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thought i’d share some photos of our current holiday at Kei, Anton’s family’s holiday home where we got engaged this time last year. Kei Mouth is a small town on the banks of the Kei River, which used to be the border of the old Transkei. this area of the Eastern Cape, known as the Wild Coast, is the traditional home of the Xhosa people. it is beautiful, rugged, wild and tropical. yesterday we took the ferry across the river, drove up the hills past herds of Nguni and 4×4’d our way to The Gates at the Qolora river. it reminded me, once again, how much there is to see on our own doorstep. i think a perfect new year’s / life resolution would be to explore more of South Africa.

all photos shot on iPhone, edited with VSCO / Afterlight. more on my Instagram.

Miss Moss // Kei

Kei beach

Miss Moss // KeiMiss Moss // KeiMiss Moss // KeiMiss Moss // KeiMiss Moss // KeiMiss Moss // Kei

Nguni cattle

Miss Moss // Kei

The Gates at the Qolora River

Miss Moss // Kei Miss Moss // Kei

Tropical Heat at the old-school Seagulls Resort

Miss Moss // Kei

ferry ride across the Kei River

Miss Moss // Kei
Miss Moss // Kei

sunsets at Kei

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  1. So beautiful! Thanks for sharing. I spent Christmas at Kei River Mouth when I lived in SA as an exchange student in 1996! I wonder how much it’s changed.

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