    I love the first two! Maybe you could use the electric blue option for the Summer season? x
    I know how you feel, I’m in the process of rethinking my logo, it is difficult designing for yourself

  11. I love Nick Carraway’s handwriting in The Great Gatsby, and I stumbled upon your site while googling it to try and find out if it’s a usable typeface and what it’s called. Do you know by any chance? PS I love Erin Ellis’ typography and voted for Number 1.

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