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Jeneil Williams for Vogue Germany

i can’t remember the last time i looked at a fashion editorial and thought WOW. i suppose i’m just not in the habit of paging through Vogue (or buying it, for that matter) and soaking up the editorials like many people do. but this one for Vogue Germany is just exquisite.

Known for her use of color and ability to seamlessly integrate the environment, Julia Noni uses the natural landscape combined with vibrantly colored backdrops to create a striking contrast against ebony beauty Jeneil Williams. The story styled by Kathrin Schiffner features looks from Missoni, Blumarine, and Nina Ricci. – Chris Boals Artists

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  1. You know, this is true beauty (period). I wish I saw more editorials like this. Just what I would show my daughters, when I have some. :-) Thank you for this post.

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  3. These are absolutely INCREDIBLE. Julia Noni’s photography is so artful and so inspirational. Also, the model is stunning – her skin is gorgeous. She’s practically glowing! Love every bit of this editorial.

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