Baggu Giveaway!

Miss Moss Baggu Giveaway!

i wanted to keep my cool about this giveaway but i simply CANNOT. i have been a fan of Brooklyn based legends of the bag world Baggu for a long time, they “make simple, high quality bags in bright colors that fill many uses so you can own less stuff.” you’ll definitely recognise their famous original Baggu re-usable shoppers, and you’ve probably seem some of their other rad wares around like the leather baggu and the drawstring purse. bottom line, they rule.

Baggu just launched their Basic Tote - a simple daily tote in the softest of leathers that comes in eight different colours. and not just the usual suspects, either. i can’t pick my favourite hue – but can you?

go to the Baggu website and check out all the Basic Tote colours (do it, do it now) then come back here and tell me in the comments which colour, by the correct name, is your favourite… and that’s the one you stand the chance to win!

follow Baggu on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to find out more about this amazing company, and be sure to visit their showroom in Brooklyn if you’re ever in the area code.

the giveaway is open to all readers worldwide. if you are outside the US your package might be subject to your country’s import duties / taxes. only one Baggu Basic Tote is up for grabs. giveaway closes Thursday 18 July. winner will be drawn at random.

Miss Moss Baggu Giveaway!
Miss Moss Baggu Giveaway!
Miss Moss Baggu Giveaway!
Miss Moss Baggu Giveaway!
Miss Moss Baggu Giveaway!

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  1. Midnight (suede)! I love the richness of it! I’d probably get it embossed with my initials in gold!
    How perfect is that bag for gallivanting around the city!

  2. Vanya Du Toit says

    Urgh so difficult, can’t choose between Saffron and Persimmon…but Persimmon probably more practical and so gorgeous!!

  3. My favorite is the persimmon tote! I have their canvas backpack in a similar color and it is so functional & pretty!

  4. So lovely! Brown would be most practical. But I’m in love with Saffron, reminds me of sunny days and trips to the beach. Where this tote will certainly be going if I win!

  5. Joné Janse van Vuuren says

    I am absolutely in love with the Mahogany one! Call me a simple girl, but it is beautiful.

  6. Midnight (suede) for me! Seems like a perfect tote for me to dump all the unnecessary things I bring out hehe. Loved their leather pouches too!

  7. Brown is definitely my favourite – love how natural it looks and will be great for the British summer/autumn.

  8. OH MY GOODNESS. most amazing giveaway ever – I’ve already factored this bag into every outfit option I have. NEEEEEED IT. It’s taken me a while, but I think the brown is my favourite. Followed by the black. So practical and beautiful at the same time!

  9. I had the pleasure to go trough the new fall collection catalogue a while ago and I’m drooling on the Midnight tote ever since.
    It’s soooooo pretty! I’m happy that the give away is worldwide this time.


  10. Hannah aka Ham says

    The BROWN or the BLACK! I own a Baggu re-usable shopper and it has traveled with me acting as a shopper, beach bag or just dealing with my extra hand luggage. They are the best!

  11. Saffron of course! it’s like bottled sunshine– who wouldn’t want to take that everywhere?

  12. Alexandra says

    Im going with the Persimmon – lovely light for the summer and it adds a nice splash opf color in the autumn season

  13. Ooh! The Midnight Suede! I love that color, but would probably settle on something like the black or brown If I were purchasing it! Such an amazing giveaway! I think I need one of those weekender bags soon…

  14. Now why would I choose a colour when every single colour is one I would wear and would complement my wardrobe – I am not fussy, give me any colour but please choose me!!!!!

  15. Zuzanna Maria Kurlikowska says

    Persimmon Mon Amour!
    Sweet and delicate or sharp and astringent depending on the quality of light and time – just like real persimmon fruit. Gorgeous for summer walks on the streets of Warsaw. An inconspicuous stimulus to various “cravings” of passers-by…

  16. Love the Persimmon and the Brown… hmm choices choices choices, think the Brown is my favourite, so versatile

  17. Saffron! Because it’s different. And it would be the perfect substitute for the absent sunshine in the Netherlands.

  18. benedicte says

    I’ve just discoverded those new bag yesterday !! And now a giveaway?! Thanks!
    My favourite is the Persimmon (we need color), and they aren’t sold in france.

    Have a good day

  19. It has to be brown, doesn’t it? The minimalism of a multi-functional bag and the truth to material of the brown leather go hand-in-hand, in my mind anyway.

  20. I love the two Baggu bags that I have so much!

    I love all the colors, but I know I would get the most use out of the black.

  21. If it wasn’t for the suede I’d go for Midnight… But I prefer the Mahogany leather one *____*

  22. They’re all so lovely! I love the richness of the brown tote. It’s a keeper!

  23. I LOVE the saffron. It’s the perfect pop of color to any wardrobe. These bags are heavenly!

  24. Oh my! Hmm… decisions, decisions! They are all so beautiful, but I’m definitely feeling the ‘Midnight (Suede)’ !

  25. I’ve been looking everywhere to find a bag just like this! My favorite is definetely the brown leather baggu!

  26. Brown is definitely my favourite – a natural classic, it’s gonna be great for late summer and fall… and it goes together with ALL my outfits :)

  27. Ohh decisions, decisions. I think it’s the saffron for me. Although I’m torn with the plum and mahogany too!!

  28. Persimmon is my absolute favourite! Very refreshing from all the brown Baggu’s I have!

  29. Diana, this is an amazing giveaway, thank you!
    I’m a huge fan of Baggu, and absolutely love the brown color of their new Basic Tote.
    All the best from Amsterdam!

  30. Can’t decide between saffron (so cheerful!) or plum (great year-round color). They’re all beautiful!

  31. Love these! I was recently browsing the site via Pintetest.
    I’d choose the brown, give it a good home and love it forever!

  32. Man, that Persimmon is a wonderful shade! But I think I like Mahogany the best in the Basic Tote.

  33. All of these totes are exquisite! I am especially fond of the Mahogany coloured one and I will be praying, hoping and wishing for one to come into my life. :-)
    Thank you for a great blog, which is always inspiring and a very interesting read.

  34. Simple, minimal, amazing… Baggu have really nailed it with this one.
    Black or brown would definitely suit the simplicity of this bag!

  35. I became a fan of Baggu in 2011 when I purchase a canvas backpack from them, and I still use it almost every day!
    My favourite Basic Tote colour is definitely brown – so versatile.

  36. Ahhhhh! All of them!!! If I have to pick, I think I can painfully decide on brown. Gold is a close second. These are amazing!!

  37. I’d say the SAFFRON bag would lighten up even the coldest winter day… I’d wear it all year round!

  38. ahhhhhh Mahogany or Plum ahhhhhhh!!

    I think I’ll have to go Plum. I’d love to own a purple bag!

  39. My favourite is midnight suede-it looks just like a summer night, the only thing missing are the stars.
    I keep my fingers crossed for this beautiful bag.

  40. My mom would love the plum — her birthday is coming up and what a great gift this would be!

  41. Such a tough choice…. but I have to go with the classic Black. The Gold is pretty great too. but definitely Black.

  42. If I can choose only one… it’s brown!
    (but, oh, if I could have them all…)

  43. It TOTES has to be the Midnight suede! So stunning! Would go with anything and everything!

  44. It’s between gold and persimmon. Although they really are all perfect. Gotta go with GOLD.

  45. My favourite is most definitely Brown – it’s so classic and timeless! Beautiful!

  46. I’d really like to have the midnight one, but i’m a mess and i’d ruin the suede, so i’d go for the brown one i think!

  47. Oh my goodness, baggu is a love of mine but I still have never gotten around to ordering one. I would LOVE the tote in BROWN. It’s so perfect. Fingers crossed;) thanks for hosting!

  48. my favorite would have to be brown or mahogany (simple and classic) but a very close second would be the midnight suede!

  49. I love the persimmon, but the black is my pick. Decisions, decisions…. Yes, black.

  50. Blue suede (to match my) shoes. Elvis would be rocking all over that tote :) xo. Much love from across the water.

  51. Caitlin McManus says

    The midnight suede is amazing! Brown and Mahogany are so classic too.

  52. Ooooh, I’m a classic gal but that flashy gold tote is calling to me! great giveaway!

  53. GOLD !!
    oh my goodness- i need that beautiful perfect gold tote in my life. please.

  54. i have been loyal to baggu since the very beginning and dude, so excited about the release of this bag. i’ve got my eye on the black; wouldn’t it be so responsible of me to win it? please please!

  55. After a long fight between the two contenders for my heart – brown and mahogany, the winner is brown!

  56. I usually buy all my bags in black for versatility reasons, but the plum one is insanely attractive!
    Love this new release from Baggu — I use my shopper almost every day!

  57. Chloé Landreville says

    Oh ! They are all beautifull but I prefer Midnight (suede). (so soft!)

  58. Saffffronn is gorgeous! As an old German nursery rhyme says: Saffron makes the cake yellow – Saffran macht den Kuchen gel – and me happy ;-)

  59. Alexandra says

    Choosing between brown and persimmon is so tough! I might have to go with brown though….

  60. Definitely Midnight!
    I am turning 30 very soon and I am in the process of reconstructing my wardrobe, so that it would be more “adult”, versatile and minimalist, and this bag fits me in every aspect possible:
    1. It is one coloured, and blue, so it goes well with most of my clothes
    2. it is simple but of high quality which means that according to Dominique Loreau, a specialist in minimalism and my personal guru, it’s a must.
    3. Finally, it is big enough for me so that I could stash there everything I want (which, I assure you, it’s not an easy thing to do!)

    I really don’t know what’s not to love about it, even it’s name gives me wonderful chills and makes me think of long walks by the sea and star gazing:)

  61. All so beautiful! I think if I had to pick a favourite, it would be persimmon – such a lovely pop of colour, perfect for brightening a winter day. Runners up would be midnight suede and saffron, closely followed by plum…I want them all!

  62. It’s a though choice, but i think i’d go for Gold. It’s sparkly, what more can I say?

  63. I would LOVE the basic tote in brown, so that it would match everything…I could use it from the farmers market to class! Thank you for having such great giveaways!

  64. Rachael A. says

    I love the midnight!! I’d take any color though :) liked & followed all.

  65. I was going to go for something safe, but I can’t resist the SAFFRON.
    It looks so summery and delicious!
    Yum :)

  66. Oh I love the brown! But the gold would be a lovely accent too… Decisions!

  67. The Saffron is definitively my favourite! Paired with a basic outfit would add just the right bit of colour!

  68. the brown is such a classic, it would be an excellent staple piece!
    fingers crossed!

  69. Kelly Scott says

    I’ve been drooling over the brown Baggu for soo long! It’s so buttery soft and fits everything in it! Love Baggu and love this contest!

  70. the persimmon is so vibrant – I love it! and the fact that it’s called persimmon makes it that much better :)

  71. The midnight (suede) is screaming out to me! The leather looks wonderfully soft. So appreciate beautifully made products. I think one of these would look especially gorgeous on my shoulder when I am living in China later this year ;)
    Bisoux, Robyn

  72. Such a difficult decision!, but I’ll be a bit practical and pick the Midnight (suede) one, it looks so soft!

  73. I love all of the colors, but Brown is the one I think would work best with my wardrobe. Such a classic design that is sure to stand the test of time.

  74. These rock my world. I’d carry the plum, all day, everyday. That or the midnight! Or the Persimmon. They are just all too beautiful!

  75. I LOVE these bags. My favourite colour is Persimmon. I don’t have any bags that colour and it’s just so pretty.

  76. I only ever wear grey/ navy /beige/ black (boring, I know), so the PERSIMMON tote would really liven things up for me. I was literally drooling over these yesterday. Just ask my friends.

  77. I am a practical gal…so I would definitely choose the basic tote in brown. I love Baggu and all of their lovely products. I can’t get enough!

  78. I love baggu! The brown is beautiful, but if I was a more outgoing person, I would definitely choose the saffron!

  79. I was just looking at these yesterday. It’s really hard to choose a color, but I think I would pick the Midnight. That suede is just beautiful.

  80. Kerry Berghoff says

    I love the brown !! And I love Baggu. I have been using their nylon bags as my grocery bags for YEARS…

  81. the brown! but that is after much dithering between that, mahogany, and persimmon. But the brown will age in this gorgeous buttery way, I think :)

  82. oh wow, these are amazing! i’ve been searching for a great bag for university in the fall and this would be perfect. my favorite is definitely the black, simple but perfect for all outfits!

  83. the black one, definitely. i´ve been lookin´ for the perfect black everyday tote for ages – well, and there it is. would be so glad to get it. fingerscrossed.

  84. It’s got to be the basic black – finding a great, unfussy black bag is way tougher than it should be, and this one works.

  85. Saffron is my favorite, but I’m sure I’d ruin the beautiful color quickly, so I’d go with the Midnight (suede), which is equally gorgeous. I’ve been wanting a leather tote for ages!

  86. What a wonderful giveaway !! I already own two baggu bags and love them to bits :D
    It’s very hard to pick a color for the leather tote… my favorite has got to be black !

    Thank you !

  87. I am in love with the Brown! I would absolutely use this bag everyday, so much more grown-up than my current ragged, beat-up work bag, and I need to look more like a grown up now that I have a real job!! Thanks for this giveaway.

  88. Charlene Styles says

    ohhh i would love the Brown Basic Tote. Perfect size to hold everything I need.
    Fingers crossed!

  89. Do I have to pick just one favorite color? I adore saffron, brown, mahogany, and midnight. Baggu just gets everything so right!

  90. EM. Halliburton says

    oh god these are amazinnnggggg

    LOVE baggu. what a great addition to the line. the colors are all so great but I think the classic brown is my favorite.

  91. Definitely brown. So classic. The midnight (suede) one was a close second though!

  92. Love them all !!!!! but my favorite favorite would be the BROWN!, second by pPERSIMMON!

  93. uh la la – the brown one for sure
    classic and forever wearable
    it’s love

  94. I like Persimmon (with Saffron a close second). This bag is a brilliant addition to the Baggu line.

  95. I LOVE the basic tote in Brown. I just know it’ll age beautifully! That leather looks gorgeous!

  96. I would definitely snatch up the baggu basic tote in brown! Certainly some of the other colors are exciting for this season but I see this bag as easily being one I own my whole life. It’s classic shape and functional style is utterly timeless, especially in brown. I’m sure it will become even more beautiful as it wears in over time too! So brown it is! :)

  97. Dear Diana!
    Thank you for this amazing giveaway.
    I love all of them, but the Persimmon one has the most amazing color ever! <3
    Kisses from Croatia,

  98. Gabriela Guerra says

    I love the Persimmon. The color is just amazing and – best part – it matches my whole closet! <3

  99. I know it is kind of boring, but I really want this bag in black. I already have the drawstring purse, and small zipper pouch, and love them both!

  100. These totes are just stunning. The simplicity of their shape combined with such beautifully soft leather and the range of colours to choose from has me drooling. I am such a ‘classics’ kinda gal, and so it is no surprise that I am in love with the Basic Tote in ‘Brown’, however what I do find slightly shocking, by my standards, is how much I am drawn to the Basic Tote in ‘Saffron’. The name has me dreaming of warm spices dancing on my tongue on a cool night, sending my taste buds on an adventure… Now if thats what I get from the name I can only imagine the delight this little gem will bring to my wardrobe…. I’m sold! My favourite is the Basic Tote in ‘Saffron’! x

  101. Rita Araujo says

    Mahogany is my favourite! Such a lovely, deep colour. I’m a big fan of Baggu. I own a bright neon pink daypack!

  102. so hard to choose! I seem to buy everything in brown. I think saffron would be lovely! easy to find if you set it down. thanks for the chance!

  103. thank you for doing this, I read your blog everyday and it inspires me so much!
    I like the Mohagani, tha is a beautiful color for taht shape and could be worn all seasons I think..
    stay with us and don’t stop your blog! xo

  104. Love them all, but I’d probably go with the Mahogany for the sake of versatility.

  105. Ann-Marie says

    Ooh. So lovely! I’ve always been big on purple, so my favorite tote color is Plum. It would work wonders with my wardrobe, especially in the fall! Fingers crossed.

  106. Sharon Der says

    I want them ALL!!! The colors are so beautiful! I would go with the Persimmon!!

  107. Bernadette says

    part of my heart wants to say ‘ask for the midnight suede’ but my inner classic earth mama self says ‘you know you’d really be happy using the BROWN – every day. thank you for the chance Miss Moss!

  108. The plum is SO beautiful and is definitely my favorite…and I normally don’t do anything purple.

  109. it’s a hard decision, but BROWN is my choice. it matches an everyday outfit. would love to own it, Im a Baggu lover and since I returned to my hometown in Argentina its impossible for me to buy their products. crossing my fingers from the south!!!!!!!!!!!

  110. I love the persimmon, but the brown is also very appealing. And the shape of the bag is so clean. Love them!

  111. I don’t think I could live another day without the Basic Tote in Persimmon <3

  112. The black & the brown are my favourites, loving the minimalistic design! I’d go for the brown.

  113. My fav colour from this collection is Mahogany! I foumd it very stylish and practical at the same time!
    Love it!<3
    * hope i didn't send this message twice :)

  114. I bought a canvas baggu backpack a few years back and I still am in love with it. I’ve been lusting after their leather bags since they were released! I would get the brown basic tote!

  115. Sarah Wolfgram says

    I gotta go with the Midnight-colored basic tote! Its so unique. Plus, who doesn’t love the opportunity to say, ‘Don’t you step on my blue suede….Baggu Tote!

  116. I got their newsletter announcing these the other day and fell in love with the Persimmon tote!

    I have their navy blue striped backpack and it’s just perfect, I carry it with me on every trip and it’s still looking like new. I love baggu :D

  117. Nora. Frank says

    I *love* the simple black tote! So versatile and classic! A second would absolutely be the midnight suede. I am so glad Baggu is making this shape! I am a devoted baggu customer and I love their staff. Awesome company! Thanks!

  118. Hmmm… tough call. I think that Plum takes the cake though. I love all things purple.

  119. The BROWN is my favorite. Soooo classic, I’m obsessed. I use the classic and baby baggus for everything under the sun. The zipper bags are also perfect for shoes and cosmetics. The leather is oh-so-gorgeous, I would love to add it to my daily baggu use!

  120. Baggu was the first reusable bag I ever bought!

    I’d probably go for Gold, although Saffron and Persimmon are kind of calling my name. They’d go perfectly with my Il Bisonte wallet.

  121. Elīze T. says

    I am experiencing a dilemma – Gold or Midnight (suede)? I must say that the Midnight (suede) seems more touchable (bringing more tactile pleasures…), so I’d go for that!;)

  122. Lisa Dorrier says

    PLUM! I make sure there is some purple in every outfit! <3 Thanks for the giveaway!

  123. Oh my gosh, so hard to choose, but I am going to have to go with Midnight (suede). It is so simple but still such a statement. Fingers crossed!

  124. they are all so pretty. brown! no, midnight! no, brown! brown it is…
    btw greetings from berlin. i really enjoy your blog

  125. PERSIMMON for the love of that color and bag. I’ve had to remind myself that I don’t actually own it yet, so must stop thinking of all the ways I’d use it!

  126. The midnight (suede) is so perfect. I would end up using it as a book-bag/purse.

  127. Rachel Deen says

    Though I should say the black because it’s so practical and matches everything and yadda yadda… the PLUM is just so gorgeous that I am compelled to submit plum as my favorite of all the colors and the one that my little heart desires the most.

    Wonderful blog and wonderful giveaway!!

  128. hello kate! i’m so excited about this giveaway! i was spontaneous in love with the brown bag. it’s a warm, charming tone, perfect for jeans.

  129. Oh how I love Baggu! I keep several of the original baggus in my own bag for groceries or store runs! I just got a look at these new Basic Totes and I’m in LOVE with the ‘Mahogany’ color! A perfect tote for all my books!

  130. Amanda Phillips says

    Love the brown! So simple and pretty. Also that interior zipper is gorg.

  131. Basic Tote, Classic Color! BLACK. Will never go out of style… and will break in sooo beautifully for years to come! Love you Baggu!

  132. I’ve always wanted a Baggu bag. I’d choose the brown, though my eye keeps wandering towards the plum…They’re all so pretty!

  133. My favourite Baggu Basic Tote is the one in Black! Classic and elegant altogether – perfect for both work and play ;)

  134. These bags are great, and it was so hard for me to choose between the saffron and the persimmon, but I’m going to have to say that my favorite is the persimmon.

  135. It’s very close… Between almost all of them. But I’d have to go for the timeless brown. Brown is good!

  136. Wow- Great giveaway. I have one of the shoppers in the Sailor Strip and use it everyday to carry my lunch. Great bags. I think the Midnight is GORGEOUS but I LOVE the Brown too!!! Either one would be a special treat.

  137. Ohhh it’s so hard to decide, I love them all! But since I have to… I guess I’ll go for a pretty basic color: Brown.

  138. It’s a toss-up between Midnight (Suede) and Persimmon, but I have to go with Persimmon! Love Baggu!!

  139. I am taking a trip to Paris in the fall with two best friends to see our dear friend Reba and I pinned this bag yesterday for my trip… I choose MIDNIGHT.

  140. The Gold is my favorite! Such a lovely metallic neutral — would surely become my late-summer go-to carry-all! :-))))

  141. I love this tote- especially in Persimmon! It is the perfect warm weather color & feels so new. <3

  142. Holy moly I have not ‘gahh!’-ed in a while but this giveaway is just too too good. Um let see…I would really like one in the persimmon color. But my goodness that midnight in suede/mahogany/saffron….gahhh! Persimmon it is!

  143. Ooo! Currently, all my bags look a little too well loved…and need to see the doctor. I’ve been in the market for a new one! I don’t have a black bag and I think this particular one looks great in the black!

  144. I think I’d go for the Saffron, just because I have nothing like it! Yellow makes the heart happy.


  145. I’m loving all of the colors but you can never go wrong with the classic mahogany or black totes! I saw the baby baggus in person yesterday and they are tooo cute.

  146. Persimmon, for sure! My wardrobe is largely neutrals, but I can never resist a good red/orange pop of color. I’m blonde and fair too, so every time I have that color on me I get lots of compliments. I would wear the crap out of that bag.

  147. Thank you very much for posting this giveaway! I like the basic tote in brown.

  148. I was just on the Baggu website last night trying to pick my favorite one. Persimmon it is!

  149. It has to be Plum! Midnight (suede) and Persimmon are in close second but I CAN’T CHOOSE IT IS REALLY IMPOSSIBLE. Baggu has bagged my dreams with these things.

  150. Persimmon – love, love, love this color and this bag! Must have to match my zipper pouch in persimmon!

  151. Persimmon it is ‘-) Seems like girls will always have a thing for the pink(ish)! Would be a lovely combination with a camel trench and red headscarf. Perfect for Cape Town in August!

  152. o wow
    those are just perfect
    but it´s REALLY hard to choose a colour
    well, Midnight sounds and looks like perfection to me…

  153. Charmaine says

    I really like the plum bag. It’s a fun colour, but would still go with so many different outfits.

  154. Baggu is THE BEST!!!! I love the brown and persimmon equally, but I think I’d get more use out of the brown!

  155. I love the persimmon. It would be great for brightening up dreary winter outfits.

  156. Crazy tough question… but I think I’d have to go Black, so that I could use everyday for everything? That’s the responsible choice, right? :P

  157. I adore wearing navy blue as a neutral, so of course “midnight (suede)” is my absolute fave. It’s my birthday weekend and I want to win!!

  158. SUCH a challenge. to go classic of punchy & colorful? I think I would have to go with Saffron. just to live a little. xx

  159. My favorite blog featuring my favorite bag company!!! Mahogany, please & thank you :)

  160. Lindsay Hobbs says

    Love all the BAGGU tote colors!!! But…. I’d say the Brown one is my fave because I could wear it with everything, every day! :) Love this bag.


  162. I LOVE Baggu! I have a few of their cloth totes and freaked when I saw this new leather one! When I visited their shop on a trip to NYC I couldn’t decide what to get- such a cool store! At any rate, I’d love to get my hands on one of these sexy totes in SAFFRON color! SUCH a cute pop of color!


  163. While I could get lost in the gorgeous colours of Plum and Midnight, it’s the no-nonsense, straight-talking Baggu in Black that’s all about NYC to me – love it.

  164. AAAHHH. I’ve been DROOLING over these since they put them up. Am torn between Saffron and Persimmon. Just. So. Lovely.

  165. I’m going for gold! Obs a very popular thing the ol’ baggu seeing all the comments on here!

  166. i love brown!! seems a little boring but no! It is the same color as my amazing dogs rocco and sofia. they are brother and sister belgian malinois and would look super sharp with this bag! i’m sure all the other dogs/dog owners will be super jealous! however having said that i wish i had a dog the color of persimmon! ah…

  167. Mahogany is my favorite! Such a classic, wearable bag. It would look great with everything!

  168. I’m absolutely in love with the persimmon, saffron, and plum but with the rest of my wardrobe I think it’s got to be the brown.

  169. I am going to have to say Brown, it’s the most perfect shade. But I would happily invite them all home with me (especially you, Plum! looking goooooood!)

  170. Gracious. Baggu stole my heart away years ago with their small pouches and laptop cases, but now basic totes?! The gold is absolutely amazing and by far my favorite.

  171. SUCH a hard choice but I think Midnight is the standout for me. It’s super elegant – one of those colors you want to see against blocks of other primaries and earth tones. So exciting!

  172. i have no clue how you only pick one — so i’ll go with making it a bit more of a statement piece and sayyy…………….GOLD!

  173. Jacqueline says

    The Brown color of the Basic Tote, no doubt. Every girl needs her classic brown leather bag!

  174. It HAS to be goes-with-everything Brown. Only the better for me to use it to death, of course!

  175. I love all the hues, but I would choose black. Classic and timeless.

    Fabulous giveaway!

  176. This is too difficult! But I’d have to go with the Saffron – I’ve been dying for something golden yellow in my outfits for forever, but I’ve been wary of wearing it with my complexion…this is the perfect compromise!

  177. Ooo! I ordered their reusable bag in Navy Dot a while back and I love it. I would feel so stinkin classy to have their leather tote! I am having the hardest time choosing a favorite color. As much as I want to go with something colorful (or something SUEDE) I’m really drawn to that classic Brown and it would go with everything. Brown it is!

  178. Black – its clean chique corresponds with the clean sillhoute – you can wear it every day and to every occasion!

  179. Mahogany is divine, but I surrender to the color gods—Plum Plum Plum! Fingers crossed… 7/18=happy birthday Nelson Mandela and me!

  180. I love the mahogany and it’s definitely my first choice, but saffron makes me happy!

  181. Midnight suede is to die…but then so is mahogany ….but midnight suede for the win!

  182. I love the brown one. I have my first baby on the way and this would be a great non-baby-bag-ish bag for baby things and obviously a gorgeous handbag :)

  183. Persimmon and Saffron are gorgeous but I think I would have to go with classic Black. I am a capricorn, haha.

  184. Way too hard to choose only one, but I think Black is classic and beautiful!!! LOVE IT!

  185. oh my goodness these are perfect. first scout and catalogue and now these! you’ve hit the nail on the head with bags :) the brown one is my favorite!!

  186. I am in love with the Oversize Tote in caramel–so simple, chic & versatile. Everything in the shop is so lovely!

  187. What a great give away ! I’ve been dreaming for a bag like that for ages. My favorite color is the “Brown”. Fingers crossed.

  188. I love both the Mahogany and Brown tote! But I definitely have a soft spot for the Persimmon one as well.

  189. Saffron, even the name is beautiful. Love the tote shape and its so nice and big.

  190. The plum color is the best! Who could say no to such a perfect purple bag?

  191. Midnight (suede) is the winner, I love the texture of the tote and you can wear it with absolutely anything!

  192. WOW! I just saw some Baggu bags at Dick Blick a few weeks ago and took a photo with my phone to remember them. But I had no idea they made leather bags! The plum bag is gorgeous! Fingers crossed!

  193. My favorite color of the Basic Tote is Midnight (Suede). Simply gorgeous!

  194. I just love plain old brown. I can imagine this bag having the prettiest of patinas with age, and there is nothing that looks more welcoming than a warm brown leather bag.

  195. This might be boring, but I love the Brown! That caramel-y brown just speaks to me. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  196. I keep going back and forth between the gold and the brown, but I like to keep it pretty simple when it comes to bags so I’d have to say the brown.

  197. As a college student, this bag would be perfect for my laptop, books, and other stuff! I would love to replace my jansport backpack with this.

    I’d love the “brown” tote!

  198. SAFFRON! The brown is a close second but there’s something so punchy and perfect about that yellow…

  199. LOVE the Brown. You can never go wrong with a good brown bag. I’m heading to NYC in November but would love to get my hands on one of these before I go!

  200. Persimmon is perfect. I am usually drawn to go-with-everything colours like brown and black for obvious reasons, but who could resist these alternatives? I can’t think of a better colour (or bag) to brighten up my outfits!

  201. Catherine says

    My favorite is the brown basic tote. Definitely a go-to for everyday use.

  202. Stephanie says

    Midnight (suede)! It looks just like the ripples in the ocean as the clock strikes twelve. I would love nothing more than to carry this on my arm.

  203. Victoria A. says

    I love the Brown bag the best! As a busy college student, I’ve been looking for a good, sturdy bag that I can wear with multiple outfits. Of course since I’m a college student, I’m also incredibly broke. So getting a free Baggu bag would be a dream come true!

  204. Theadora says

    Midnight Suede! Somebody once wrote a song about blue suede shoes, now we’ve got the bag to go with it!

  205. Stephanie says

    Saffron is great but I just love midnight, where else do you see navy blue suede totes! wonderful!

  206. Justine says

    I love love love the brown version, though all the colours are so beautiful!

  207. Gabriela says

    I love the plum, and think it would shift so nicely from the brightness of summer to the warm tones of fall.

  208. lindsay says

    i like the black. like the lbd, the bbt (basic black tote) is an essential wardrobe item that is versatile and timeless.

  209. I am absolutely mesmerized by the Midnight.. So deep, rich and DREAMY! However, it’s still a completely practical color that can go with so much.

  210. bk hughes says

    ok, this is crazy…but I have had the Baggu site open in my browser for a week! Oggling each creamy, well-proportioned bag, comparing to other bags, but coming back. I carry two Baggu grocery totes in my car (one in my purse), sold them when I had a store, always carefully choosing colors color ways seasonally. There is no choice here, my dear(s), as i am not a traditionalist and prefer all things unique–Persimmon (creamy, rose-like goodness) for Spring and Summer, Midnight (gorgeous, deep, weighty blue) for Fall and Winter.

  211. Steph Liew says

    Saffron is my favourite as it’s vibrant, fresh and for all seasons!

  212. Saffron and Persimmon. They’re both such fun colours. It makes me happy just looking at them.

  213. Hyena In Petticoats says

    Saffron, by a country mile! I’ve been thinking about a Baggu for a while now, but how do you choose?

  214. been looking for something nice + simple and the simple tote fits the bill perfectly. tough choice though. glitzy gold? classic brown? I think I’d have to go with the gorgeous midnight suede – beautiful.

  215. The midnight (suede) bag is gorgeous, but I’m in desperate need of a black one, so black is my pick!

  216. AHHHH – all so incredibly beautiful. While Persimmon and Saffron are just delightful, I can’t resist a little sparkle with GOLD. love it.

  217. Nothing cheers me up more than seeing a bright yellow basic tote, or in this case Saffron :)
    I wouldnt mind buying a different colour for each day of the week too :)

    Tara Deacon
    The Decemcer Diaries

  218. I was immediately drawn to the Persimmon colour. It’s not my usual fave but or some reason I looove that colour for this bag.

  219. Oh let it be me!!! LET IT BE ME!!!!!!! I love the brown tote! It will look so fabulous once the oils from the skin start to colour it. Summer and winter…it’s perfect!

  220. I adore the mahogany one! Exactly what I’ve searched for months! Perfect❤❤❤

  221. Monique D. says

    The Mahogany is so rich and totally chic… not to mention it will make for a stylish baby bag!

  222. Also every colour of this totebag is so beautyful, I love the Midnight (suede) most of all.

  223. Midnight Suede for sure! If I don’t win, I sure hope they make more colors available in suede (red, pretty please!).

  224. yes love baggu! and def a basic plain leather tote has been on my #need list!! the midnight suede basic tote is my fave!!!!! so beautiful

  225. I fall for Brown, because it perfectly matches my brown shows. – Great Blog, Miss Moss!

  226. They’re all so lovely but I have to be miss practical and say the Brown.

  227. Alouette says

    Oh, the Brown is so beautiful and basic! It will age nicely, remaining a staple in my closet and ellavated above changing fashion trends.

  228. Delphine says

    They are perfectly simple and simply perfect. Especially the brown one! Bise!

  229. Deirdre says

    Beautiful, classic brown. Thank you Miss Moss. For a lovely blog, for having worldwide competitions and for always pointing me in the direction of lots of cool things.

  230. definitely SAFFRON! Such a beautiful glow and really lovely minimalist design.

  231. Adore, adore, adore the brown one. Would be divine with all navies and denim and definitely fit my macbook 15″ too. I’m in Ireland and a big fan. Would be fab to win this. Tks

  232. Wow, I thought I knew which one I wanted until I visited the Baggu site! They’re all absolutely gorgeous but I’ll go for the classic Brown one…

  233. Black is my favourite – my clothes are all too bright to try to coordinate with any of the other colours. I already have a brown tote that I use every day, so would love to mix it up with a little black Baggu.

  234. as i walk down the street with my new persimmon baggu tote people i see people admiring my lovely new bag and asking me where they could get one too… and i will smile and say ‘baggu’ of course!

  235. G O L D – because it will be won on Madiba’s birthday & he is gold through and through ♥

  236. This giveaway is fabulous – had never heard of Baggu before..

    I would definitely pick the Saffron bag !

  237. Thanks for a fabulous draw!! I would have to say GOLD for spring and summer and MAHOGANY for autumn and winter :-) If only one, then I would go for MAHOGANY.

  238. Jolyn Kari says

    i would absolutely looovveee the Baggu tote in GOLD! it’s my favourite, no doubt!


  239. Caroline says

    Thank you for the giveaway Diana and Baggu! I would love the brown tote, so simple, so perfect.

  240. Yep, this is hard Miss Moss.
    Love them all, but at this very winter moment – I’m going to say SAFFRON!

  241. Wouah…this basic tote in black is so beautiful… Thanks for the giveaway: )

  242. Chelsea says

    Definitely the Mahogany.
    Such an effortless and timeless colour.
    What a beautiful bag! Fingers crossed!

    Chelsea x

  243. I safely have to say I have a soft spot for Saffron…. mmmh stunning. This post reminds me that I need to invest in one of these lovely ladies.

  244. Oooh, that saffon one makes me smile! How could that colour not?! Light brown a close second chosen by my more practical, match with everything side

  245. Stunning – that is exactly what a tote should be! Im completely torn between Brown and Persimmon!!

  246. Too many great colours to choose from… I would go for the brown tote…

  247. Alexandra says

    My favorite one (after some hesitation) is the Persimmon ! I cross my fingers !
    Thanks for the giveaway !

  248. Stefanie says

    I’d love the basic tote in gold – what an eyecatcher! Thanks for the giveaway!

  249. Cherie Mc says

    All so gorgeous, but the brown would be a well loved addition to my wardrobe

  250. Gotta say, I’m a fan of the plain old brown. It’s hard to find a great suede bag at that price. What a great giveaway!

  251. definitely the brown. I have my first baby on the way and this would be a great non-baby-bag-ish bag for when she arrives! :)

  252. Absolutely LOVE this bag! I’m a fan of all of the colors, but I think I have to say that my favorite is the brown! Thanks!

  253. Be still, my beating heart! Persimmon for me – I want to carry it everywhere, every day, and sleep in it at night.

  254. Love the plum! So unexpected but a great way to incorporate color into an otherwise neutral outfit.

  255. hélène says

    j aime le basic tote brown
    désolée je ne sais pas ecrire en anglais

  256. My favourite is definitely SAFFRON, to brighten up my winter, and see me happily into spring and summer!

  257. Elizabeth says

    I love the Saffron. So fun and perfect for summer! I have had the nylon backpack in the Elephant print forever and I use it for everything….Baggu is amazing!!!

  258. So many incredible colors. So difficult to choose. I’m going with the Brown!

  259. The Saffron color is the one!!!
    Love the bright color, very rich! Great for Summer and Fall!

  260. Loving the Baggu Basic Tote! Loving Persimmon! But, my all around favorite is Plum for Fall! :)

  261. I love all of the bright and fun colours, but honestly I think Brown is the one that appeals the most to me. So lovely!

  262. uuaaahhhh…… so so soooooo hard to choose just one, they are all perfect. I want a plum one the most but i also want a perssimon one and a midnight one!!!!! please you random whatever thing pick me to have one of these!

  263. Johanna B says

    brown, black, brown, black, brown, black….
    argh, that’s hard.

  264. Azzurra says

    At first I thought Brown or Black because usually I go for classic stuff , but Persimmon is for sure my fave.
    It reminds me of peach summer days bringing me so much happiness lately.

  265. I’d say the Brown suede one, would go perfectly in this summery weather with jeans and a floral top. xx

  266. Midnight (suede) is my favourite! These totes are the most adorable I think I ever seen!

  267. Brown: Baggu makes beautiful bags, and the brown tote is perfect! Simple and classic yet multifunctional. I own less stuff as it is because I’m always moving from place to place, I need a good tote to come along for my next journey!

  268. Oh, what a wonderful tote! The midnight (suede) is my favorite!

    Greetings from Germany

    (I’m not on facebook, nevertheless I hope I can take part!)

  269. I found these the other day on Pinterest and I am in LOVE. My favorite is the brown. What a lovely tote!

  270. Black, because black…though all are lovely.
    Good luck everyone!
    Xo Baggu and Diana

  271. Karoline says

    The brown basic tote is so classic, it really cannot be matched – though it is hard to deny the others are nearly perfect as well.

  272. Oooooh! I would take plum for winter and persimmon for summer, but brown would make me happy all year round :)

  273. So difficult because I love them all! But I’d have to say today, Saffron!!

  274. Christina L says

    More options = harder to decide! Baggu is so damn good at that. I have to go with mahogany!!! So beautifully fitting for every occasion.

  275. The persimmon is very tempting but I have to go with brown! So classic and I bet it will age beautifully.

  276. I feel like i would have to pick the black basic tote, black is just so effortless.
    but oh my that saffron one is just so fun!

  277. I absolutely love the Persimmom! Beautiful…but the practical side of me would probably want the Brown one! All are lovely!

  278. I absolutely love the Persimmom! Beautiful…but the practical side of me would probably want the Brown one! All are lovely!

  279. i ADORE the Mahogany!
    What a beautiful, rich, oxblood color! Perfect for fall!

  280. michelle in Montana says

    Mmmmm! Purple, navy, yellow….all of them are SO gorgeous and lux! I have them full already in my mind!

  281. michelle in Montana says

    I mean, Plum and MIdnight! I sure wish there was Silver, wouldn’t that be the bomb!?

  282. The brown one would be great for carrying my materials for college & for weekend adventures!

  283. I really would enjoy wandering around in the BROWN tote! (pleassse)
    Saffron is also a great alternative.

  284. They are all lovely but the BROWN is a nice basic color that is timeless and classic.

  285. Welp! They’re all super dooper lovely but I think I have to go with black….as I realised yesterday I don’t own a single black bag (crazy, huh?).

  286. OMG can’t choose between the Mahogany and the Midnight Suede. Maybe you can choose for me if I win :) Either one would be most appreciated.

  287. BROWN BROWN BROWN I love these. I literally jumped out of my chair at work with glee!

  288. Midnight (suede) is my favorite. It is totally unique and classic at the same time.
    love how light hits and shines the bag!

  289. I’m in love with the black one :)
    Great blog, great giveaway.
    Miss Moss, you make my eyes smile !!!
    Congrats from Oporto

  290. Such a tough call between brown, persimmon and gold… but I know me, and that beautiful, carmel BROWN would make me happiest!

  291. My work colleagues tease me because I am often in neutral colours. Funnily enough, it is the saffron bag that is stealing my eye ;)

  292. Oh how gorgeous! The plum would be so perfect for fall. And now that you have me exploring their site, I’m so so in love with the small leather pouches with the expressions?? Oh my god, so adorable.

  293. Gorgeous George says

    Gold (gold)!
    Always believe in your soul
    You’ve got the power to know
    You’re indestructible
    Always believe in, that you are
    Gold (gold)!

  294. A stellar line up of hues to pick…however, it felt most right with ‘Midnight’.
    abundant thanks!!!

  295. So many that I adore. The gold and persimmon are fantastic but I might go with the brown ultimately b/c of the versatility.

  296. quemonique says

    ahhhhhh how to choose between my two favorites, persimmon and saffron? but if i must: persimmon. thanks for this chance!!

  297. Maria Paula says

    P E R S I M M O N
    that color is calling my name and it would look amazing with my skin color!

  298. I love the brown! Such a pretty color. I remember when Baggu first started… They’ve come so far now and I’m so happy to see that they are still making beautiful products like this tote… Cheers!

  299. Wow, great giveaway! My favourite is Saffron, but I’m going to say Brown to give to my lovely sister if I win — she would just adore it (and stop stealing mine). Thanks Miss Moss!

  300. Hmm that persimmon is pretty, but I think I’d have to go bold with the gold.

  301. Black! Never disappoints. Pastels for Spring/Summer, jewel tones for Fall/Winter but black for Always.

  302. A very hard choice – they look so gorgeous all together! Think I’d have to go with Saffron though…it’d add a burst of sunshine to any day.

  303. oooohhhhhh this is a very tough choice…….i can’t seem to decide between the Saffron or Persimmon…..but i guess the Saffron wins :)

  304. So hard to choose just one colour! Midnight suede is gorgeous but it’s Persimmon that’s making my heart beat triple-time :)

  305. It has to be Mahogany. Majestic, mainstay, must-have!
    Just imagining all mischief I could achieve with it. Mmmmmmm.

  306. This is cruel. I guess if I had to choose I would say persimmon – but judging by the number of comments I won’t have to – haha!

  307. I am sitting here for minutes now and cannot decide which one is the most beautiful . . .
    I would pick BROWN because it is not only stunning but practical too.

  308. The Persimmon tote is my favorite! It’s so gorgeous, and it would go so well with my all-pink summer look!

  309. The colours are just fabulous, hard to decide!
    But I would love to get is the BLACK one ;)

  310. natasha s.f.h says

    Good lord, the chances of winning are so small ! Look at this list of posts! Unsurprising, seeing how cool the bag is. Torn between the brown and the black. I think I will say BROWN.

  311. JESKA GRUE says

    Oh, I could just walk around a rare sunny day in Halifax w/ the saffron under shoulder matching a smile.

  312. The “what could I take to a work meeting” voice in my head is saying Mahogany, but the Saffron is too glorious to be denied. It wins hands down for me.

  313. Great giveaway these are some rad bags! the black is surely my favourite! fingers crossed!

  314. Hi Diana,

    I’m a relative new comer to your blog but have already found it so inspiring!
    love the plum tote…very regal!
    I’m off to explore some more of your archives.
    thanks Vanessa

  315. the mahogany has such a lovely, easy elegance to it, and leathers of that color age very well. beautiful!

  316. Brown or Saffron, Brown or Saffron?? If I must, it must be Brown. They bootiful.

  317. I really, really still metallic and leather, so I will have to go with the Gold one.

  318. I always feel drawn to everything that’s blue, so I absolutely love this one: Midnight (suede)!

  319. Mahogany all the way for this girl!!!! works with everything, including all seasons and outfits :)


  320. Danielle says

    ugh. this is too beautiful/practical/wonderful. i love the black the most.