These Things No.51


these things no.51! i don’t have anything interesting to say today… i’m tired. i’m going to have a bath. i might read in there. it’s raining outside. i might try my hand at making some vegetable soup. any recipes you care to share? have a good weekend!

the BFF themed lookbook for Robber features actual BFFs, and it’s amazing. photographs by Arden Wray:

a new website and lookbook for Datter:

exceptionally beautiful styling work by Marie Olsson Nylander:

a new lookbook for Oh Dear Megan:

a beautiful interior for Delbôve boutique by Christophe Remy:

now i have a craving for Hokkaido milk toast, big time:

Father, a new coffee roastery in Braamfontein:

Emma-Jane’s living room makeover:

have to try this 3 ingredient recipe for chocolate fudge:

nice new things at Vuela:

love the S/S 13 lookbook for Blooming Leopold:

love this dainty ring by Favor Jewellery:

an amazing shoot by Raffaella Campeggi, courtesy of Emma:

Middle of Nowhere is a cute Aussie design studio:

interesting knitwear by Yu Square:

and if you want some new music to listen to, check out Joburg based Vampire 9000:



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  1. says

    try any ribollita soup – it is my absolute favorite winter soup recipe! best part is it actually gets better as the days go by, and you can always put it back in the pot and add different veggies to spice it up later in the week!

    highly recommend putting a rind of parmesan in, and spooning the soup over chunks of toasted baguettes to serve!

  2. says

    I have had great success improvising vegetable soups with whatever is in season or on hand. The secret is in adding a bit of crushed red pepper flakes to the onion and garlic that get sauteed in olive oil at the beginning, and then also adding parmesan rind along with the stock. Then just add harder veggies first and simmer, adding leafy and soft veggies closer to finish time.

  3. Bridget says

    Oh wow, I love that bird necklace. I have a serious love of Zuni NM turquoise bird necklaces, always looking for the next one to catch my eye.

    I kind of don’t like minestorne/fagiol/tomatoy vegetable soups..they just kind of taste overcooked to me.

    But! There are many other great veg soups out there – two of my current favorites:

    Door 16’s vegan chili is amazing

    Love and Olive Oil’s roasted garlic and parsnip soup is really different, a little parsnip-spicy – perfect with some reeealllly good bread.

    If you’re a meat-eater, a lovely pork posole (slow cooked pork shoulder, awesome) with avocado, thinly sliced radish, mango, tortilla chips, yum. Or–this really creamy chicken vegetable soup that uses cauliflower, yogurt and miso to make it like the creamy goodness in a chicken pot pie but exceedingly good for you (in my evernote, should be able to get there without logging in).

  4. says

    the BFF inspired lookbook – such a cute idea! and that striped rug combined with the sailor mirror…love love love. thanks for the inspiration, I’m going to sleep now dreaming of lovely things!