Of A Kind giveaway!

Enter to win this leather messenger bag by Joy Gryson!

* the giveaway is now closed *

perhaps you can tell that i kind of have a thing for the awesome Of a Kind, this is our fourth giveaway together! i’m always excited to see what amazing new edition they are going to release next (currently eyeballing these earrings). and even more exciting, they have just launched Of a Kind Collections, where you can shop pieces from the full collections of designers they’ve worked with – including Ace & Jig, Dusen Dusen, Eayrslee, and K/LLER COLLECTION.

today you can enter to win this beautiful blue leather Duane Park Messenger bag made especially for Of A Kind by New York based label IIIBeCa by Joy Gryson.

This is one of those bags that is almost too good for words. Made from sturdy blue-gray leather in a classic, flap-front shape, it has the sort of details—white edges, lime lining—that’ll make you wanna carry it always. But if you DO want to switch things up, you can snap out its lining and move the entire contents to another carryall.

you might say that Joy is a bit of a bag expert, as she used to design accessories for Coach, Calvin Klein and Marc Jacobs before starting her own label. you can read all about what she keeps in her own bag here, and don’t miss her food guide to Tribeca – i wish i’d had this in my back pocket on our recent trip to NYC. to enter:

(1) sign up for the Of a Kind newsletter on the giveaway page
(2) leave a comment telling me one thing you always have in your bag, no matter what. (mine is this)

Enter to win this leather messenger bag by Joy Gryson!
Enter to win this leather messenger bag by Joy Gryson!
Enter to win this leather messenger bag by Joy Gryson!
Enter to win this leather messenger bag by Joy Gryson!
Enter to win this leather messenger bag by Joy Gryson!
Enter to win this leather messenger bag by Joy Gryson!
Enter to win this leather messenger bag by Joy Gryson!

if you’ve already subscribed to their newsletter you’re still guaranteed an entry – just be sure to leave a comment! the giveaway is open to anyone anywhere in the world as Of a Kind offers international shipping. readers outside the US must please note that you may be subject to your country’s customs charges / import duties upon arrival.  the giveaway ends on Monday 18 November, and the winner will be randomly selected in a lucky draw.

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  1. forever carrying my sunglasses, hair elastics, and student car – university problems, sigh.

  2. Gorgeous bag, beautiful website.

    I always have a couple of pens, a note pad and a book, although this week my book is a National Geographic from 1978, I’m reading a piece on mountains and the Inca.

    I regularly obsess over the Of a Kind things you pin. Holding thumbs for some luckiness over my birthday month. xxx

  3. ‘Fisherman’s Friend’ mints. Just because they remind me of each summer I spent by the seaside as a kid, watching fishermen return from the waters with their boats each morning.

  4. Karen Milford says

    These days I always have a spare itty bitty baby vest in my bag. But also, always some good hand cream, my iPod and a pair of sunnies.

  5. Sonika lotter says

    I always have mints, sunglasses and an elastic hair band. Weather in Aus cans be a bit unpredictable :)

  6. Thank you thank you THANK YOU so very much for this giveaway, Diana!
    That bag is such a dream…fingers crossed that I’ll be the lucky winner :)
    I’m super terrible about carrying around purses; years of being a tomboy taught me to stuff as much junk as possible into my pockets and hope that I could make it through the day. Now that I’ve matured a little and (hopefully) become more of a lady, I also make sure I have my cute little wristlet with me. My brother got it as a birthday gift for me years and years ago and I haven’t replaced it yet. Stocked with an endless sea of quarters, my school ID card, my library card, and other little odds and ends, that wristlet goes wherever I go!
    Though, truthfully, there are also times that I forget my wristlet in the most random of places. I suppose the one thing I always have with me in my bag/wallet is lint. That and food receipts haha! :)

  7. Karen Walker sunglasses (with one arm superglued on, after being dropped onto a Moscow Red Square cobbled stone!) they go everywhere with me, perfect for the blinding Australian sun!

  8. What a perfect bag! I always, always, always have a comb with me….my fringe runs wild without it!

  9. There’s always retro Ray Ban Clubmasters solar glasses, which I bought on the Internet and which comes from the 50’s ! I like them so much.
    I subscribed for the newsletter !
    Thanks for the giveaway, this bag is lovely !

  10. Sunscreen. Sunscreen sticks, sprays and lip balms. I’m pale, it’s a constant struggle.

  11. Jill Harris says

    I absolutely love this bag!! I never leave without my Mango Lip butter, my little note book and a fine liner (I love drawing, you never know when the inpiration may hit!) hehe:)

  12. The two things I can’t live without – words and music.

    – A notebook & pen
    – A book for emergency queues (at the moment Apocalypse Now Now is calling from my bag’s dark depths, begging to be read)
    – An iPod shuffle with my latest finds (currently Moonbabies)

    Coincidentally this bag’s the perfect shape for books …

  13. Lip balm and painkillers are on my list!What can you do with such frequent headaches?I say continue with your life!Come to mama bag, I will take good care of you!

  14. I always have a book inside. Now changed books to tablet and have a library inside :)

  15. Broken hair elastics, at least 3 pairs of sunglasses and crumpled-up tissues. Sex on legs, I know.

  16. Unfortunately, I always carry naproxen in my bag in case the odd migraine strikes. On a more upbeat note, I do try to keep my small mirrorless camera with me, too, because it takes better pictures than my phone can!

  17. I always, aprt from the obvious, have a box of pins and a measuring tape with me. I amke a lot of dresses for people and there is nothing as irritating as not having the right tools around when you go fit them in the privacy of thir own home.

    Thanks for the giveaway :)

  18. Phoebe Ellis-Rees says

    Always carry headphones. Biggest irk when you forget them or someone’s being noisy in an inclosed space.

  19. <3 that bag…<3 In my bag always have kiehls lip balm and a the book wich I'm reading at that time!

  20. What a lovely bag!
    I always have a book in my bag, and also a film camera for capturing unique moments.

  21. I always have a Hello Kitty landyard/ pouch that carries my bus pass, some hair ties, and booby pins. One time I forgot it and it was the worst day!

  22. Em Roberts says

    What a sleek and beautifully designed giveaway!

    I must say that I never seem to leave home without my retro-inspired clubmaster sunglasses – a treasure I stumbled across whilst raiding my mother’s closet. Her wardrobe contains a mish-mash of clothing, from the department store garb that seems to attract menopausal-aged women to the remnants of a Malaysian backpacker, circa 1984. So believe me, this was a real find!

  23. My bag is allways full of stuff: my glasses case, my Labello lip balm, phone, earphones, wallet and my agenda…

  24. I’m a longtime subscriber to ‘of a kind’. They have some truly beautiful pieces.
    I always have my pawpaw ointment for my lips and a pen for work :)

  25. Gorgeous bag – hope it finds its way to me!

    I always have a pen and a notebook – I can’t think without pen and paper in front of me.

  26. glasses, notebook, agenda, pens, wallet, mobile, identity card, driver’s licence, comb, mirror, lipstick … – my handbag is a portable bermuda triangle.

  27. My swiss army knife! You never know when you’ll need a bottle opener, toothpick, nail file…

  28. Already subscribed to the newsletter, I always carry both a pack of cigarettes and an albuterol inhaler- I feel they cancel each other out.

  29. What a beautiful bag! I ALWAYS have my Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream in my handbag. It’s a savior for chapped lips, sore cuticles and any kind of bodily dry patch.

  30. I ALWAYS have a book, a small notebook and a pencil case. I have a horror of being bored.

  31. Anna Kaldina says

    I always carry Gatsby Oil Clear sheet, lip cream or lipgloss, iPhone earphones and charger, wallet, passport, tissues, painkillers and some mints. Always)

  32. Love the bag… would match all my wonderful Aesop goodies I carry around with me. Aesop Resurrection Aromatique hand balm& rinse free hand balm + Rosehip Seed lip balm… #makeslifejustthatmuchbetter

  33. A clicky pen, always. I still use the same brand from the booklist in primary school from so many years ago!

  34. This bag is beyond fab! Love it, thank you for the opportunity! In my bag always, always iPhone, sunglasses, notebook.

  35. I never leave home with my reusable shopping bag. NEVER know when I’m going to need it, and plastic bags are bad <3

  36. I always have to carry my diary with all my millions of little to-do lists, appointments, reminders, brainwaves and birthdays …I am completely lost without it!

  37. Beautiful bag – wow!
    I never leave the house without sunglasses, lipstick and a pen in my bag.

  38. I always have The Body Shop’s Lip & Cheek Stain and their powder…to NOT shine bright like a diamond :)

  39. I never leave behind my Korres Mandarin Lip Butter in Rose. Nourishing with a pop of colour!

  40. That stylish, this bag looks good! I love it! I always carry with me for a Moleskine, pencil and house keys. Thanks, from Barcelona, for this wonderful draw.

  41. Perfect bag! It is new like what do I NOT have in my bag (I constantly joke that I could survive on a desert island for weeks with the contents of my handbag) – essentials tissues, lip ice and a hairbrush

  42. I always have my car keys (very important), a handful of bobby pins, and a bunch of ‘to do’ lists written on random bits of paper…that don’t get noticed, and then end up having a party in my bag with the rest of it’s contents until I decide to clean it out. I sound like a horrible bag owner – but I’m not I swear!

  43. This bag is absolutely gorgeous.

    I always have sunglasses, a flash drive, a scarf (to combat Cape Town weather and how quickly it changes) and my beautiful Charles & Keith wallet, that I’m in love with, and will match this beautiful bag perfectly :)

    Have signed up for the newsletter. Fingers crossed!

  44. I started a journal recently, so my essential has now become that and a pen. It even came to yoga with me! Otherwise the basics like phone and keys are always with me.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  45. One of my x pairs of sunglasses, maybelline baby lips lip balm, a notebook, a pen and my e-book reader. There’s very little variation in the content of my bag !

  46. i never leave home without my notebook and pen, tarot cards, sunglasses and the key to my bike lock.

  47. I do a lot of walking to/from work, so I always, always carry a small umbrella in my bag (even in the midst of a Minnesota winter). That, and a ridiculous number of lip balms, because I have a problem.

  48. Gotta start by saying what a STUNNING and classic bag with that amazing lime green inner, just LOVE! The one thing I ALWAYS have with me is my Bobbi Brown lip balm.

  49. The one thing I never leave home without is a push-out brush and mirror (you know, the compact device whereby you unfold it and push out the bristles and voila! you have a brush with mirror attached!). I need it to brush my bangs!!

  50. since I have a little girl I have toddler essentials: diapers, changing pad, wipes. I used to always carry a book but it becomes hard to carry. I usually have my DSLR in my bag too.

  51. Hi, thanks for the contest! The thing i always carry in my bag is a small scarf my friend casually gave to me once. It’s super tacky and i wouldn’t ever wear it around my neck but it has always brought me luck, so i make sure it’s always here, nicely folded; i actually take better care of it than my other stuff…

  52. Joana Tato says

    I always carry in my bag a Moleskine note book and a pencil, because good ideias come up in the most trivial places!

  53. My current bag is my ‘Mary Poppins’ bag – you never know what you’ll find! But somewhere in there will always be hand cream.

  54. I always have R5 in my purse to tip the parking lot assistants. Those that help us to find parking, parallel park and offload the grocery. What a huge help they are, and to know that most of them left their home countries to try and make a better life for themselves here in South Africa. It’s not a lot, but little does go a long way! Zam-buk too.

  55. I always keep in my purse this little figurine of Ganesha that my sister gave me a few years ago as a “safe travels” charm. Has worked so far :)

  56. what a fantastic bag!

    i always have the day’s crossword puzzle in my bag, just in case things get slow

  57. Absolutely adore this bag! Too beautiful. I always have lip balm, Rennies, pens and a notepad in my bag – and of course – my iPhone.
    Holding all extremities that I win this!

  58. I never leave home without my lip balm, wallet, phone and keys. Everything else depends on certain occasions or destinations.

  59. I always carry burt’s bees lip balm. It is simple + minty fresh. Gets the job done!

  60. I’m never without my Vaseline Rosy lips, Oyster Card and keys! Beautiful bag . LOVE the snap out lining, especially as I seem to accumulate an awful lot more in my bag for different occasions. Such a good idea :)

  61. I always have wet wipes, because I am very likely to find some kind of pastry (this includes doughnuts) while out and about that I must eat immediately and can’t bear either sticky or licking fingers afterward.

  62. I always carry my digital camera in my bag. I often find inspiration in fashion, architecture and things in my daily life. Having my camera on me at all times means documenting and using it in my work later.

  63. I always have my Olay Face lotion. It’s super lightweight and has SPF in it. You never know when you’re going to need it and it doesn’t have a smell, so it’s convenient when in crowds ;)

    Olay Face Lotion –>

  64. Aaaah my obsession with leather right now is INSANE. Aside from my important things like money and keys, I always have to have either Burt’s bees or carmex Chapstick. Nothing kills me more than chapped lips(ok exaggeration but ya know).

  65. Lip gloss. I’m not brand faithful, but I always have at least two, one with color and one without!

  66. The bag is more than beautiful! I tend to carry too many things with me, but one I always have is chewing gum/mints. Could be essential sometimes :)

  67. I have this IIIBeCa by Joy Gryson bag and her dopp kit. Joy’s line is perfect for the girl on the go. While traveling my shampoo bottle exploded. It was so easy to remove the nylon bag and rinse. It’s a product that I know will last forever.

    I always carry my phone, keys, and sarsaparilla candy.

  68. This purse looks gorgeous and so functional! I always make sure to have lip balm, lipstick, my phone, journal and pen in my bag! :)

  69. Adorable! Love the color! I always carry Fresh “Sugar” lip balm and my metro card.

  70. wow! that’s a classy one! love it.
    I always carry too many – keys, money, cell phone, sunglasses and case with every thing you need just in case

  71. Wow! What a beautiful bag! I always carry lipgloss, (most of the time more than 1) my wallet , phone and and a smallsketchbook and pencils with me

  72. I never leave home without my Nars pure matte lipstick in Vesuvio tucked away in my purse!

  73. Aside from my wallet, I always* carry a moleskine planner and welda everon lip balm. I usually carry a book as well.
    *”always” is more wishful thinking than concrete fact, as I am a student and switch from backpack to bag every day and something invariably gets lost in the mix… I think the removable drawstring in this gorgeous bag would help with that!

  74. This bag makes my heart stop. It’s the most perfect color & OMG IS THAT A REMOVABLE POUCH? STOP. Anyways, I always have a baby Moleskin in my purse (with a pen, for those times when someone asks you for your phone number, or not…), a hair tie, my keys and key chain with mace (city life), and my dear iphone.

  75. I always have my Leatherman…you never know when you might have to open a bottle of wine or set up camp.

  76. I always carry a beautifully made Japanese wrap-around pencil case full of pens and pencils with a hand made leather sketch book from Madagascar.

  77. I LOVE this bag! Besides the obvious wallet, phone and keys, I always carry 3 different shades of red lipstick – even though I rarely put it on.

  78. must haves: bobbi brown lip balm spf 15 // michael kors navy blue wallet with gold hardware // aviators // good luck charm my great grandma gave me 5 years ago

    << all the essentials.

  79. I have been receiving Of a Kind’s newsletter for around a year and its the best ever! It gives me weekly inspiration to become an independent maker myself. I always have my lemon EOS chapstick and my Coach Carey sunglasses in my bag, no matter what.

  80. this bag is PERFECTION. i always carry fresh lip balm, felt-tipped pens, and some loose change.

  81. I always have poppy king red lipstick, rms living luminzer, and duWop champaign lip gloss. No matter how many times I change purses those always make the switch!

  82. Always with me – my black pilot pen (sketching and capturing wonders) and tiger balm (my remedy)

  83. I always have a notebook and pen in my bag because you never know when your next great idea is going to come. And I’m pretty forgetful.

  84. Miriam King says

    I always have Burt’s Bees tinted lip balm with me. My lovely vintage leather handbag recently broke & I have been looking for a replacement – this bag would be perfect! Thanks for the giveaway!

  85. Stunning bag! A keep a book in my bag at all times. You never know when you will stumble upon a perfect reading spot.

  86. I’m an aspiring naturalist/florist/perfume designer so I tend to always have a small flower press to remember and catalog unusual leaves and flowers. One of my favourite discoveries is of a tree called Katsura, the leaves of which smell like the sweetest caramel in the autumn… amazing!

  87. I always carry around some pressed transparent powder, for retouching. Truthfully, I hardly ever use it, but not having it in my bag stresses me out.

  88. I always carry my ticket stub from my first date with my boyfriend for good luck. I’ve had it for a long time now. Cheesy, but true.

  89. I am so drawn by the colour and the details, that I can simply say that this is one the most beautiful bags I have ever seen. Well done design !

  90. I always have a mini pack of tissues. They come in handy in more ways than you would think.

  91. The silliest thing that I always seem to have in my purse are a pair of Korean socks with a funny cartoon character on them. For the cause of impromptu bowling or if I go to someone’s house and my toes look ugly that day…

  92. if I leave the house without a chapstick of sorts, I honestly feel like my whole day is thrown off. It’s so silly, but there it is. so my safety blanket. now a treat to find inside my bag is a book – I usually forget, but oh when I’ve got one I feel like I can go anywhere and do anything.

  93. holy cow, love this bag!!! I always carry business cards to connect with others- i love meeting new people and making friends so it’s not just for business but for my life’s purpose. :)

  94. The bag is the perfect accessory for any out fit ! I absolutely LOVE it : ) I always carry around my phone (…would be lost with out it) and mint gum !

  95. I ALWAYS carry several fancy chap-sticks.. from Chanel to some organic blend I picked up in Sedona. They would be thrilled to rest in this gorgeous bag.

  96. Ann-Marie P. says

    Love the bag — the perfect size for trekking around the city!
    I always have a lip balm/gloss. Lately it’s been Buxom’s Lip Polish in Dolly.

  97. I always carry a camera–you never know when the perfect moment is just waiting to be captured. :)

  98. Lovely! I never leave home without my signature lipstick in my bag – MAC’s Russian Red gives the perrrrrrfect matte red lip.
    And I love Of A Kind! Been subscribed for ages! :)

  99. Jordan Johnson says

    The one thing I never end up leaving home without is a rolled up issue of National Geographic tucked in my bag.

  100. Tissues – most useful thing you can have around, use them for anything. My fav is a Clicks make with penguins on the packaging. The bag is a lovely colour and can def hold many tissues.

  101. I’m a TOTAL Mamma’s girl, so I have a little photostrip of the two of us from a photobooth, with me always! It reminds me that she’s always with me in heart and spirit and she gives me the confidence to do anything and everything in this world! She would fit quite nicely in the front pocket, might I add! ;p

  102. I always carry around old ticket stubs as reminders of fun times and places I’ve been.

  103. I keep Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm (in Rose) and sunglasses in my bag at all times!

  104. A ticket stub I won for a free ride on a carousel. There’s a horseshoe stamped on the back for luck.

  105. I must Always have lipice and a bottle of water in my bag. I just have a bad day when i don’t have both with me.

  106. love the purse! Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey is always in my bag because it means instant pretty and instant pick-me-up!

  107. Three musts; oyster card or I would get nowhere in london. ruby woo by mac – never forgo a great red lip and lastly elizabeth arden’s 8 hour cream my staple – all of equal important

  108. Love the blue grey:-) I always have a tube of Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream in my bag, love the stuff

  109. Jacqueline says

    I always carry the week’s issue of The New Yorker. Never know when there will be some down time for reading!

  110. I always have a little black pen and my red sketchbook with me, so i can always draw or write something nice down.

  111. I also always, always have lip balm in my bag. Right now it is from Kiehl’s.

    That’s one beauty of a bag and so I have my fingers crossed tight!

  112. this bag is gorgeous!! one thing i always carry in my purse is my day planner & a trusty pen.

  113. Wow! Such a lovely bag!! A new kind of classic! In my handbag I always have my ruby red lipstick, my vanity mirror, wallet, my fabric wrapped Indian notebook just in case, pen and a novel.

  114. I always, always have my trusty little point and shoot camera in my bag, no matter what. It’s actually how I choose my bags, gotta fit the camera, plus necessities, including a notebook for doodles during coffee.

  115. Neon, glittery hair clips from Claire’s. Were an emergency purchase for sweaty bangs in Texas heat. They now live in my change purse just in case :)

  116. I always carry my favorite pens (Micron set) and mini sketch pad in case I see something inspiring I need to draw up!

  117. Always in my purse? Drawing utensil case (full of mechanical pencils and ink pens), Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm (Rose), and a red Rollbahn Notebook!

  118. Kristina M says

    i always have rose lip salve in my bag. it’s such a lifesaver, especially in the winter months!

  119. Lately I’ve been carrying around my knitting projects, so I can be crafty where ever I go instead of being glued to a phone screen.

  120. Chapstick
    And my pet rabbit’s fur…It gets all over everything I own.

  121. Highly impractical, but I can’t bring myself to get rid of it… some seasand that found its way in there the last time I was Home.
    I now live in Switzerland, one of the world’s few countries without a coast so I long for the beach. That’s why I love having a tiny bit of South African soil with me wherever I go, even though it gets in everywhere haha!

  122. what a beautiful satchel! i always have an our lady of sorrows devotion card in any bag i carry.

  123. Awesome bag – I love the removeable lining; what a great idea! I always carry my ereader around with me as reading a good book is the best way to kill time while waiting for things :-)

  124. I always have my fresh sugar lip balm in rose – such great lip balm with a subtle tint! Crossing all toes, fingers, and other body parts…

  125. ashamed to admit it. but it is a fact. The thing that is always in my bag it’s a MESS))) seriously I CAN’T explained WHY. maybe I just have too many things that I needed. and you know that. as it turns out – leave ONE at home and you certainly WILL need it TODAY. so my honest answer – MESS)))

  126. I always count on having some sand or crumbs in my bag… along with one million kids of lipgloss/chapstick.

  127. I always carry a pair of mini binoculars. You never know when you may spot an interesting bird.

  128. Maria Heidi says

    I always carry my inhaler for obvious reasons and tin of rosebud salve, it’s a miracle worker, chapped lips, dry skin, cuts ans scrapes, I love it.

  129. I’m just pawing at the screen right now, such a glorious bag! I always have my Moleskine notebook and a beautiful mechanical pencil.

  130. Jessica Sue says

    I always have multiple chapsticks/lip balms in my purse. Right now, I have regular chapstick, minted rose lip balm and Clinique lipstick.

  131. Always, Always, Always have my shades in my bag! And loose change that always seems to sneak out of my wallet!

  132. I always carry a pair of sunglasses by (Israeli designer and optometrist) Hamashkifa and shea butter hand cream.

  133. As I have a newborn, my essentials are currently baby-based but a friend did give me an Aesop geranium body balm recently and this is always in bag for moisturising my hands after washing them millions of times a day. A little bit of luxury for a tired mama.

  134. Bubbles and paper to make origami cranes
    (for my inner Yiayia that is much too young to have grandkids)

  135. Such a gorgeous bag! I know it’s boring, but you will always find my Mimco wallet in my bag, because lets me honest i love to shop!

  136. My camera! Always and always. I couldn’t leave home without it – and I have a sneaky suspicion that this bag would be perfect for it xx

  137. This bag is amazing.. i’ve always got my keys, a ten euro bill (so i know i’ll always go back), and Chapstick – for these rough autumn breezes

  138. I always have a tube of Lucas Paw Paw ointment:

    In fact, I have multiples so I can have one in my work bag and my weekend bag (as well as beside my bed) so that I never run the risk of being without it. It’s an Australian classic!

  139. I always have my camera! I’ve got a micro 4/3 camera with a pancake lens, so I can always have my DSLR with me and it’s not enormous like most cameras :)

  140. I always seem to find spare dog (poo) bags in my handbag – even when my dog isn’t around!

  141. I always carry my perfume (Stella by Stella McCartney) with me – I’ve worn it for a decade and feel naked without it!

  142. I may have failed in the lady stakes as I usually don’t carry a bag; I’ve got a terrible habit of putting everything in my pockets, walking around with handfuls of things or worse still palming my phone, keys, wallet off to an unsuspecting friend (bag lady friend). When I do occasion to carry a bag, I am so excited about all the additional things I can carry (wait, we can be PREPARED for things!?). So I guess what always makes it in is the trusty old Aesop hand cream (Resurrection Balm; mandarin rind, rosemary leaf and cedarwood atlas) so my hands smell pretty while I hold my bag like a real girl! For this bag, maybe I would develop a habit :-)

  143. My Swiss knife, lip balm and notebook and pen to note ideas, title of a book or for a quick scribble.

  144. Love the bag! Perfect for my tablet.
    Weirdly enough, the one thing I always have in my bag other than my cell phone is a submersible e-Case that fits it perfectly, because it rains where I live so often and I’ve had water damage on cell phones before. The best thing about the case is that you can still use the touchscreen!

  145. Lately, I’ve been taking my MAC Matte Lipstick-“Rebel”- everywhere. It gives that bold, understated appeal that matches everything!

  146. New Yorker–for a good perspective inside the subway, Sunglasses–for a good perspective outside.

  147. I always carry around my keys: I locked myself out of my apartment so many times I now check if I have them all the time before leaving!

  148. I always have a pair of foldable flats in my bag.. so i can look professional at work but comfy whenever I need to chase my daughter around the park or run to grab a coffee at lunch!

  149. Beautiful bag, and I love the green insert bc…I always have exploded lip gloss, a few orbit gum wrappers, and lots of change floating around my purse and this little detail would make it much easier to clean!

  150. The one thing I must have in my bag (aside from my wallet) is one of those microfiber cloths to clean my spectacles. And wet wipes.

  151. One thing I always have in my bag is a tube of Lucas Paw Paw ointment. Great for when my lips get a little dry and need moisturising from the hot Australian Summer sun.One thing I always have in my bag is a tube of Lucas Paw Paw ointment. Great for when my lips get a little dry and need moisturising from the hot Australian Summer sun.

  152. Two different lipstick colours. That way I can add that pop of colour when the need arises, according to how I feel at the time!

    And some tissues. Those are always necessary.

  153. maybe it’s not so glamorous like lipstick or perfume, but what I carry with me in my bag at all times is a bottle of Dr. Bach’s flower rescue remedy {} — because it makes me calm on the inside and hopefully this also reflects on the outside. It helps me to feel grounded when I’m out and about in this hectic world !

  154. each of my bag has it´s own little inhabitant. a “taschenbewohner” :)
    they are small little blue persons or animals (such as Jasmin from Aladdin for example or a little whale with a belly made from velvet) mostly from surprise eggs for kids.
    they give me a nostalgic smile each time i find them, cause sometimes they hide and i don´t seee them for days, until they surprisingly appear out of a corner or secret place of my bag….would love to know what kind of things or adventures they experience with all my other stuff in the bag, while i´m not watching :)

  155. What a beautiful bag! I always have a tri-tone colored pencil in my bag for a case I need to make some sketches of things that are on my mind.

  156. I would gladly take that bag off your hands. I clicked on what you always have in your bag and now I have to go and buy it as well.

    I always have my Sephora Super Nourishing Lip Balm in mine. They don’t sell it in SA so I have to stock up when I travel or ask EVERYONE who travels to bring some back for me so I can remain happy and with nourished lips.

    And if I ever go out and realise it is not in my bag, I go into a bit of a panic. I’ve even gone back home before to get it.


  157. Alvira Ferreira says

    I always carry my pocket knife in my handbag. It has come in handy for cutting of tags of newly bought clothes I wanted to where immediately to cutting cucumber.

  158. Smith’s Minted Rose Lip Balm, in the pot not the tub, and lately a single royal blue die (dice).

    Huzzah! Thanks for always posting really great things!

  159. one thing that I absolutely HAVE TO have in my bag is Select Cover-Up by MAC, in case my eyes start to look tired after hours & hours of writing…

  160. A sketchbook, super-skinny pen, lip balm, and whatever palm-sized rock I am currently drawing from in my studio , tucked into an old tea box with a reproduction of a Chinese landscape printed on it.

  161. Carolyn Williams says

    Burt’s Bees classic chapstick, and now that’s getting to be colder I always a small pack of tissues.

  162. Jouv Darling says

    A writing utensil. To be used on a napkin or scrap of paper or even a delicate moleskin notepad…as long as I can write by pen, pencil, or crook.

  163. oh this bag is dreamy! the color is perfection! i always have lolly-pops in my bag now… to soothe my toddler if she falls at the park, or has a melt-down at trader joes…

  164. I always have chap-stick ALWAYS I freak out if for some reason I don’t and have to go buy some. Its the worst to go a whole day without it. I always have my wallet too.

  165. Maria Figueira says

    While living in London I always had a scarf, sun glasses and an umbrella – unpredictable British weather.

    Now in Philly what remains is the Muji umbrella with its own case – never get caught in a torrential downpour without one!

  166. Ahh I was lusting after this! I’m never without a tub of Nuxe Reve de Miel. Heavy though it might be to tote around, it does the job and does it well.

  167. Oh, I love this bag. My essentials: sunglasses (for my light-sensitive eyes) and pen/paper (for impromptu note-taking).

  168. Besides the essential 3: keys+wallet+phone I always have a pen and a Crazy Rumors lip balm.

  169. What a beautiful bag! I always carry lush’s solid perfume “lust” and a wooden hairpin from China

  170. My answer is a little bit strange – I always end up with parts of toys in my bags, usually plastic eyes from stuffed animals, or dice, or little plastic dinosaurs. It used to be because I was a nanny to this little Italian boy, and whenever he would lose something, I’d stick it in my bag to deal with later.

    Now, it’s because I like to make things, and I’d really like to learn to make children’s toys. I especially like Victorian children’s toys, like the very solemn stuffed animals and little doll carriages!

    – Jill


  171. What an outstandig bag!
    I always have my phone, a few pencils & an acai berry lipbalm with me. Depending on the weather some sunglasses, gloves or an umbrella.

  172. Oooh, I’ve been eying iiibeca bags for a while now, in my search for the perfect messenger bag. They nail it.
    One thing I never leave the house without?
    My favorite shade of scarlet lipstick

  173. What a great giveaway! I’m already signed up to Of A Kind’s email list (and just made my first purchase earlier this month!) — I love what they do, and this bag is gorgeous. There are plenty of things that are always in my bag, but one of the most important is my lovely lucite Kaweco pen. It was a “just because” gift from my boyfriend and it always comes in handy!

  174. I signed up! Always carry a mirror. You never know if you have something stuck in your teeth and this helps.

  175. THIS BAG! Oh my, what a classy number! In my bag always, always: Imaginary Author’s CAPE HEARTACH fragrance!

  176. I always carry my moleskine diary and a pen! You never know what you might need to write down in a hurry. ..

  177. Always carry my sunglasses and bunches of keys! As well as a little touch up make-up for midday :)

  178. I always have my Nars Matte Lip Crayon in Cruella and whatever book I’m reading. Currently it’s Memoirs of a Dutiful Daughter.

  179. I make sure i carry a balpoint with me in my bag, at all times.
    So i can write down all stupid, important, crazy ideas. But mostly so i can draw on everything i can find.

  180. The always are my silly iphone, earplugs, a dog-eared copy of some magazine, usually the New Yorker, lipgloss, keys, sunglasses, and wallet.

  181. I always have some Rosebud lip salve and some Tocca hand lotion – I have always coveted one of these bags! And, was already a member of the great Of a Kind newsletter :)

  182. I’ve always got a pen. I lose my MIND when I don’t have a pen handy. Thanks for the shot at an awesome bag!

  183. I can’t honestly say this about any one thing…I always seem to leave SOMETHING behind. But my #1 is my wallet. And I don’t quite feel right without something for my lips, whether it’s a balm or color.

  184. I always have a little slot in my wallet where I keep little trinkets I have gathered. Currently I have a lucky penny, a yoga class token, a free burrito coupon from Chipotle and a fortune from a fortune cookie. I love that little pocket because it gives me such good vibes through out the day knowing I have such random things in my wallet.

  185. A beautiful bag in a beautiful site!
    Here’s what I always carry in my bag;

    Oster card
    Post it notes all over and folded pieces of paper (To do lists, Wishlists etc)
    Cream blush

    That’s why I NEED this beautiful bag to carry all these things!!! :)

  186. I always have a pocketknife, sewing kit, waterproof drawing pens, and earplugs–which i make sure to never forget because I’m married to a sound engineer and quite often end up at loud shows…

  187. My trusty Classic Cherry Chap Stick! And that is one mighty-fine blue bag you are giving away. Merci!

  188. I’m always sure to pack my pair of favorite sunglasses. You never know when your day can get brighter!

  189. Lipbalm is an essential then after that as little as possible, like to keep plenty of space as I never know what I might find to put in it whilst out and about on my travels

  190. My Japanese drawstring pouch. It keeps all the little things in one place! (A gift from my uncle from over 10 birthday’s ago)

  191. I always have to have my ventolin inhaler for Asthma – nerds! And, a muesli bar or similar because I’m terrified of being starving.

  192. I keep EVERYTHING in my purse…most consitstently though are my sunglasses, several pens, about 5 shades of lipstick for when I need to amp up my outfit, a bottle of water and my candy craving of the moment

  193. I always have a picture of my cat tiger! He is the most gorgeous thing in this world, or my world!

  194. I always have lip balm (either Burt’s Bees or Say Yes to Carrots) in my bag. Can’t leave the house without somethin’ for my lips. Signed up for Of a Kind newsletter. This bag is absolutely gorgeous!

  195. I always carry earbuds! If I’m being honest, pretty close to always I have tampons :))
    (Speaking of earbuds, THANKS for your music mixes! I just discovered the wilderness of manitoba through you and bought their album and I’m so happy!!)

  196. I aways have a tiny notebook and a pen with me in my purse, you never know when inspiration will strike!

  197. Well now that it’s getting colder, I always have a chubby stick of cocoa butter in my purse. It’s a dry elbow, dry anything cure all.

  198. No. 1 item in my bag will always be my licence. I will never be without my ID, everyone says that I look 17 and it seems like a compliment but I get carded EVERYWHERE.

  199. I always have a book to read for when I’m on the subway! Currently it’s “The Ladies’ Paradise” by Emile Zola.

  200. Red lipstick!! Can double up as a blusher in case of emergency and will always make you feel amazing at the end of a work day if you’re going out!

  201. wallet, notebook, pen, pencil, sunglasses, lip balm, lipstick, tissues, an old coin, a photo of my boyfriend.

  202. LOVE the pop of neon inside the bag!! <3 <3 i never leave home without my cellphone charger in my handbag…

  203. Mine is always my gold baggu coin purse and Blistex lip balm… essentials! Oh and mini Moleskin notebook + favourite pencil.

  204. Vanya Du Toit says

    I always have my credit card with me, expecting to be stranded somewhere and in dire need to get a cab home NOW.

  205. I never leave the house without an umbrella in my bag. What can I say? My hair is not water proof, so I must protect it at all costs!

    Love this bag, my umbrella misses it already


  206. I don’t go anywhere without a notebook and provitas! …. and a pen, and hand sanitizer and sunglasses

    Love the bag!

    Pick me! Pick me!

  207. I don’t go anywhere without Lucas’ pawpaw ointment. My aunt sent it from Australia and it works wonders!

  208. Love the handbag! I always have a handcream from l’OCCITANE flavour roses, just a perfection
    Love your blog

  209. I LOVE Of a Kind! Sometimes I go on their website just to wistfully look at their stuff, ha. That bag is gorgeous. My essentials are my wallet, phone and some lipbalm. :)

  210. a mess. I am the girl that is always stressed out at stations or airports as I can’t find my wallet, ticket or passport … but that’s just who I am. I also have a selection of lipsticks (current count 5)- mostly red but some pink.

  211. Always need my phone, so one thing in my bag without a doubt is my phone. subscribed using same email add.

  212. Burt’s Bees lip balm is always in my bag. I’ve been looking for the perfect messenger bag and this is my favorite shade of blue.

    Totally random p.s. Thanks for the intro to First Aid Kit a while back. We just saw them open for Rodriguez at Radio City Music Hall. It was such a good show:)

  213. For some reason there has been a tube of Deep Heat lingering in my bag latley… not sure how it got there!

    Adore the bag!

  214. Astrid Julies says

    My diary and wooden pen…I just love writing down interesting facts about newly discovered places and things

  215. I signed up for the Of A Kind newsletter quite some time ago. I have yet to purchase anything from them but I really do love looking at their unique and ever changing stock. This bag would be awesome to win!

    Gotta say what I always and forever have in my bag is my iPhone.

  216. I’ve always got a tube of Lucas’ Pawpaw Ointment floating around in my bag! It fixes everything.

  217. UMF! What. A. Bag. I think I need it!
    I never, ever leave the house without a small notebook and a smooth, fancy pen.
    What if someone says something too interesting to forget?

  218. Montserrat says

    I always carry Carmex Cherry Balm and a 80 piece bag of Dentyne Fire Gum! ooooohhh and sunglasses…this 3 things are my basics.

  219. I always have a little vial of sample perfume, so if I feel stressed or sad, a spritz will cheer me up.

  220. I always always ALWAYS have headphones and random earrings in my bag!! i would be lost without them!!!

  221. I have a bit of a lip balm addiction, so there’s usually about 5 different kinds in my bag!

  222. Wallet, phone, keys, small make up bag (with lipstick and mirror)
    Bananas, sweets, water. For the kiddos. It avoids meltdowns :) Mostly.

  223. I always have my Papaw cream (the famous Australian red ointment tube) with me no matter what, it fixes everything!

  224. Pawpaw cream for my lips and hands and these two shells I picked up (one in Costa Rica, one in Bali) for good luck!

  225. Bobby Pins // Books // Paper&Pen xxxxx Never leave home without them!

    I have been a huge fan of your blog for several years, your posts about New York were so helpful as I just moved to New York from Portland, OR! Two amazing cities, I feel so lucky to say I have lived in both!

    Thanks for all the amazing posts!

  226. Lucy Thomas says

    Byredo La Tulipe eau de parfum so as to smell like a flower and some snips to cut any pretty flowers that might be growing through a fence some place. And a photo of my nephew, of course.

  227. I always keep a Revlon Lip Butter in my bag– actually, I should be honest– I have five of them in my purse!

  228. My girlfriend always seems to have some sort of fruit in her bag, apples, bananas … Like a walking supermarket. Convenient though.

  229. Εδώ στη Ελλάδα έχουμε πάντα μαζί τα γυαλιά μας γιατί έχει πάντα ήλιο!!

  230. always got to have some baby lips lip balm on hand! Its the silkiest. And some Bach’s Rescue Remedy, because you never know!

  231. Mary-Ann Pollard says

    I always have my leather fossil purse and a pot of Vaseline Rose in my bag (as well as an assortment of old receipts)

  232. I always have burt’s bees beeswax lip balm, and in the winter i also carry their lemon butter cuticle cream :)

  233. I always have on hand: phone, wallet, keys, lip balm, headphones. If I can fit my ‘other bag': hand sanitizing spray, lotion, notepad, pens, glasses, face wipes.

  234. b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l b-a-g.

    i really need a new bag. i am wearing now my mum´s bag from the 80´s, i adore it, but i want to give it back to her in a nice state.
    what i always where in my bag?, keys, a little “neceser” with eye liner, lip balm, hair pins and red lipstick, and my wallet with a little money and transportation cards!

    all the best


  235. Paw paw ointment, a book to read, and a fuji mju ii – the best little camera I know of!

  236. I’m super practical in this regard. In fact I only need 3 things when I leave the house. Money, my phone and the keys. Done.

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