Kuwaii Giveaway!

remember i featured the gorgeous Melbourne home of Kuwaii designer Kristy around this time last year? well now i’m happy to present a giveaway from their new S/S 13-14 Magic Eye collection!

With a perfectly balanced harmony of form and function, the Kuwaii aesthetic is at once both strikingly simple and intricately precise. Clean lines, classic silhouettes, understated detailing and perfect proportions create a sense of effortless beauty. And yet, upon closer inspection a hidden world of subtle intricacies is revealed: a quality of workmanship, fabrics and finishings, refined tailoring and precise techniques. An intelligent study of design and production, which is as much philosophical as it is fashionable.

Kuwaii kindly let me pick 5 of my favourite items, one of which you can win. all you have to do is:

  1. leave a comment telling me which of the 5 pieces is your favourite
  2. share that item on either instagram or twitter or facebook (you’ll find handy images to share below)
  3. use the hashtag #missmosskuwaii
  4. be sure to follow Kuwaii on either instagram: @kuwaii or twitter: @kuwaiitweets or facebook

the pieces you stand to win are: 1. the Magic Eye Dress, 2. the Dimensions Dress, 3. the Stereogram Dress, 4. the Cicada Flat Sandal or 5. the Darby Gold Shoe.

Miss Moss Kuwaii Giveaway #missmosskuwaii

below you’ll find the images to share on either Instagram, Twitter or Facebook! just right click and save, or if you’re using an iPhone or iPad – hold your finger on the image for a few seconds and select “save image” (it will appear in your camera roll). and please remember to use the hashtag #missmosskuwaii. good luck!

Magic Eye Dress #missmosskuwaii
Dimensions Dress #missmosskuwaii
Stereogram Dress #missmosskuwaii
Cicada Flat Sandal #missmosskuwaii
Gold Darby Shoe #missmosskuwaii

the giveaway is open to all readers worldwide. if you are outside Australia your package might be subject to your country’s import duties / taxes. only one winner will be picked at random. giveaway closes Wednesday 25 September.

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  1. Tillie Stephens says

    The cicada flats are great! I’ve got a pair of kuwaii shoes from a few years ago and they’re still kicking on- very hardy!

  2. Natasha Andrews says

    I love the Cicada flat sandal…I would wear them all summer long ….I shared the image in instagram (Tarsh97)

  3. G O L D D A R B Y S H O E S. So beautifully made (all of my ugly cheap shoes have fallen apart so winning these would be so lovely.)

  4. The cicada sandals! Kuwaii make the most desirable shoes and the nude colour would go with everything! Love Kuwaii!!

  5. OMG The magic eye dress would be perfect for the 2 weddings I haveto go to in November! I’m definitely going to post this on my instagram (burgund-y) and try win this gorgeous dress!

  6. Had the most difficult time deciding between the magic eye dress and the cicada flat sandals but ultimately fell in LOVE with the magic eye dress! It seems like the perfect addition to a spring wardrobe!


    The cicada flats – why : cicadas bring good luck , the colour is my favourite and I DESPERATELY would love Kuwaii sandals for summer PLEASE!

  8. Thanks for all the great entry’s everyone! Make sure you tag ‘Like’ and ‘tag’ KUWAII in whichever social media outlet you choose to share the giveaway with. Good Luck to everyone! x

  9. Oh I do love everything kuwaii does but this season’s look is my absolute fave!! The mint and the lilac make me think of sherbets and fruit tingles and summer. My favourite is the dimensions dress.

  10. The stereogram dress is beautiful, such an amazing print, would love to wear it this spring and summer!

  11. I’d love to win the Gold Darby shoe!! I’m such a fan of these shoes, have been eyeing them off since last years colourway in blue!!

  12. I absolutely adore the Darby Shoe – so beautiful! They are classic and elegant but are sure to make a statement – they would be my go to shoe forever!

  13. millyottaway says

    Definitely the cicada flat sandals…the platforms were amazing too but these a simple and sweet!

  14. Lauren Scheepers says

    Kuwaii are next level amazing aren’t they :) My top pick has to be the Darby Gold Shoe…. Good luck everyone! x

  15. The Dimensions dress, hands down! I saw it elsewhere and it was lust at first sight… so I’ll be keeping my fingers (and toes) crossed.

  16. Absolutely torn between the stereogram and dimensions dress! So I regrammed both. Both are perfect for Spring occasions. But, of you force me to choose, I would pick the dimensions dress.

  17. The Stereogram dress would be perfect to wear to my internship this fall…thank you for having such great giveaways!

  18. Love love love the stereogram dress but not sure if the black n white print would work on me. But those sandals! And in lilac! I would wear these till they perish :)

  19. Emma Rosman says

    I’m always walking past and swooning over the Kuwaii store around the corner from my place and it makes me so so happy to see a giveaway! The Cicada Flat Sandals are definitely my favourite.

  20. Helen Benton says

    I absolutely adore them all but my favorite is the stereogum dress- going up on my facebook!

  21. I was lucky enough to go into the store and have Kristy fit us for bridesmaid dresses. I tried on this Magic Eye dress and fell in love. The pockets are playful and fun but still formal. I would love to have Kuwaii make some costumes for my catering business down the track. In the meantime, fingers and toes are crossed for this competition! And I’m now happy to add Miss Moss to my blog roll, woot!! xoxo

  22. The dimensions dress is too cute for words – I would be happy just staring at it, let alone wearing it!

  23. Hi Kuwaii!! So hard to pick out of all of these, but I choose number 3, this FANTASTIC Stereogram dress. I am obsessed with black and white dresses at the moment, and this design is so eye catching and individual, I love the top part and the tie around the back of the nexk. SO COOL!!!! :) Lilli x

  24. I’ve been coveting those gold Derby shoes for a while now – they are divine and must be on my feet ASAP!!

  25. Near impossible to pick, however I am longing lovingly for the loveliness of the lilac dimension dress. Design perfection!!

  26. Wow! Obsessed with both mint and lilac in the magic eye and cicada flats.. But can’t deny the versatility in the stereogram dress!! Amazing xoxo

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