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South Africa is quiet this morning. reflecting on the passing of a man who brought our country together, when it could so easily have gone the other way. i am lucky to have lived in his lifetime, to have witnessed his devotion to his people, and ours to him.

Tata Madiba
Tata Madiba
Tata Madiba
Tata Madiba

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  1. when i was 18, i lived for a month in cape town. madiba was everywhere in people who talked to me about the recent history of the country or in many others places, as an important figure. yesterday i felt really sad abut his death (but glad he lived – and the way he lived – for 95 years).

  2. he was the one of those not so numerous ones to make you look bright into the future, when so many figures you think you can look up to disappoint you, turn out to be corruptive, spoilt, immoral or just plain disappointing, He was one of those who has never failed his people and those, like me, from distant parts of the world and, hey, cheer up he and his bright page in the history of this world will be around for many years to come. Salute!

  3. The first time I came to South Africa Mandela was in prison and the aparthied was still raging. I came back many years after to discover a new South Africa….a country to live for that gives hope. Thanks Madiba!

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