Mrs Vrs

this might surprise some of you, but i don’t consider myself a snappy dresser. i prefer comfort over trends, and i like classic things like well cut jeans, and nice simple tops, and sandals, and beautiful boots and the occasional fancy dress. and even though i find myself looking at, and blogging about, fashioney things all the live long day… i don’t actually spend a lot of money on new clothes (well, at least i don’t think i do). so, i don’t know, there it is.

but i still like to dream about fashion. and i totally appreciate an incredibly fashionable girl, or an unknowingly fashionable girl, and cool girls, and and and! so i started another tumblr (oooh boy cue the eyerolls) – part inspiration and part appreciation. it’s called Mrs Vrs, purely because i suppose now i am a Mrs and Miss Moss was already taken.

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