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Miss Moss Recipe Book

i have been wanting to share this with you since my kitchen tea in September, my bridesmaids organised a printed book filled with a wonderful collection of recipes collected from all the women in my life. the recipes were either their favourites, ones they knew i’d love, or ones that had a special history (like the Buttermilk Sponge cake that Jessica and i have been baking since primary school, or any of the multitude of recipes my mom included). it was designed by Pauli and illustrated with sweet watercolours by Amy. you can faintly see the embossing on the cover – Miss Moss / Mrs Visser – a long running joke that i should change the name of the blog now that i’m married (i won’t!)

i thought perhaps a nice challenge for 2014 would be to try all the recipes in the book, and possibly share them with all of you. i can’t promise exceptional food photography or styling, but at least you’ll be able to try out my mom’s Malva Pudding, my mother in law’s buttermilk rusks (with coffee in the morning, just the best) or my grandmother’s fudge – which actually made an appearance at our wedding and was a sweet, sweet hit.

Miss Moss Recipe Book Miss Moss Recipe Book Miss Moss Recipe Book Miss Moss Recipe Book Miss Moss Recipe Book Miss Moss Recipe Book Miss Moss Recipe Book Miss Moss Recipe Book Miss Moss Recipe Book



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  1. says

    This is the most beautiful gift!
    It must have taken them ages to put together, it’s so thoughtful and just beautifully made…
    What a precious object to cherish.
    Happy cookings!

  2. Yeji says

    you are a lucky lady with a wonderfully loving support group. might you be able to share which platform your friends used to create the book? it is so beautifully bound xx

  3. says

    What a thoughtful and wonderful gift! So wonderful that I might just steal it for other people…. I’m not sure if that removes the thoughtful part though, ha! Looking forward to seeing some recipes x

  4. says

    Aaaaaaaaw! This is so adorable/perfect. Keeping my fingers crossed that if I ever get married I get this instead of a tiara, a sequinned sash and a hangover from my lady friends. Just such a lovely idea and beautifully executed.

  5. Betty Jablonski says

    So thoughtful and lovingly given. A treasure to have and to ‘hold’. I hope they left some empty pages so that you can add your own very special recipes to bestow upon someone you love in the future.