Man’s Best Friend


i am still as broody for pets as i always have been. we are waiting for the right time (or rather, home) to finally get a dog – and my yearning for one has gotten to the point where i am already naming them. the big dog will be called Coach Taylor, that much i’m sure of. but for now i am resigned to enjoying other people’s pets and looking at pics of animals on the internet. i spent quite a bit of time looking through the vintage photos of owners and their sweet dogs over at Shorpy, so i thought i’d share some of the more interesting shots with you.



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  1. Clare says

    I love how no matter how different the fashions/ photo poses are, letting your dog climb all over you/ the furniture and smiling seems to be a universal thing!

    I’m laid up in bed sick, with a little spaniel sitting at my feet.

  2. says

    Love dogs, I have two and they’re amazing but definitely understand your want to wait. It took me 3 years of waiting before getting my first dog but I feel like the wait just made it so much better. Love the dog family photos, so cute.