hey, it’s a music mix! but not the way you know it.

these days i pretty much find 99% of new music on Soundcloud. i LOOOOOOOOOOVE Soundcloud. i use SongZa a fair bit too (the app not the site), but because of its impermanence – you can’t like a song and save it for later – it’s usually just background fodder. and, before you ask me, no we can’t use Pandora or Spotify here! Rdio… i haven’t gotten into that yet. anyway, Soundcloud is cool. i like that i am listening to music released directly by the artist.

so you can listen to my mix over there, or just stream it below. there are 18 tracks! all stuff i have been loving lately. oh, apart from the new Beck album which is currently on repeat.

if there is any particular song that catches your fancy just click through to find out how to buy it.



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  1. says

    YAY! Thanks for the playlist. I’m sitting at work and just finished my 10th round of the new Beck album because its AWESOME, but needed something different. That and I love Mr. Little Jeans. I use Rdio for most of my music, haven’t really tried Sound Cloud out yet. Try this song by Sylvan Esso, which I believe is also on SC: Coffee.

  2. swood says

    So excited! I love your mixes! I’ve missed them these past few months. Not sure if it is international-friendly, but there’s another site called 8tracks that might be worth checking out. Lots of good music discovery there!

  3. says

    Oh yay! Just when I needed more music. You’ve actually inspired me to create ‘mixtapes’ on my own blog. It’s such a great way to share music. Many of your mixes have actually made their way into the restaurant in Toronto where I used to work. Thanks for sharing! You have such good taste :)