Laure de Sagazan

when we first got engaged i blogged about French bridal designer Laure de Sagazan, and now we’re getting married in less than 5 days – so i thought i’d show you their beautiful new collection. these are dreamy & timeless lace creations, don’t ask me how much they cost, but if you are ever lucky enough to wear one you should probably hand it down to your daughters.

photos by Laurent Nivalle

laure01 laure02 laure03 laure04 laure05 laure06 laure07 laure08 laure09


  1. Arizonamegs Reply

    Oh this is such a darling collection.

    5 days…5 D A Y S!

    Y A Y! + B L E S S I N G S!

  2. Love these dresses just as much as the first time you talked about them. So magical + dreamy.

    and FIVE DAYS! YAY! So many good wishes being sent your way

  3. One of my closest friend is getting married in one of those beauty after I show her hte last collection ! What can I say ? Well, I’m jealous (a bit) but also sooo excited for her ! She told me Laure was so sweet ! And to be a bride again, just to wear one of those beauty ! ;)

  4. i remember when your first posted about her dresses and i love them- i’m so picky about wedding dresses and hers a so perfect – i wish i could have worn one!! the laces and light weight cottons are just right!
    congratulations!! :)

  5. Stunning dresses! Best wishes on a beautiful , magical wedding day!

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  7. These dresses are so gorgeous.
    I’m very far from getting married, but once I saw this I thought that when I do I would love it to be in one of these <3

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