happy new year! we are still on holiday at the seaside where my family has been spending summers for the past decade. soon we will be road tripping up to the Transkei to spend time with Anton’s family, and we will revisit the spot where we got engaged exactly a year ago. 2013 was such an amazing year for us, so many milestones were met and so many great experiences were thrown our way. we can only hope for a fraction of the same goodness for 2014, so here’s to that! here are some pics of our holiday so far. hope you are having an equally great start to the year.

all pics taken on my iPhone, edited with VSCO. more on Instagram.

Miss Moss // 2014 Miss Moss // 2014 Miss Moss // 2014 Miss Moss // 2014 Miss Moss // 2014 Miss Moss // 2014 Miss Moss // 2014



  1. Some of the most stunning shots I have ever seen taken with the iphone… do you have the 5? I have the 4S and I have to say my photos always seem a bit lackluster. I’ve been thinking about getting some lens attachments for my phone but I haven’t quite decided yet. Anyway, great photos and happy new year to you :)

  2. Happy 2014 and Happy Everything. May the days all be so sweet + magic filled.

    xx Meg

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