since we are currently by the sea for our christmas holidays i thought it would be appropriate to share this nice & simple collection by NY based label Sea. it is of course summer here, so pre-fall is not super weather appropriate, though we do have the very occasional cool and overcast day. which means more book reading for me… something i am not complaining about.

sea sea sea sea sea sea sea sea



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  1. Ulianazu says

    The little overall is very cute. And on the whole, to my mind, it’s a good idea, shooting on the seashore – it provides constantly changing and yet the same background.

  2. kate says

    hey lady love, any books to recommend for the holiday season? i’m looking for a few new ones to add to my kindle this holiday… even better… a miss moss book post! ;) say hi to the fam for me and enjoy the rest of your first Christmas holiday as MRS VISSER! :D

  3. quemonique says

    Happy 2014! Thank you always for the beautiful things you share here. Love the fashion in these!! Do you know Rineke Dijkstra’s 90’s beach portraits series? These seem to be inspired by that work! Very cool.