Of A Kind Giveaway!

those amazing ladies at Of A Kind are kindly offering another awesome giveaway! this is our fifth together, and i think that 5 might be our lucky number. this time round i got to pick some unique, handmade jewellery pieces that i personally love.

everyone has their way of accessorising. i like bracelets & necklace (the bolder the better), yet seldom wear earrings unless i’m feeling fancy. i also tend to wear one thing at a time, but i know girls who wear everything at once which i think is awesome.

today you have a choice of either a necklace, a pair of earrings, a cuff or a ring – all one Of A Kind, of course. to enter:

(1) leave a comment with your pick (that’s the one you’ll win!) & tell me how you like to accessorise
(2) enter at the Of a Kind x Miss Moss entry page! you’ll be signing up for their newsletter, which is the best.

this is what you’re dealing with: 1. the Golden Ardor Necklace by Highlow Jewelry, a beige clay wonder that can hang with every neckline in your closet, thanks to its adjustable cord. 2. these Mini Quartz Studs by Giant Lion, two diamond-cut quartz stones in a minimalist gold setting. 3. the Ingrid Cuff by Dream Collective, a handmade brass & enamel piece with a cheery motif. 4. the White Diamond Pharos Ring by Steven Shein, probably the most unique ring i ever did see.

you stand a chance to win ONE of the picks in my jewellery edit. so choose wisely…

Miss Moss x Of a Kind Giveaway
Miss Moss x Of a Kind Giveaway - win the Golden Ardor Necklace! Click through to enter.
Miss Moss x Of a Kind Giveaway - win the Golden Ardor Necklace! Click through to enter.
Miss Moss x Of a Kind Giveaway - win these Mini Quartz Studs! Click through to enter.
Miss Moss x Of a Kind Giveaway - win these Mini Quartz Studs! Click through to enter.
Miss Moss x Of a Kind Giveaway - win the Ingrid Cuff! Click through to enter.
Miss Moss x Of a Kind Giveaway - win the Ingrid Cuff! Click through to enter.
Miss Moss x Of a Kind Giveaway - win the White Diamond Pharos Ring! Click through to enter.
Miss Moss x Of a Kind Giveaway - win the White Diamond Pharos Ring! Click through to enter.

if you’ve already subscribed to their newsletter you’re still guaranteed an entry – just be sure to leave a comment! the giveaway is open to anyone anywhere in the world as Of a Kind offers international shipping. readers outside the US must please note that you may be subject to your country’s customs charges / import duties upon arrival. the giveaway ends on Monday 10 March, and the winner will be randomly selected in a lucky draw & notified via email.


  1. I’d love to win the white diamond pharos ring!
    I love rings & love to accessorise by mixing silver & gold accents. Also a combo of fine & chunky textures.

  2. That ring is beautiful! I accessorize with delicate, quirky rings and anything that incorporates gold and black these days.
    It’s just a phase that I’m going through.

  3. I would love to win the Mini Quartz Studs. I always wear the same stack of silver rings and simple gold or silver earrings. I think the Mini Quartz Studs are perfect because they are small and simple but still interesting and elegant.

  4. Oh my! I covet EVERYTHING from Of A Kind. I’m only allowed to browse once a week now.

    I accessorise with simple, beautiful pieces and a care-free smile. The White Diamond Pharos Ring would suit me just perfectly.

  5. Ahhh, I can’t resist – I love the Mini Quartz Studs, they are quite majestic. I wear earrings daily and like to swap them, usually with a delicate necklace. No bracelets for me due to tiny wrists, and rings are usually a no no as well since I write all day and they irritate me. That’s my “accessorising” ritual ;)

    Fingers crossed, those are divine earrings!

  6. I would love to win the cuff! I don’t accessorize much, just two silver rings every day and sometimes a silver nameplate necklace.

  7. I would adore the white diamond pharos ring!

    I love accessorizing with statement pieces, gold being my favourite and rings being my accessory of choice!


  8. I love the white diamond pharos ring and have been eyeing it off on Of A Kind! I like to accessorise with simple, unique jewellery – I find it so much more interesting that big, cheap, plastic-y looking jewellery. It is pieces like these that will last a lifetime.

  9. I would love to win the Mini Quartz Studs. I always wear a bronze ring bought from a street vendor in Tofu, Mozambique and a pair of fresh water pearl earrings I received as a Christmas present. When dressing up for an event, I usually swop my old faithfuls for a chunky bracelet, and/or necklace. I see the Mini Quartz Studs quickly becoming an old faithful to alternate with my pearl earrings! :)

  10. The white diamond pharos ring would look gorgeous with a casual pair of jeans and floaty sheer black shirt

  11. i am going for 4 the diamond conflict free ring because i don’t own any diamonds yet .
    i would wear it with my jeans for a casual or fancy look with a nice top that goes with the color of the metal .
    intl. tumblemumbo at gmail.com

  12. Oh I love Of a Kind, how wonderful is this?! I love the fourth item, the White Diamond Pharos Ring is one you could wear daily, with simple jeans + tee or a lovely sundress I think.

  13. I love the mini quartz studs – they suit perfectly my style of accessorizing – discreet but womanly – adding some points to my self-confidence.

  14. i am a subscriber and love to oogle the oodles of goodies they have on offer! my fingers are firmly crossed, I would be so chuffed to win any single piece! x

  15. Ooooooh that pretty little ring will definitely add a subtle golden touch to my day. A ring like that looks good with everything!!!
    I’m crossing my fingers!!!

  16. Mini qurtz studs would complete my work wardrobe perfectly.

  17. It’s tough to just choose one, but rings have been my favorite lately. I guess I’m going to have to listen to my instinct and choose that wonderful Pharos ring!

  18. The mini quartz studs! Every day, with everything!

  19. Natasha Marais

    Must. Have. White Diamond Pharos Ring!

    I love simple but beautiful pieces and rarely ever wear more than one piece of jewellery at a time. Except if I’m wearing earrings;)

  20. Great! I love ‘Of A Kind’ and of course I would love to win one of these, preferably the white diamond pharos ring..

  21. 1. the Golden Ardor Necklace by Highlow Jewelry
    would be my definately choice, wearing it with my maternity dresses this summer <3

  22. Great! I love ‘Of A Kind’ and of course I would love to win one of these, preferably the white diamond pharos ring..
    And not too much is much more is my way of accessorizing

  23. Beautiful jewellery! I’d choose the mini quartz studs – i don’t wear much jewellery but would love those and wear them with EVERYTHING!

  24. Usually I am a necklace girl, and I do love me a statement necklace – but I think this one here might be a bit too much for 5-foot-me. It’s impressive, though – if you are an amazon ;-) Personally, I would love to wear the quartz studs.

  25. love the white diamond pharos ring! especially because i recently misplaced my lastest ring :( as for how I accessorize, i’m always adding bracelets to make my fitbit flex a little more inconspicuous (though I’m holding out for the Tory Burch x fitbit band that should be coming soon!) xx

  26. I would love the white diamond pharos ring! I’m obsessed with rings and love styling simple thin silver and gold ones on each finger

  27. Chelsea S.

    I only really wear jewelry when I’m feeling fancy and it’s always a big necklace of some kind. That Golden Ardor piece is just incredible!

  28. I would looove the White Diamond Pharos Ring! It’s so pretty and it would totally suit my style. I would wear it with a simple grey shirt and washed out jeans.

  29. I’m in love with the ring, so beautiful! Simple, yet something special. Matches my no nonsense style with special attention to interesting details perfectly!

  30. The Golden Ardor necklace, as I really need more necklaces! :)

  31. Hi Miss Moss. I really like the bracelet! I don’t have a single bracelet (I usually only wear rings and necklaces), but I love this one so much! It would be lovely to have such a statement bracelet to flaunt.

  32. The ring !!! Oh god, simple and beautiful.
    I never used to wear jewelry, but since a few months, I’ve invested in a few, pretty bold pieces. I like to wear them with very simple outfits, with a neutral color palette, and then the jewelry piece kind of make the outfit come together and catches the eye.

  33. Owkay, I am signed up for the newsletter!! Now for the fun and yet extremely difficult task of deciding which of the above stunning pieces I’m coveting most… For me it’s got to be those stunning Mini Quartz Studs by Giant Lion. I love the rough and rustic feel they exude, making them perfect for everyday wear, but yet still classy and edgy enough to dress up an outfit. I feel that absolutely NEED these beauties pretty please Miss Moss ;) ! x

  34. I really like the Ingrid cuff. It is kind of secession styled which goes really good with my easy and simple fashion choices.

  35. Because the spring is coming (my beloved season) and in Poland, where I am from, little green branches and buds are slowly shows up, I would be very happy to have this beautiful Pharos Ring because for me it’s look like a little gold twig:)

  36. I love all of them, but my son is teething and I think he’d love the necklace. I’m a one piece at a time kind of girl and I never wear rings, even a wedding ring, it has to go around my neck!

  37. Love the edgy and understated mini quartz studs. So beautiful for all occasions. It’d be amazing to get them for my 30th birthday next week!!

  38. Definitely the bracelet, and I am a long time subscriber of their newsletter!

  39. I would love the Mini Quartz Studs! Mainly because i love earrings, most of the time being the only accessory I use :)

  40. Wow, this ring really is beautiful! As I am totally into wearing crazy, junky, weired rings – that is my choice! :-)

  41. Tessa Brown

    I’m a simple girl. I love rings and bracelets. Understated, classic accessories. So for me, it has to be the Pharos Ring. Beautiful, elegant and a classic.

  42. I absolutely love the Mini Quartz Studs by Giant Lion! I am a bit of a minimalist so I prefer to wear a watch and some interesting yet small earrings, so these are perfect for me!

  43. the ingrid cuff is beautiful, it would combine jeans and a tee perfectly! I have had my eye on it for a while, I love all their stuff and also enjoy reading their ‘stuff we love’ blog.

  44. The White Diamond Pharos ring of course….thinking of Scandinavian minimalism styling, no other rings, plain studs and a simple white dress .

  45. I am completely in love with the cuff.

    I normally accessorize with a big statement necklace. I have A LOT OF THEM, that I normally make by myself with sailing ropes, lace, fabric or anything that I can found.
    Like you one at a time, it feels safe. But i would love to feel like wearing everything at a time.

  46. I’d love to win the white diamond pharos ring!
    My ring collection is my pride and joy – from all over the world – it’s the one accessory I make sure to buy as a memento. I love how unusual this ring is… I must have it!!

  47. I would melt if I won the white diamond pharos ring!

    Rings tend to be my favorite because they, along with bracelets, are the items I’m always able to catch a glimpse of while wearing.

    I love mixing and matching pieces, as well as keeping it simple, with a few understanding but surprising necklaces, bracelets, or rings.

  48. I would love to win the Mini Quartz studs they are really beautiful. Of A Kind is such a cool concept!

  49. would love to own “MINI QUARTZ STUDS” :)

    also subsribed to newsletter :)

  50. sorry, so sily of me, forgot to write how I would style it…

    I would not think much how to style it as it would be perfect for my minimal, black, simple cut style. :) so would wear with tight black jeens, black pumps and simple black silk blouse :)

  51. I love of a kind! I would choose the beautiful earrings. I usually just wear my engagement ring and a simple necklace. This would be a great excuse to branch out and try something new!

  52. I would love the ‘mini quarts studs.’ I accessorize minimally usually with natural pieces that make a statement in their simplicity. These earrings are a perfect example of things I love to wear.

  53. I love the mini quartz stud earrings! They are so simple and would pair well with the 2 or 3 necklaces I am currently alternating and my growing collection of rings.

  54. I would love to win the mini quartz stud. Really meaningful crystal to me and they are simple and elegant.

  55. I love those mini quartz earrings! I used to be a necklace person (as in layering them times 5 when it was cool) but now I stick to rings and earrings. Understated ones too. Simple has become a statement for me.

    Thanks! XOXO

  56. i love the Golden Ardor Necklace and the Mini Quartz Studs, but i think i’d choose the necklace. i like to wear a neutral palette of browns, greys, earthy tones, black, and white, adding pops of colour or boldness to my look with accessories. no-fuss, down-to-earth, simple, and timeless.

    thanks for the lovely giveaway! and i’m already a newsletter subscriber :)

  57. I love the simplicity of the white diamond pharos ring.
    I am much like you, I don’t wear too many accessories, generally just a bracelet or ring. I have been really into minimalist dressing as of late.

    Thank you for the opportunity xx

  58. Kristie P

    I think I have to go with the ring as well. I’m loving accessorizing in gold, rose gold, and matte black these days.

  59. I really love The Golden Ardor necklac! It will go perfectly with my new beautiful red dress!

  60. Shanna Sanders

    I would love to win the White Diamond Pharos ring. I like to accessorize sparingly, but with beautiful pieces like this ring.

  61. I would absolutely love the mini Quartz Studs – they are gorgeous.

    I try and keep my accessorizing simple – so either a simple pair of earrings paired with a wow scarf, or a great statement necklace with my hair pulled back in a high bun.

    All these pieces are just so gorgeous.

  62. Oh I love “of a kind” and have been lusting after the diamond ring since I first saw it. I tend to accessorize with a few well chosen pieces of geometric Jewelry, ideally made by artists whose work I love to support. This ring is perfectly unique a and simple- love it!

  63. The pieces are gorgeous. I love the balance between raw, rough and delicate.
    I love simple, quality basics as far as clothing is concerned, which I then juxtapose with layers of jewelry. The more rings, necklaces and bangles, the better.
    The white diamond Pharos Ring would be a beautiful edition to my collection.

  64. Ingrid cuff all the way!! I have never seen enamelling like that, and it’s beautiful.
    In terms of accessorising, I’m just the opposite to you, Diana! I wear small earrings everyday, but only necklaces and bracelets for a more special occasion. That’s why the quartz earrings are a really close second for me – I could wear them everyday!

  65. Oh, the Golden Ardor Necklace! I’ve been lusting after that for a long time.

  66. The ring, oh the ring! My fingers are currently getting makeover, i’m dressing them up more often because those little guys deserve a bit of special. Simple rings are a perfect way to start dressing up the fingers, that ring will just take it to the next level!

  67. I wish i could win the beautiful White Diamond Pharos Ring. Love the design, innovative and romantic at the same time <3

  68. melody durrheim

    I’d love to win the white diamond pharos ring. It’s simple, but beautiful. I like to accessorise with 1 or 2 simple pieces of jewellery or 1 big statement accessory. I love wearing gold jewellery!

  69. I would love the cuff, usually I’m an earings girl, but that’s just too good to resist.

  70. I adore the white diamond pharos ring! I love simple and clean accessories that can blend in with any outfit.

  71. Michelle

    This is painful for an indecisive person, but I think that my favorite is the White Diamond Pharos Ring . I love the simplistic design and the conflict free diamonds. I’d pair it my trusty skinny jeans, ankle boots, collared shirt and chunky knit sweater; winter is still upon us.

  72. I’m an earring person! Mini Quartz Studs by Giant Lion are DIVINE! I can imagine them fitting in well with quite a lot of things I wear.
    I also like wearing scarves for accessorizing – or minimal long necklaces.

  73. The Mini Quartz Studs by Giant Lion have my attention!
    I believe in beauty in the understated pieces and find that on their own they speak to my way of accessorizing – simple and minimalistic.

  74. oh I love all of these, but especially the mini quartz studs. (or the Ingrid cuff!)

  75. I would hands down wear the white diamond pharos ring. I stick to delicate gold jewelry for minimal accents and am currently in a ring obsession phase.

  76. I love Of A Kind so I subscribe to their newsletter, but I haven’t been able to snag anything from there yet. I love the ring and the cuff, it would be hard to choose.

  77. Kassandra

    1. the Golden Ardor Necklace by Highlow Jewelry

    I’m an all-black, every thing black kind of girl, who believe in statement accessories. That neclace would certainly do the trick!
    It’s ”almost” the end of winter back here in Montreal, Canada. What I’d wear for a day out in the city with this piece would be: Skinny black pants, my Wilfred black tee, a simple black wool cardigan/sweater, my favorite chelsea boots and a cheaper version of a Larose-Paris hat (in black)….. and i guess my parka (cause it’s still pretty cold out here)

    Btw totally love what you’re doing! might just be my favorite blogger!

  78. Hannah K

    The ring!!!
    I have recently started wearing rings but I also only wear earrings on “fancy” nights.

  79. Blair B.

    The Golden Ardor necklace is fantastic! Thanks for the giveaway!

  80. I love the gold ardor necklace. Such a statement piece. I used to be a bit of a maximalist, and felt naked unless I had stacks of rings and bangles on bangles. I still occasionally indulge my tendency toward over-accessorizing, but lately have been trying to focus on one piece of jewelry in a given outfit. Which is why I love the way the model is wearing the gold ardor necklace – black is the perfect backdrop for such a beautiful piece!

  81. i’d love a white diamond pharos ring and i’d wear it with jeans, a white tee, and a black blazer to keep everything simple. i also signed up for the newsletter
    ladies in navy

  82. I’d wear the White Diamond Pharos Ring. At the moment I’m obsessed with mixing and matching colours and finishes in my jewellery. I wear silver, gold , rose gold, copper, all at the same time. This rose gold ring would fit in perfectly!


    Those quartz studs are amazing and would go with absolutely everything!

  84. I adore the White Diamond Pharos Ring . So delicate and gorgeous.

  85. I’m a plain Jane kind of gal, but that diamond pharos ring is astounding. Also, super easy to wear that with anything. I’m excited this brand a lot!


    And the white diamond Pharos ring. It’s so unique and I would stack it with other rings.

  87. How awesome would it be to win the Golden Ardor Necklace.
    I’m pretty plan jane when it comes to my style, this necklace would work well with jeans and my fave black top. Or I could use it to jazz up dress up my go to little black dress I have for some up coming weddings.

  88. kate brand

    mini quartz studs. i like small beautiful details, not always obvious at first glance. i also like jewelry you can wear with practically anything and these studs are a perfect example ;)

  89. Lia Kohl

    Love the ring–i have a few rings that i wear every day (the only jewelry i wear), and I would definitely add this one to the collection!

  90. Courtney Grace

    Oh my gosh, I’ve been eyeing those mini quartz studs for so long now! I’ve been loving really dainty and delicate jewelry.

  91. I would love the ring! I’d wear it alone or stacked on another thin band.


  92. Kate Davis

    Those mini quartz studs… I’ve been eyeing earrings like that for over a year now.

  93. Tough call with everything being gorgeous, but I have to go with the Diamond Pharos Ring. I can imagine it as an everyday piece, stacked with other thin gold bands, paired with some great denim.

  94. I would love to win the White Diamond Pharos Ring! Gorgeous!
    I have a very minimalist aesthetic and this ring would look great next to my wedding gold band. I don’t like to wear a lot of jewerlry. The less the better! ;)

  95. I’d love to wear that necklace with a simple white t-shirt! So lovely.

  96. I wold love to win the whit diamond pharos ring, so beautifull.

  97. Mini quartz studs are gorgeous, yes please! x

  98. Stephanie

    I LOVE the mini quartz studs! I’m pretty simple when it comes to jewelry. And anything that can worn with all different types of outfits is a must have!

  99. I am going to go with the Ingrid Cuff by Dream Collective… tough call though! Thank you for sharing their work – it’s all so gorgeous.

  100. golden ardor necklace…i love the chunkiness and the tribal mixture…i would happily wear it to work with an oversize blazer and a simple white t-shirt…

  101. Christine

    I love the Ingrid cuff, and I’m definitely one of those girls who wears everything at once, heh. I’d probably wear this with a brass cuff (and brass earrings, a chunky glass necklace), skinny jeans, and a rolled up chambray button-down.

  102. I would love to wear the white diamond pharos ring!

  103. I would love the ring! I love small jewellery that can be paired together.

  104. I’ve been making a concerted effort to wear more jewelry. I got out of the habit in college when I was taking printmaking classes and working in a kitchen. I would love to wear the Ingrid Cuff all by itself.

  105. so hard to choose one! i would have to go with the ring. my accessorizing style is really simple, i like simple well made pieces that can go with anything!

  106. I would love the earrings! They’re so unique but yet classic looking :) I like to keep things simple, so I accessorize minimally. But it’s only so that the accessory I choose would stand out more and not look meshed in.

  107. I really love the Pharoah ring. I don’t accessorize much, normally, except the odd broach on coats and sweaters. I’m trying to build up a collection of interesting rings, though, and this one is amazing!

  108. I dig the ring. I tend towards simplicity- one piece of jewelry, clean lines, easy shapes. Well-made stuff that gets built into the story of my life.

  109. I agree – their newsletter is the best! It is always giving me good things to read and good recipes to make.

    And now to their products. Man, I’m torn between the necklace and the cuff.! Their both gorgeous; however, I have been coveting Dream Collective jewellery for a while now, so I’ll have to go with the Ingrid cuff.

  110. Angela Z.

    Ingrid cuff. White tee and denim just like the model.

  111. Wow, what a great giveaway! I think my choice would have to be the studs. In terms of jewelry, I accessorize the most with earrings. I have one sentimental charm necklace I wear every day, and both bracelets and rings get in the way of drawing (as I am an artist). The studs are like nothing that I own, and would be a perfect addition to my growing collection!


  112. Colleen M

    Quartz studs!! Those are gorgeous and would add awesome texture to any outfit. Denim and leather jacket and those studs, I’d never take the outfit off!!

  113. I generally wear one piece at a time paired with my minimal dress and my man’s Victorinox watch: a vintage Bakelite bracelet, or sterling Zuni cuff, a pair of earrings from Egypt or Afghanistan, or a unique ring in the shape of a birds nest by a designer from Israel. I am particularly fond of one of a kind, hand made jewelry. I absolutely love the Ingrid Cuff.

  114. Seriously, I love Of a Kind.

    I love the Mini Quartz Studs by Giant Lion. I love wearing small earrings and long pendant necklaces (usually the monolith pendant necklace by Metalepsis Projects purchased through Of a Kind). Small earrings are the best since it’s easier to take on and off my motorcycle helmet with them. I love wearing jewelry but am ultimately super practical about what I choose ;)

  115. The Ingrid Cuff is stunning. It would certainly be an everyday wearer in my wardrobe.

  116. I’m in love with the ring. It’s so beautiful.

  117. Their mini quartz studs are a dream. I’m a sucker for petite earrings and delicate silver or gold rings with a splash of colour like a stone, along with the occasional chained bracelet with again, a stone or delicate detail. Geometric motifs are my favourite

  118. I LOVE the ring and have actually been admiring it for the past couple days on the Of A Kind site! I like to accessorize with minimal jewelry, simple and well made is beautiful!

  119. Kelly S.

    So hard to choose, but I really love the Ingrid Cuff because it is so different from the other pieces I already have.

  120. I love the Ingrid cuff! I have been wearing gold & navy nails a lot lately and I think they would look beautiful together, maybe with a couple more thin stacked bronze or copper bangles.

  121. The golden ardor necklace is absolute beauty! i would wear that with a chunky sweater, dark washed jeans and a red lip. Love it!

  122. Oh that ring is gorgeous. I wear a pretty minimal style (black, playing with shape and silhouette), and this ring would be my simple shiny bauble.

  123. Love the golden ardor necklace! So different for everything I currently own :)

  124. ingrid cuff! so special. i like to keep things very simple. minimal.

  125. I’d love to win the ring.(White Diamond Pharos Ring). I love simplicity and minimalism. I always wear only one piece of jewelry -usually it’s gold & silver ring from my boyfriend. For a special occasions I go with a statement necklace.

  126. I’m floored by the Golden Ardor Necklace! So beautiful and unique. I’m in the process of simplifying my closet and have found that statement jewelry goes well with a lean closet. The perfect necklace or bracelet provide the perfect accent to a minimal wardrobe! Would love to wear this necklace in so many different ways >’.'<

  127. LOVE the Pharos ring. My friend and I are have a Hand Plan — a plan of which rings to wear on what fingers, plus a list of dream rings we want to slowly acquire — and this would be an amazing addition to stack or wear alone.

  128. love the white diamond pharos ring. a perfect match to the bright red manni I treated myself to this morning!

  129. Vanessa D

    Oh my, super difficult to choose only one
    But I am going to have to say the Golden Ardor Necklace
    I think having a real statement piece like that would make any simple dress or shirt so much more interesting
    I kind of go through phases when I accessorize, but right now I’m into just putting on interesting earrings to add a subtle quirkiness to otherwise casual outfits

  130. The Ingrid Cuff of course. It has a beautiful name, and is easy to match! I accessorize with some simple ear studs, a leather bracelet and a silver ring I got from my siblings!

  131. Caitlin W

    I loooove the mini quartz studs! I accessorize by mixing the old (my great-grandmother’s art deco engagement ring) with the new (treasures made or gifted by friends)!

  132. Love the Golden Ardor Necklace! I tend to stick with necklaces since I need my wrists and fingers free for lab work, and I don’t have pierced ears (yet!). Most of my necklaces are smaller, more inconspicuous pieces, so I’d love to branch out and work something a little BOLDER! But still neutral toned. Baby steps ;)

  133. I love One Of A Kind. It’s inspiring and creative. I personally only wear earrings, but sometimes I wish I would dare to wear more jewelery and as you say, to wear them all together without feeling as a christmas tree! So this tme I’ll choose the WHITE DIMANOND PHAROS RING. It looks so special and unique… and at the same time very smart. Love it!

  134. Golden Ardor necklace with men’s oversized white t-shirt, ripped jorts, black leather converse high-tops, and smeared lipstick. <3

  135. I’ve had my eye on the gorgeous Mini Quartz Studs–so cool! I am shamefully bad about remembering to wear jewelry , but always wear a pair of (fake) diamond studs. This would be an AMAZING upgrade! Thanks for the chance to win- love your site and Erica & Claire’s newsletter too. :-)

  136. I have a pixie cut, so I am all about the statement earrings. Those earrings paired with a red lip, silk blouse and jeans? Can’t get more casual glam than that…

  137. I am all about the Ingrid cuff! I make candles, so usually I don’t wear a lot of rings, but cuffs I can do!

  138. I would love to wear the Ingrid cuff with a fresh blue chambray shirt and jeans, in keeping with the blues-y tone…

  139. Stephanie

    I LOVE the mini-quartz studs! I would pair them with my usual – my Alex Monroe gold bumblebee necklace, stacked rings from Madewell and my gold slave bracelet

  140. I’d definitely go for the ring. As far as accessorizing goes, I’m really into very minimal jewelry that makes a big impact–a simple silver cuff with a long turquoise band, a steel double banded ring that arcs to a triangle on top, my dainty silver engagement ring with a lilac jade centered calla lily and my smooth silver wedding band with my husband’s finger print on the inside. This ring is such a perfect example of the understated elegance that I am in to.

  141. I just love love love the white diamond ring!!
    I usually wear only one or to rings at a time, it looks like perfect match to my wedding ring.
    I accessorise in a very minimal way, but always golden object with small splashes of colour (dark navy and turquoise)
    Crossing my fingers (with a ring or two) to get the ring :-)

  142. I just discovered your site!! (from Casita do Wendy site) and can only wish I had discovered it before :) I would prefer quartz earrings because I just wear things small.

  143. Beatrice

    The Ingrid cuff is so beautiful! I usually accessorise with jade rings from my mum and small, delicate necklaces.

  144. I loove those quartz studs! I like the way they are held by the gold “claws”. I usually minimal in my accessorizing, allowing one or two simple pieces. However, an exception comes to rings – I love wearing three or so at a time!

  145. Love everything on this site but of the choices—Ingrid cuff for sure!

  146. Malavika

    I love the Dream Collective cuff!

    I have a few Indian gold rings, a watch, and a bracelet that I wear almost everyday, but I love to add one special extra when I’m feeling it.

  147. Love love love the white diamond pharos ring. So simple, yet unique.

  148. I would wear the mini quartz studs with my new pixie cut and red lipstick!!

  149. I tend to the minimalist side when it comes to accessories and I like simple, well made items. I love the mini quartz studs!

  150. mini quartz studs:-)) must be mine
    I love to wear earrings and at least one other piece of jewellery(cuff, necklace, bangle) – two are my magic number:-)

  151. love the white diamond pharos ring the best… would love to wear it :)

  152. The Ingrid Cuff please!! It’s so unique.
    I tend to accessorise with simple, but bold pieces. I don’t like to over-accessorise, but like to change which pieces I wear and try and create new and different combinations out of my favourite pieces.

    Thank you for your blog! You post the most amazing variety of fashions and designers, and keep us readers on our toes!
    Philly x

  153. Justine C

    I love the Golden Ardor Necklace!! I like to keep it simple with accessorizing so I usually wear only 1 or 2 accessories at once. :)

  154. Picture me on the Greek island of Paxos with the wind in my hair… I’m wearing my coveted Golden Ardor Necklace with my boyfriend’s salty wrinkled white button-up. On my feet, just a simple brass anklet. My high-waisted black and white striped swim bottoms hug my belly. My face is fresh and bare expect for a punchy red orange lipstick. I’m perfectly styled for a day of beach-combing on my first ever trip to Europe.

  155. The Ingrid Cuff is beautiful!

    I never leave home without my tanzanite earrings and my watch.

  156. I’d love to win mini quartz studs! I like minimalistic and simple design to wear every day :)

  157. Mini Quartz Studs! I love jewelry but prefer a minimal look. I typically wear a pair of gold studs each day, so these would be a great way to change things up yet stick with my style.

  158. Meghan D

    The white diamond pharos ring is stunning. Worn on my right index finger whilst in navy and black.

  159. I tend to buy quiet, simple pieces when it comes to jewellery so I’ll opt for the bold Golden Ardor Necklace to switch things up. When it comes to accessorizing, I follow Coco Chanel’s rule of removing one extra accessory before leaving home. I like to wear one big piece, say a pendant, and keep my earrings small. P.S. I’ve already subscribed to their newsletter :)

  160. those studs, gimme those mfin studs!!!

    generally, i like to accessorize with either a few small delicate pieces, and usuallly some pop of color since my wardrobe is a sea of neutrals. if im feeling fancy, i put on the rings, the bracelets, the necklaces AND the earrings. otherwise its just a little bit here and there.

  161. Would love the ring as it is so pure and simple in design.
    Would love to wear it with jeans and white shirt and silk scarf..

  162. o! the Pharos ring, it’s exactly what I like on an accessory, and would probably be the only thing id wear in some cases, simple but really striking!

  163. i would Love to win the Mini Quartz Studs by Giant Lion. i adore wearing tiny earrings and sadly lost one of my diamond studs while gardening last summer. my favorite jewelry to wear- tiny earrings, a big ring, or a big chunky necklace!

  164. That Golden Arbor Necklace is so stunning! I love to accessorise very minimally with one or two statement pieces like that necklace to enhance a clean and minimal look with a classic red lip as well. What an exciting and wonderful giveaway! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  165. McKenna K.

    The white diamond pharos ring is out. of. sight. Minimal but surprising, I’m in love.

  166. The Ingrid cuff with a cream silk blouse sleeves rolled up, light wash high rise skinnies, and my hasbeen zip-it up emmys in caramel. Dusty rose lipstick and a felt hat to top it off. <— dream outfit right there. Lets make it happen universe.

  167. I want the white diamond Pharos ring! I keep jewelry unique but simple – a few statement rings but a bare neck.

  168. I’m loving that Pharos Ring! My favorite way to accessorize is with quirky, modern, and fun pieces that I’ve collected over the years. I can never forget my neon orange watch before leaving the house.

  169. Mini Quartz Studs, please! I’m pretty minimal, a ring or two and studs.

  170. Samantha

    One of the only newsletters I read, and part of my morning routine to check Of a Kind! I’m a sucker for the quartz studs, and I’m into the 90’s throw-back look of multiple ear piercings. These would be a perfect way to modernize the look!

  171. I’d be so happy to win the quartz studs!
    I usually keep it simple with accessories — earrings and always a scarf. Especially in winter!

  172. I would love to win the Ingrid Cuff. I like to mix a simple aesthetic with one-of-a-kind, eye-catching accessories. I like to incorporate colours and textures to add detail to a simple silhouette.

  173. Laura D.

    The Ingrid Cuff is gorgeous! I accessorize often with my own ‘one of a kind’ necklace that my father had gotten made for my family when my brother passed away. Only 8 exist in the world and they all piece/connect together when we are with each other. Its a beautiful gold (gold melted from an old gold coin) piece that shows a tree and the sun. It will forever be my favorite piece to accessorize with!

  174. Just like Coco Chanel, it usually only takes one thing to tip me over the accessories edge.

    However, those mini quartz studs are so clean and understated, they’d be a wardrobe staple, and therefore probably the last thing I’d remove before I left the house!

  175. I love the quartz studs a lot!! I love simple jewelry made of quality materials, and these look like they would be right up my ally. I think that describes my over all accessorizing style: simple but high quality.

  176. ConsideRING and suffeRING duRING prepaRING some comment that will bRING me a RING…

  177. Kristina M

    i love the earrings. They would be perfect with anything from a polka dot dress to a casual tee and jeans.

  178. Quartz Studs are so chic, yet so simple. The prong feature makes a fun sized bold statement! Love the versatility of these too – go straight to night from day!


  179. ConsideRING and suffeRING duRING prepaRING some comment that will bRING me a RING…

  180. Katie Zipper

    I love the mini quartz studs! I’d wear them every day.

  181. I love the White Diamond Pharos Ring. Typically I keep my accessorizing to a minimum with one or two statement pieces.

  182. Would absolutely love the gorgeous quartz studs!

  183. The ring is awesome! I love to accessorise with funky, bold pieces and a minimalist outfit

  184. I adore the mini quartz studs. I accesorize with very subtle, simple pieces. These would be perfect for my wardrobe!

  185. I love the Golden Ardor Necklace. I love a statement necklace with a simple black t-shirt and jeans. Thanks!

  186. Oh, man. They are all so great, but I’d go with the necklace. I love wearing a great basic top, with a bold statement necklace.

  187. I adore the ardor necklace!! :)
    a good necklace pulls most outfits together!

  188. Giustina

    The Mini Quartz Studs are beautiful and are an item I would wear every day with my gold evil eye necklace. Thanks for such a stellar give away!

  189. All amazing pieces — so tough to choose! I’d wear the mini quartz studs every day, so that’s my pick

  190. This was really difficult.. I want them all! I love the Golden Ardor Necklace because it’s so different from anything I already have, so that’d be my choice. :)

    I’ve been a long time subscriber of Of A Kind and it always brightens my day to see that mail in my inbox. They have such a refreshing style that you don’t see anywhere else (but here on Miss Moss of course!).

  191. Mini quartz studs please! I love either very small and lovely or large and brash earrings and these fall into the former category. I think those two styles of earrings look good with cropped hair. This is an excellent giveaway.

  192. I love the Ingrid cuff. Most of the time i keep accessories minimal – sometimes no jewellery at all – sometimes just one piece, like a simple necklace or studs – but in summer I love to wear bold bracelets and necklaces.

  193. This was such a hard choice! But, I never buy myself earrings. So if i had to win anything it would be the Mini quartz studs! SO pretty. Maybe something I can wear on my wedding day too. :)

    Love Of A Kind!

  194. Really digging the ring…super cool. Most of the time when it comes to accessorizing I wear the same jewelry. I have a collection of silver bracelets and cuffs that are my go-to items. Some of them are vintage, some were gifts from very dear friends and family and others I picked up on my own.


  196. I love the mini-quartz studs! I usually one wear one thing at a time and often either earrings or rings.

  197. The white diamond pharos ring is EVERYTHING. That’s what I’d pick!

  198. I love wearing one or two bold pieces together. The Ingrid cuff would be amazing alongside a cool leather and beaded necklace I own!

  199. golden ardor necklace alll the way. love of a kind, have bought many things from them, and loved them all!!!

  200. I love the Pharos ring – it’s so unique! I love jewelry pieces that are elegant while being special and personal and find that my favorite pieces are light so that I can wear them all of the time. This ring is perfect!

  201. i would love the white diamond ring, i mostly wear necklaces and the occasional bracelet and need to branch out into other jewellery. earrings are still a bit to ‘dressy’ for me though. (united kingdom)

  202. Mini quartz studs for the win. Simple and timeless. I’m fairly minimal in my accessorizing, and will generally wear earrings with the pendant necklace my bf gave me at the beginning of our relationship.

  203. oooo, mini quartz studs!! i am always wearing tiny earrings – big ones just look odd on me (i have tiny ears?)

  204. Love the Golden Ardor Necklace, I enjoy working with an adventurous wardrobe and accessorise according to that. I’ld match a bold shirt with a simple necklace or visa versa – a plain shirt and a bold necklace! So this piece is Ace!

  205. paige locke

    oh my. tough call between the white diamond ring and ingrid cuff, but boy do I need a good bracelet. that cuff, some good dark wash denim jeans, natural leather clogs, and and a simple white silk cami or button down. hello best, most perfect, simple spring time look ever.

  206. Rachel F

    The Ingrid Cuff, by Dream Collective. And as I type this I don’t want to stop because your comment font is so satisfying :)

  207. Alexandra

    Golden Ardour over a buttoned-up shirt or a sundress with a plunging neckline.

  208. The Ingrid Cuff’s my favourite!

    I could never go out without my jewellery; to me they’re like the make up some women couldn’t live without.
    I’d feel naked without my silver and leather bracelets. I love their jingling when I write, and the way the way they complete my looks even when I’m wearing nothing but some jeans and a black tee.

    I rarely wear gold unless I want people to notice me. Then I wear what I call a totem-item; something impressive that will create a contrast with the colour of my skin, and still, seem like no one else could have worn it better. (apart from that, I’m very humble, I swear! ;)

  209. I’ve been looking for a great statement necklace and that one would be perfect! *fingers crossed!*

  210. I love Dream Collective! The cuff is fantastic. I love Of a Kind, too, and wish I could afford all of their editions!

  211. Savannah

    I have been coveting those studs for ages. If I had any kind of a budget this year, I would have ordered them in a second.

  212. I’m smitten with the Ingrid Cuff! Beautiful colors and textures. I’m all about statement jewelry paired with simple frocks.

  213. the ring! the ring!

    oh my goodness it’s gorgeous.

  214. Hello!

    I would like the White Diamond Pharos Ring by Steven Shein, please!

    When I accessorise it’s all very minimal. Most of my jewellery is simple and minimal and I don’t wear much of it. Most of my pieces are brass and/or rose gold as well.

    Thank you!

  215. I love the cuff. I’ve been looking for a beautiful, artistic cuff for years as i generally tend to wear necklaces and earrings most of all . The cuff would be a welcome and wonderful addition to my collection.

  216. I would love the mini quartz studs. I typically wearing dangly earrings and would like to switch it up!

  217. I’m super minimal with my jewelry but wear studs every day. Would love the mini quartz studs!

  218. you had me at conflict free diamonds! the White Diamond Pharos Ring fo sho!

  219. I’ve been subscribed to their newsletter for ages (it really is the best!) and I’m so all over that Golden Ardor necklace. My favorite way to wear jewelry is a statement necklace like that over a simple silk button down blouse – so versatile for work or play!

  220. Such Amazing Design – the grasping prongs are so unique.
    LOVE the pharoh’s ring!

  221. Ohhhhh that RING, it would go so well with my blanca gomez. I want it so bad! Make a poor graduate student’s dream come true :)

  222. Crista C

    I pretty much exclusively wear earrings. I like to keep it simple. I always feel like it’s too busy when I wear earrings and a necklace. For this giveaway, I would spring for the cuff, though. It’s so gorgeous!!

  223. those earrings are divine. i would accessorize with a black silk slip dress, simple leather flats and a leather tote (like Madewell’s leather Transport), simple minimalist items that won’t detract from the beauty of the earrings.

  224. The mini quartz studs would be a subtle, understated touch to any outfit! Earrings are the only jewelry I wear! I am simple and streamlined and these would suit perfectly.

  225. i have always been a simple earring+bracelet or ring kind of gal but after taking up pottery recently, the GOLDEN ARDOR NECKLACE caught my eye and is inspiring me to move into more bolder territory!
    thanks for the opportunity!

  226. I love the Ingrid Cuff. I wear long necklaces with geometric forms on a daily basis and rarely wear other accessories but I’ve been wanting to branch out and add different types of pieces to my collection. This cuff would be such an awesome addition to my little collection, it’s so lovely!

  227. The White Diamond Pharos Ring is gorgeous. I love it’s minimalist design and how it can be wore for casual wear or for a fancy night. I love wearing this kind of accessories that can match my casual daily wear or my formal evenings. I love a statement necklace matched wit a beautiful minimalist ring.

  228. absolutely the golden ardor necklace! I’ve been coveting that piece for awhile – what a generous giveaway! I have an indigo denim button up that I’ve been wearing like crazy, I would pair the necklace with that.

  229. Juliette

    I love, love, the the Golden Ardor Necklace by Highlow Jewelry. It’s such a statement piece. I’d wear it with everything. Thanks for this great giveaway!

  230. I usually don’t wear rings, but I would LOVE to get that white diamond pharos ring!
    I tend to wear only one subtle but distinctive jewellery at a time, usually earrings, but this ring is just t beautiful and peculiar to pass!

  231. I absolutely love the Ingrid Cuff! It would go so well with a set of slim bangles that I wear daily and simple blue enamel earrings.

  232. I would loooooooove to win the white diamond pharos ring! I used to wear a lot of jewelry, but am becoming a lot more simple now. This ring is simple and beautiful!

  233. Maria DeGuzman

    Golden Ardor Necklace by Highlow Jewelry styled with my chiffon military green maxi dress and leather gladiator slippers! Love that piece, so beautifully crafted :)

  234. The Golden Ardor necklace is stunning and just my style, when worn with simple, classic outfits – like white oxfords and dark denim or head-to-toe black. I like to let jewellery take centre stage.

  235. I’d love to win the Golden Ardor necklace. I’d accessorise with a beaded clutch, my engagement ring and a gold hoop earrings. Too much more would detract from this beauty.

  236. They are all beautiful, but the Golden Arbor necklace is calling to me. I would wear it with my black suede loafers with white gum soles, black cropped pants with white slip top and blazer, and my wedding ring.

  237. The Ingrid cuff is absolutely gorgeous. I like to keep it simple. One good piece is better that a ton of just meh accessories, in my opinion.

  238. Ooooh those mini quartz studs are too good to be true! I accessorize schizophrenically– sometimes big and bold, sometimes dainty and classy ….

  239. Mini Quartz Earrings, No.2 are just beauts.
    I like to wear jewellery that helps create the character I’m embodying every day (I wear pearls when I’m feeling like an Iron Lady).
    These lovely gems are perfect for dressing like a Princess or to jazz up any plain ‘ol outfit.

  240. I’d earn some serious brownie points surprising my girlfriend with the white diamond pharos ring!


    I don´t wear earrings for years but these amazing mini quartz studs (2) will do that I start wearing them again!
    Thin chains, tiny pendants and simple rings are my favourite accessories.
    In love with the whole “Of a Kind” collection, in love with your great blog, too!

  242. I would looove to win Mini Quartz Studs by Giant Lion. I’m pretty horrible, at wearing accessories – I hate rings and necklaces, it just do not feels right. So I have to go with my gorgeous watch and earrings!

  243. I love that ring,! Unique but still subtle and wearable.

    I tend to wear the same jewelry every day, stacking mixture of vintage gold rings belonging to my grandmother with more modern, minimalistic pieces from Brvtvs.

  244. I would pick the Mini Quartz Studs – which is almost silly because I hardly ever remember to wear earrings. Their simplicity is calling to me I guess. My general jewellery styling choices revolve around my collection of rings, and my small but growing collection of strange statement necklaces. They are the only jewellery pieces I find unobtrusive in my daily life as a graphic designer :) Bracelets knocking against my desk as I type drive me bananas!

  245. I love all of them but wear earrings daily so that I am selection. I wear earrings every day; bracelets most days, a ring 1/2 of the time, and necklaces 1/2 of the time. I really think accessorizing completes your look.

  246. I love cool, elegant, quirky, and unique pieces. Especially bracelets…but the Pharos ring is calling to me. Loudly :)

  247. I like to mix different pieces, the sound they make by striking each others is my blue note. I enjoy the way gold reflect on my chocolate skin, even more when the sun comes out. INGRID CUFF is here my favorite piece, it reminds me a Klimt.

  248. I would choose the Ingrid cuff. Now that I have a baby it’s safer to wear bracelets and rings than earrings or necklaces! The cuff is simple yet still unique, just how I like my jewelry.

  249. The Ingrid cuff is so beautifully made! love it

  250. I love the Ingrid cuff. I tend to accessorize simply so I love all of her pieces.

  251. Kia Taudorf

    I would love to win the white diamond pharos ring. That one is just stunning!

  252. I love simplicity but sometimes a fall for ornaments and colors. So I would choose the Ingrid cuff.

  253. I love the mini quartz studs. Lovely and simple.

  254. I love the stunning Ingrid Cuff by Dream Collective. I always wear an statement necklace and one or two rings each hand, I like to mix silver and gold accesories. With this Ingrid Cuff I’ll wear mi coppery pants and a white shirt, with a slim silver choker and delicate silver ring on the other hand.

  255. The Mini Quartz Studs are my pick – there’s nothing classier than some simple sparkly studs!

  256. diamond ring.
    Its just perfectly minimal with an edge.
    White shirt, Cuffed relaxed fit jeans and some white sneakers. mmhmmm.

  257. I love the quartz studs.

    Just like me, they are simple, sacred and classy. That’s how I accessorize.

  258. I’d love to try for the Ingrid Cuff by Dream Collective. Thank you!

  259. The mini quartz studs would go perfectly with my wardrobe! I’m a fan of minimalistic, one of a kind pieces that have a rough-hewn and handmade feel to them. I’d love to be able to put them alongside leather accents and fresh, organic linen summerwear.

  260. I’ve been a subscriber to Of A Kind for awhile and love what they do! I’ve had my eye on that Pharos ring…

  261. I’ve been obsessing over the white diamond pharos ring since I saw it in their newsletter (which I already subscribe to)! I love anything delicate and gold, and recently got a second piercing in one ear so I can wear more delicate gold pieces each day.

  262. I love the ring!

    I usually think quite a lot in symmetry, or lack of, when accessorizing. Quite possibly this is why I can’t for the life of me figure out how to wear necklaces! I’ll wear loads of rings of different ‘weights’ on one or both hands, or alike cuffs on both wrists, or a big earring in one ear. Or two-three small rings in the same ear, same piercing (one got a bit torn when I was partying too hard as a teen… better use the space, no?!).
    Metals I mix happily!

  263. I would love to win the Pharos ring! It is so versatile that I could wear it with jeans or more dressed up with a black dress! Love! Thanks for the giveaway.

  264. I would love to win the white diamond pharos ring !
    I like to accessorize with nice nail polish, fine bracelets and a great lipstick :)

  265. I choose the ring. Itreminds me of welding sparks. In the winter I like to wear long sleeve dresses and put a pair of cuffs on the outside so they look like a part of the sleeve. Fancies things up a bit. I love earrings but ALWAYS lose one. Not an exaggeration. ALWAYS. Thanks for the opportunity.

  266. ohhh, such a hard choice, and One of a kind have been on favorite list for a long time now, but i would absolutely l-o-v-e to win the INGRID CUFF, so elegant and chic.. i would probably pair if with a light summer dress ( but most likely i wouldn’t be able to resist and wait for a faire weather and just wear it everyday with my favorite pair of jeans and a crisp bottoned down shirt…

  267. I wear the same pair of earrings and necklace pretty much all the time. Time for some new jewellery. I would love the Ingrid cuff!

  268. good god the Pharos Ring is beautiful – definitely my pick!! I either like bold earrings to frame the face, or rings to add a special touch. Thanks for this opportunity, I’m heading over to their website right now to drool over the other jewellery :)

  269. Love the Mini Quartz Studs ! Would be a fabulous addition to any outfit, delicate, edgy and chic!

  270. Wow – nearly impossible to choose, but I think I need that beautiful cuff!

  271. I can’t resist the gorgeous, simple, modern lines of the White Diamond Pharos ring! It sits so beautifully on the finger – I would wear it as a solo piece or stack my hand up with different rings of different metals and textures. Beautiful work, and beautiful blog, miss moss!!

  272. The Ingrid cuff, #3. I either go small with a simple gold ring or go big with a chunky cuff.

  273. I’d choose the beautiful cuff, and I’d gift it to my sister. I think she’d love it!

  274. Love the boldness of the Golden Ardor Necklace!

  275. I wear earrings every day (normally studs , but I also love dangly earrings for special occasions), so I would be really thrilled to win the beautiful mini quartz studs! Holding thumbs :)

  276. Ooh! The White Diamond pharos ring for sure!

    Love simple, beautiful pieces of jewellery – the Pharos ring fits that bill perfectly.

  277. Oooh! I would choose the White Diamond Pharos Ring by Steven Shein. I’m lazy so I keep my jewelery on at all times, several different thin stacking rings in white and yellow gold, a necklace by Kamilla Ruberg and some diamond studs, mostly all gifts! Lovely giveaway, thank you! Fingers crossed! x

  278. My style is similar–usually very minimal, with only one or two pieces of jewelry. And hardly ever earrings! (I discovered I have one attached earlobe and one unattached earlobe, and I think it has always subconsciously made me avoid earrings.)
    The Ingrid cuff is gorgeous and versatile. That would be my pick.

  279. Jessica Crim

    I am in love with the diamond pharos ring. It is something that could probably never buy for myself but I would absolutely cherish. I wear very simple jewelry and I love stacking delicate rings together.This ring is absolutely perfect!

  280. Love the ring! It has lovely lines, I would wear it paired with a few other minimal rings

  281. I adore the Ingrid Cuff!
    I’m a bracelet + necklaces kind of gal. I love rings, but lose them too easily. I love unique patterns and prints, especially the one on this cuff!

  282. the ingrid cuff.
    i love modern pieces that speak from traditional techniques.

  283. I heart the white diamond Pharos ring. I’m a sucker for simple and dainty jewelry. It’s something can wear everyday with everything :)

  284. Astrid Julies

    Love the simplicity and true presence of the Mini Quartz Studs by Giant Lion. To accessorize the beatifull earings are endless; with a little black number for an cocktail do….with classic demims…strapless dress day or night.
    BTW…alll awesome items.

  285. I love the golden ardor necklace! I like to accessorize with necklace that stands out.

  286. I would wear the Golden Ardor necklace and pair it with a dark contrasting top and let the necklace be the center of attention. Statement necklaces are everything!

  287. The Golden Ardor Necklace is flawless. Sometimes I can get overwhelmed by accessories, so by far my favorite type is a strong statement piece that can hold its own in an outfit.

  288. My favorite would have to be the golden ardor necklace. Accessorizing for me is pretty minimalist. I have my cuff and assortment of rings I wear everyday (meaning don’t take off) and then I like to throw on something awesome. Something like this necklace.

  289. white diamond pharos ring: it would be a perfect everyday piece … i love to wear thin gold rings and small stud earrings for my every-day look.

  290. I would absolutely LOVE the ring. It’s so simple and elegant and would compliment my style :(

  291. Love the ring and earrings too, but my favorite is the Ingrid Cuff. I would wear it with jeans and a linen button down shirt or my denim sleeveless sundress and gold flats.

  292. All such beautiful items! I would be so excited to win any of the items!

    : )

  293. opps and the one I would like If I win is the ring.


  294. I love the Golden Ardor Necklace! My style is minimalistic in a warm weather way, the colours to describe it are expressed so well by this necklace it’s wow. I’ve been trying to find a definition of my “style” and until now there hasn’t been anything concrete. I would wear the necklace with a loose white t-shirt light coloured skinny boyfriend jeans and my bright green Nike free run runners – hair down :) By the way I love visiting your website!

  295. everything is gorgeous, but the White Diamond Pharos Ring especially ;)

  296. The details in each piece are beautiful! I would choose the White Diamond Pharos Ring by Steven Shein, however, because I like to wear my jewelry as simple and subtle.

  297. Patricia Y

    I’d get the studs and wear them with my new bob!

  298. Took me a while to decide, as all of them are distinctly beautiful. However, I’d love to see the ring on my hand at all times. Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  299. Thanks for the awesome giveaway! Of A Kind are the best…
    My pick would be the white diamond pharos ring.

    I like jewelry, but don’t actually own a lot as I am terribly picky. Mostly I wear minimalist ear studs, and not so much lately due to my new hair cut – somehow the pixie cut/studs combo make me feel like a 2 year old!
    So I’ve been meaning to move to rings …. this would be a lovely start for a new collection. ;)

  300. The White Diamond Pharos Ring is a standout amongst these beautiful pieces! I accessorise with one piece at a time putting it on show.

  301. I love the Ingrid cuff. I accessorize with jewelry with generally just one or two pieces at a time – nothing too dainty and nothing too statement-ish. I don’t mind mixing my metals. I can see myself wearing the cuff with a few different gold bracelets and some silver rings. The print on it is great!

  302. Stephanie

    The Golden Ardor Necklace. Goldtones and pastels are a rule of thumb.

  303. The White Diamond Pharos Ring has my heart!!
    As my entire wardrobe is based on simple basics, this rings would the perfect addition to my favorite outfit of black ankle boots, black jeans, and a navy t-shirt!

  304. That cuff or ardor necklace are gorgeous – would love to show off their glint in the summer sun!

  305. Love the Mini Quartz studs. They so gorgeous and can be worn with anything!

  306. I am crazy for the ring. (It took me way too long to choose between the cuff & the ring, but I figure more use from the ring.)

    My style: always rings (two never come off, two creep on and off) and always watch (interchange three), statement necklace or bracelet (usually necklace) for evening & simple necklace for day. I feel a need to change my routine, but it’s SO HARD. Like trying to clean out your closet…difficult to do but once you do you feel L I B E R A T E D.

  307. I love the mini quartz studs from Giant Lion. I love wearing a few simple pieces of jewelry consistently rather then making a huge statement. I often put my hair in a crown braid and I think these earrings would be a great compliment. I would wear them every day.

  308. These are great! But the ring is the simplest elegant piece of all

  309. I’m a basic everyday kinda girl where practical usually over rules glam and over accessorizing, but the Ingrid cuff is just the perfect combo of delicate detail, amazing artistry and simple bold cuff that I can’t resist!pick meeeee!!

  310. I would love the Mini Quartz Studs because I love to accessorise minimally with basic but beautiful accessories!

  311. So Lovely!
    I love the mini quartz studs from Giant Lion. Like we say in swedish “enkel”.

  312. The ring. The ring. The ring.
    I tend to put as many rings on as possible, and only accessorise my hands. No other accessories required when my hands are beautifully decorated.

  313. wow, how beautiful! i would choose the cuff, i love the combination oft white and blue. with gold it’ s stunning.
    love, Susan

  314. I’d love to win the white diamond pharos ring. It goes well with my rather nude style of accessories – I’ll typically wear just my watch, and reserve other jewelry for special occassions or when I’m in that mood.

  315. I would love to win the ring, it’s beautiful and delicate – an absolutely gorgeous piece that would compliment any outfit. I would accessorize with my favourite nail colours along with a selection of midi rings and a chunky gold index ring on the other hand.

  316. I loved the Ingrid Cuff the moment I saw it in the newsletter! The colors and motif are just so good.

  317. Number 2, the studs please! I’m a South African living in chilly Edinburgh, Scotland. Love it when the sun comes out for a moment so i can wear my favourite Persol sunglasses with a chunky scarf, earrings are all that you can see above the layers :) x

  318. i would love to own those mini quartz studs, they suit my taste perfectly! i generally tend to accessorise with pieces like layered pendant necklaces and simples rings, and a black wristwatch for style as well as functionality. crossing my fingers for this one!! x

  319. Steph Lie

    The Golden Arbor necklace is sublime. A just-in-time birthday present, perhaps? x

  320. Julia Merrett

    The Pharos ring would be my choice. I’d wear a great white t-shirt, killer sunglasses (still searching for the perfect pair!!) and that ring. Done.

  321. I adore mini quartz studs, perfect for everyday . Everything else is also great.

  322. My style is simple but unique. I love all of these pieces (for that reason) but my favourite are the mini quartz studs because they are timeless and elegant, and will go with anything and everything.

  323. The pharos ring is so delicate, it would look gorgeous with pretty much any outfit. Major love !

  324. I absolutely love the n4 White Diamond Pharos Ring by Steven Shein. Im the kind of girl who likes to use one piece at a time and give it a special attention. Iam really picky!!! so when I see somethings that’s really worth it I go for it. The ring is so beautifully designed. Im from Argentina and since my country is not allowing us to buy online Im dying to win this amazing piece!! Thanks xoxo

  325. I love them all, but particularly adore the white diamond pharos ring! I think I’d accessorize simply, wearing it with dark jeans, a stylish white tee, and bright red nails.

  326. Since my accessory style is eclectic my choice is the statement Golden Ardor Necklace. Whether I’m dressed up or down, a bold piece hanging from my neck always adds the touch of creativity that I crave! Thanks x

  327. The white diamond ring is simply beautiful. I’d wear it and love it every day.

  328. That Golden Ardor Necklace is INSANE! Such beautiful pieces! Would LOVE to wear!

  329. White Diamond Pharos Ring-I have had a crush on this as soon as I saw it featured on Of a Kind. Personally, I like to keep accessorizing simple with classic pieces that can work with lots of outfits. Typically, I choose statement earrings or a necklace and pair it with a favorite ring or two.

  330. Tough decision! I would have to pick the Golden Ardor Necklace. I usually go for small and delicate, but I’m think I need some big bold necklaces in my life :) xo

  331. i would love the ring! i pile on all of my jewelry but, for spring, i want to keep it simple…..this ring and just plain earrings.

  332. Golden Ardor Necklace is my fave!
    Same as the model, I am always looking to pair ONE bold accessories with a simple everyday look.

  333. I love the quartz earrings! I am an earring girl and I like to accessorize with all sorts of earrings depending on my mood! Big, funky, small, dainty, delicate- it all depends what I am going for. Thanks for the giveaways!!

  334. That Ingrid Cuff is remarkably gorgeous. I mean totally stunning! The ring is my second place, but man that cuff…. so artistic and the colors are lovely together.

  335. That Golden Ardor Necklace is absolutely gorgeous.

  336. I have a thing for necklaces and believe there is no ‘too many’ in a collection. But I am very minimalist with accesorizing, I believe a statement piece needs space to take full effect. So I only ever combine small delicate necklaces together. For this gorgeous piece, I’d love to pair it with one of my many vintage silk blouses or a loose fitting Acne tshirt, a dark denim jeans and my Birkenstocks. If the weather will (and it does these days!), my R.T. CO shades join in.

  337. I am dying over that unique Golden Ardor Necklace, it is so cool. Typically my accessories are very simple and clean like a pair classic diamond stud earrings or quartz pendant necklace. But lately I have been trying to mix things up and add bolder, more interesting pieces, so this necklace would be so great!
    Thank you for this fantastic giveaway :)

  338. Margaret

    I immediately fell for the Mini quartz studs!

    Usually I wear simple and delicate or fun jewelry, and seldom rings or flashy necklaces. It’s important to bring focus to one thing at the time, like these beautiful earrings!

  339. Mini quarts… a coup de coeur!
    And I need to feel lucky and need to wear a special thing for a special task..

  340. The mini quartz stubs. I can see wearing them forever. I’m a bit of a minimalist, so accessorise simply.

  341. I love the Pharos ring. I like when a piece of jewelry is simple but stands out somehow and this ring is definitely a unique one. I have a lots of accessories but always wear the same silk scarf, silver necklace and rings. Statement jewelry is something I long to wear but I guess I’m just not brave enough.

  342. i really fell for the cuff. it’s beautiful! honestly i’m a bit lazy when it come to accessorizing – i only wear very minimalist earrings and a ring on a daily basis and maybe sometimes a watch/necklace when i’m feeling fancy. but i’d absolutely love to show off that cuff. fingers crossed!

  343. So much love for One Of A Kind! That Ingrid Cuff is out of this world!

  344. Those Mini Quartz Studs are interesting . Rough and delicate at the same time. Simple and glamorous. Classy.

  345. The ring! (But I like them all, and it was really really hard to choose between the cuff and the ring…)

    I usually don’t accessorize much. I have two rings I love the most and I wear them every day. This ring could be the third one… It would go nicely with them indeed!

  346. Ingrid Cuff. I’d wear it with some simple gold bangles and a black dress. Preferably in the sun so it can shine. (:

  347. Golden Ardor Necklace I love it! I love accessorizing with necklaces they are a must in my wardrobe!

  348. Golden Ardor Necklace. My jewelry collection is carefully curated and quite small. It includes only vintage or handmade fine jewelry. Rather than buying tons of cheap jewelry, I prefer to have a small selection of items that represent my love for craft and desire to support artisans/handmade. I typically accessorize with a unique pair of earrings or by layering a couple of vintage necklaces…. and pretty much any day you can find me wearing bakelite bangles. The Golden Ardor would be a beautiful, contemporary addition to my wardrobe. It’s like wearing a piece of sculpture! I would keep the rest of my look simple to make it stand out. I would also love to see it worn with light palette…. vanilla denim, a sandy or white sweater, and natural leather sandals. Perfection.

  349. I love to accessories with simple, delicate jewels, just like the gorgeous quartz studs.

  350. The Golden Ardor Necklace is the one that I would most love to add to my collection of statement necklaces. I love pieces with soul!

  351. Maddie W.

    The ring! Love it! Love how subtle and beautiful it is!

  352. Libby Garon

    That Ingrid Cuff is to die for! My style can be boiled down to a tribal, circus princess. I go for billowing textures, bright colors, and geometric patterns. I like to accessorize with pieces that I can wear everyday. I like to pull from a wide range of eras and trends when I dress, so when accessorizing, I go with pieces that complement my unpredictable style, whatever that day mght bring.

  353. Jennifer

    the quartz studs! i’m a simple girl and all i need is an amazing pair of earrings


    1. the Golden Ardor Necklace. I always choose wearing a necklace for my statement piece, it can truly transform your look.

  355. Basically all of these pieces are perfect (though I’m not a necklace girl myself). I’m all about bracelets and rings, and I’ve not worn earrings in a veeery long time, but that said, those quartz studs are a thing of beauty and I would correct my erroneous ways by wearing them every single day from here on out.

  356. I love the Dream Collective cuff – usually I’m a pretty simple jewelry wearer but the colors on that beautiful thing would inspire me to step outside my comfort zone!

  357. I would love the Mini Quartz Studs. To show them off, my hair in a high sleek bun, so all can see these beautiful accessories.

  358. Justine Kilkerr

    I would love to win the ring! What a gorgeous thing.

    I wear earrings and nose stud all the time. I love earrings and rings especially, and like to stack tiny delicate rings on various fingers at the same time. I’ll wear a long necklace when I’m “dressing up” to go out.

  359. Amanda Barley

    The Ingrid cuff is gorgeous and would be happy at home on my wrist I’m sure.
    I like to accessories with statement pieces which is what led me to select this cuff.
    Thanks :)

  360. Hard choice but… I think I <3 those beautiful earrings!!! The Quartz Studs :-)

  361. Happy anniversary ;) and what a wonderful giveaway. Pharos ring and studs are so beautiful. Minimalism at it’s best.
    But since I work with my hands a lot, I’d choose studs, I’m afraid that I’d damage the ring.
    Best regards from Europe!

  362. I tend to only wear one or two rings and maybe my watch, anything extra makes me feel uncomfortable and overdressed. But the Ingrid cuff is just so pretty, would love to wear it!

  363. Phoebe H

    The Mini Quartz earrings – I’m a bit of a mix, staple is a couple of rings and a silver bead bracelet that literally never leaves my wrist. But every once and a while – when the mood takes me – i stack up a bunch of vintage chunky bangles, or a tribal looking necklace and go a little OTT! I never wear earrings, but i do so love the idea of wearing earrings and feeling a little fancy, but a part from a very bold dinosaur designs pair i was gifted a year ago i don’t actually own any! The mini quartz are both delicate and rough – fine but edgy – which i think sort of sums up the moods i swing between when accessorising, and our likely to be the perfect pair to inspire a new romance with earrings!

  364. Hi Diana!
    I am loving the Mini Quartz Studs. I also practically never wear earrings – anything too classic makes me feel old, and anything too zany just isn’t me. I feel like these are at a perfect crossroads between classic and fun. I would pay extra attention to my make-up (a bit of nude eyeliner to brighten my brown eyes, a red-orange lip and a touch of mascara) and hair (a messy low bun), and then keep my outfit quite subdued to keep the focus on the earrings: a black turtelneck, with men’s trousers and brogues.

  365. I would love to have the Mini Quartz Studs. I prefer simple jewelry and choose either necklace or earrings. I like vintage rings that I have from my grandmother and great-grandmother.

  366. I would like the Ingrid cuff, because arm parties are the best kind of party.

  367. without a doubt in my mind it would have to be the White Diamond Pharos ring, I love rings and that is probably one of the best I have ever seen!

  368. The necklace is a clear winner for me. Now please gods of chance, make me a winner!

  369. I would love, love, LOVE the Golden Ardor necklace! I like to accessorize with big, bold, statement pieces and this piece would take the cake!

  370. of a kind always has such beautiful objects and it’s wonderful to read the stories behind each designer. inspiring!!

  371. La-la-la-love the Golden Ardor Necklace. I am all about bohemian simplicity. Statement necklaces, dangly ear pieces and lots of rings. The Golden Ardor Necklace combined with some lovely bold ear pieces against a dark canvas = joujsed up.

  372. Adele-Marie

    I would love to win the white diamond pharos ring! I would accessorize with a simple gold pendant necklace.

  373. I would love to win the golden ardor necklace !
    Necklaces are my favorites, they make every look more fun :)


  374. Oh man – that Golden Ardor necklace is beautiful! I would love, love, love to pair it with a simple black maxi dress in the summer for a dramatic, minimalist look that hits all the notes I usually strive for – urban simplicity, clean lines, and a little bit of bohemian glamor to top it off! Thanks to y’all for the lovely giveaway, and the accessorizing inspiration :)

  375. This was so hard to choose!!! I love the necklace. I don’t usually wear necklaces because I am saving up for gold danty ones but, this necklace is killer! I love to accessorize with scarves! They add warmth and just a pop of something to any outfit!

  376. quemonique

    oh, thanks so much for this beautiful giveaway! since i had a baby 4 months ago my accessorizing has become very straightforward and simple – studs and the odd necklace in brassy or gold tones. stuff i can throw on and not think about! i am in love with the white diamond ring because my wedding ring is rose gold and i’ve been looking for another complementary band to wear on my right hand…. this is the one, so perfect and unique!

  377. I love the nr 4 , the white diamond Pharos ring. I like simple accessories… very long neackles, little diamond studs (I wear almost every day), simple stackable rings… and rose gold. this ring is simple but unique, and has little diamonds, so it perfectly reflects my likes.

  378. I’m crushing hard on Steven Sheins White Diamond Pharos ring! I love pairing yellow and rose gold and this would be the loveliest addition to my small, but tasteful, ring collection!

  379. I would love to win the studs please. They are so beautiful and I like that they look handmade and unique.


  380. the earrings are organic;precious and yet ephemeral at the same time; masterful and simple. Kudos to the designer and to have them as an option to win. they need little in the way of accessories – glowing skin and perhaps smoky eyes

  381. Katharina

    the white diamond pharos ring … ‘gasp’ … a pure statement. personally, I like to wear a pair of rings, matching my nailpolish. but this sleekness deserves the front row for its own.

  382. Alysha Haggerton

    The Ingrid Cuff by Dream Collective is a gorgeous piece.

  383. The quartz earrings! I’ve been eyeing them since they were released. I tend to keep some of my basic accessories consistent– my grandpa’s watch, my grandma’s chain, a rotating cast of vintage and new rings, and either very simple studs or very large architectural earrings.

  384. The ring! As much as I love earrings and necklaces and bracelets on others, I feel a little silly when I wear them — I accessorize just with a simple ring or two these days.

  385. Oh man–probably the hardest decision I’ll ever have to make! I think I’ll go with No.4, the White Diamond Pharos Ring–it’s a timeless beauty! x

  386. Jess Wayne

    I adore the Ingrid cuff!!

    For me, accessorizing depends on whether my outfit calls for it. Neutral outfit = bold accessories and vice-versa!!

  387. I am in dire need of that golden ardor necklace! it is so completely suiting to my taste and would weave into my wardrobe effortlessly.
    I’m a freelance illustrator/painter so I’m keen to small details and I just love how the necklace has so many beautiful little elements that create a stunning look all together. It’s a perfect example of how I like to accessorize in my daily life because I like statement pieces that catch the eye but are wearable from day to night. I’m not a bracelet/ring stacking type of girl because I use my hands a lot for my line of work, so I stick with my Kenneth Cole watch and occasionally a cuff. My favorite accessories to experiment with are necklaces and shoes because they are fuss free but have the power to completely transform the outfit!

  388. I WOULD choose the mini quartz studs (not only are they gorgeous but I helped make them!) but, unfortunately I don’t have my ears pierced so I’d definitely go with the Golden Ardor Necklace. I already wear the HighLow necklace I have regularly and sculptural, statement necklaces are my go-to on an almost daily basis – wearing all black/navy/neutral colors all the time allows me to use my accessories to bring in pattern, texture, and contrast, and this necklace is the perfect piece!

  389. Megan Leigh

    The Ingrid cuff is quite lovely! It works as a little piece of artwork that would complement any outfit- simple or completely glamorous

  390. I accessorize pretty simply- every day I wear an etched brass bangle that my best friend gave me- it was her grandmother’s. Otherwise, it’s one statement piece and some lipstick. The Golden Ardor necklace is so beautiful- and would be an incredible statement piece!!

  391. lovvve the quartz studs. i’ve been all about earrings lately. mismatched, gold, cuffs. these would be divine to pair with my catbird cuff.

  392. The white diamond Pharos Ring!

    I’m very simple when it comes to accessorizing, Everyday looks would consist of up to 4 rings. I wear mostly wear simple thin rings with subtle detail but my favorite ring is my evil eye ring made by Stefanie Sheehan (look her up on etsy!). Along with my rings, I wear really simple necklaces with simple charms (the one I’m wearing now is a wishbone from Marc Jacobs). And then finish it off with my everyday cateye and subtle pink-nude tinted lip balm.

  393. Ooooh, the Ingrid cuff is so fun! I love the exotic, bohemian whimsical qualities of it but it’s such a simple shape that it doesn’t overwhelm. I’d wear it with an otherwise understated outfit so it could stand out on its own, maybe with a pair of long dangly earrings and some fun shoes for an accent-centered vibe. So so beautiful!

  394. Gosh those earrings are divine. I don’t wear a lot of jewellery, but the jewellery I do wear is simple & beautiful.

  395. Seriously the newsletter is the best! I love the mini quartz earrings. I love jewelry, but tend to keep it simple with one thing at a time, too.

  396. Out of all the beautiful peaces, the earrings are my favorite! To balance a simply beautiful outfit with those simply beautiful earrings.

  397. Brittany

    Those earrings are simple and beautiful.
    I’ve never been one to have “statement” pieces.
    I prefer a minimal, and clean look and those earrings may as well be named after me.
    The setting is perfection with a simple gold necklace.
    and I’m thinking with a monochromatic look for spring.
    white tailored pants and a loose fitting flowing white blouse.
    I must have!

  398. That Golden Ardor Necklace is just beautiful, so simple but makes a terrific statement – which sums up my accessorizing aesthetic perfectly. *crossing fingers*

  399. Oh, love them all! If I had to pick only one, would probably be the Ingrid cuff or the Ardor necklace!

  400. I LOVE of a kind! Itd be so hard to pick one but I think I’d go with the quartz studs as my earring game has been lacking and those are too good!

  401. The White Diamond Pharos Ring is my favorite. I like to accessorize with very simple jewelry, usually one elegant piece and the ring is just my style.

  402. i would love to win the mini quartz studs, because they are so lovely. simple yet beautiful! i would wear them with a simple white dress and red lips.

  403. the white diamond pharos ring is perfect! i have pretty specific ideas when it comes to my jewellery. its almost all very simple and modern, with few stones. lots of mixed metals – heavy on the silver with bits of copper and gold. most of it i’ve had for years! this would be a beautiful piece to have in my collection.

  404. Definitely all about the Ingrid Cuff by Dream Collective. Been crushing on those organic shapes in enamel since it was released!

  405. In love with the Golden Ardor. Necklace. So bold!

  406. I’d love the mini quartz studs! They’d look fantastic with an oversized black top and a great pair of boots. Keeping it simple :)

  407. I love them all, but especially the mini quartz studs, which I would dress down with jeans and a white t shirt. Thank you!

  408. The golden ardor necklace is my pick because it’s wünderful. As far as styling goes: I like to keep it minimal. One statement piece or nothing and this piece is IT!

    Thanks for doing this, lovely.

  409. The pharos ring is beautiful and minimal! I love how simple and unique it is. I’d wear it everything little white cotton dresses with oxfords, lbds, and colorful mini suit sets

  410. Catherine

    All four are beautiful, but my heart chose the golden ardor necklace! I tend to dress in a minimalistic way, so I like to accessorize with bold statement pieces.

  411. I’m all about wearing stud earrings, and I love that those are simple but unique. Like my style :)

  412. I love no. 4, the White Diamond Pharos Ring. I think it’s a good representation of how I like to accessorize. I like simplicity — pieces that are classy and delicate but with a quirk that make them stand out and start conversations. I usually only wear a necklace, bracelet or rings, and rarely all of those things at the same time.

  413. In love with the Mini Quartz Studs, I’d accessorize with some silver rings and keep it simple: )

  414. I usually love rings the most and i’ve been looking for a good ring, but I will have to go with the cuff, since it’s so unique and I’ve been trying to wear more bracelets. Accessorizing is key and i love all the good things from of a kind!

  415. Definitely the Quartz Studs, they are so beautiful. I have recently pierced my ears so that I have 3 holes on both ears and I’m trying to collect interesting semi-precious stone earrings to group together.

  416. Wow! All these pieces are stunning! The mini quartz studs are just divine! Love that it hint towards the classic diamond stud, but with a twist. I’ll can see myself wearing this daily, paired with everything from little black dresses to boyfriend jeans.

  417. I love the Ingrid Cuff!

    My rule for accessories is normally one statement piece or a few small pieces.

  418. Aaaaah the Mini Quartz Studs are GORGEOUS!! Would be such a unique piece to add to my jewellery collection. Please please – I’m in love with these delicate, subtle lil’ glistening beauties. xx

  419. Caryn Fourie

    The Golden Ardor Necklace. I also only wear a single piece of jewellery at a time, so the bigger the better, but this necklace is so amazing I might even just hang it on my wall!

  420. Katarina

    Well, the cuff, definitely. It is gorgeous. I usually accessorize with one statement piece, which the cuff definitely id for me.

  421. Hello. I would choose the studs, they are simple and elegant, just the way I like my accessories.

  422. Am i the only guy here? lol. I dont know which is to decide. The mini quartz studs or the Pharos Ring. Hey it is not for me. Just getting something nice for my girlfriend. She dont really like jewellery that much but i think its a good start with the ear ring or the ring. For me personally i like the ring more. Just trying my luck here :) Cheers.

  423. I just adore the Pharos ring! It seems so simple but it is definitely a statement piece that could make any combination better. I tend to wear dark colors for work and I think they would be a good background for this ring to shine :)

  424. I’d love the white diamond pharos ring! Classic, simple and beautiful!

  425. Danielle

    That cuff!! I love Dream Collective jewelry so so much :)

  426. Joana Costa

    I absolutely love the cuff!

    Generally I accessorize with statement pieces.
    Really nice watch and beautiful cuffs or rings to complement.

    Be no mistaken, I adore all the pieces that you are giving away and I follow the work of Of a King for quite some time, but this cuff is my favorite and by far my accessory of choice!

  427. The studs are exquisite. Thanks so much for sharing wonderful jewelers with us, and for offering the giveaway.

  428. I’ve been a long-time subscriber to Of A Kind, so I know exactly what it is to lust over their beautiful additions as each one rolls in!

    If I one, I would definitely be hoping to take home that gorgeous Golden Ardor necklace. My jewellery phases change all the time, but I generally love to play with a mix of rings all over the fingers (impractical as that is for a working florist) or a huge yet non-blingy statement necklace. Hence the reason this clay and leather creation just SPEAKS to me… Ha ha! It is exactly what I love to pair with any outfit for any occasion.

    Thanks so much for giving us this opportunity, Diana. Such a rad giveaway!

  429. The MINI QUARTZ STUDS are just my style. They answer the call to all styles whether is is full on glam to boho chic!!

  430. The studs. Absolutely gorgeous! I love wearing small special everyday pieces, and those scream simple chic! Love.

  431. The necklace. I rarely wear them but would wear this one with a monochromatic getup. Perhaps navy slacks and blouse.

  432. UGH!!! I just got married last month and those quartz studs would have been EVERYTHING!! Thankfully will be doing it all over again this summer so fingers crossed to win the studs!

  433. Definitely the Golden Ardor Necklace by Highlow Jewelry! I love to accessorize with a statement piece and with minimal jewelry. am in love with prints too!

  434. suffeRING duRING prepaRING some comment that will bRING me a RING…

  435. Hannah R.

    I absolutely love accessories. For the most part, I usually love simple/delicate/minimal , but once in a while I like to go all out with something super standout piece. I’ve been known to rock some craaazy shoes.

  436. I’d love to win the mini quartz studs please!! I like to accessorize with minimal gold jewelry inspired by nature.

  437. The Golden Armour necklace is my absolute favorite! I’m a bit of a necklace junkie and since I love accessorizing with one statement piece, a few interesting but simple rings and a boyfriend watch.

  438. I, like you, am a one-accessory-at-a-time type. Something that makes a simple statement is ideal. I have been in love with that necklace for a while. Such a bold, beautiful piece!

  439. I like to keep things simple and usually wear little to no jewelry (I have some pieces I like, but mostly I just forget!). I’m picturing the Ingrid Cuff with a simple sundress this summer :)

  440. Love the White Diamond Pharos ring — I wear minimalist jewelry (that lately, tends to be gold) that I can wear all day every day. This would be amazing.

  441. Crystal Ng

    I would love the golden ardor necklace.. it would look amazing with basics. I have followed one of a kind for awhile and the company and the products they feature are awesome! thanks for this

  442. florence

    I love Of a Kind! And those quartz studs are perfect for every and any occasion…would love to have them as my go to pair!

  443. Angelica ME

    I would love to wear the Mini Quartz Studs daily. I like to wear pieces that are sentimental and are a twist on something classic like these studs are.

  444. the white diamond pharos ring is amazing! it would be like having a tiny piece of wonder on your finger. I love it’s simplicity and that it would match with anything xx

  445. The Golden Ardor necklace is my pick of the beautiful bunch. Highlow hits the nail on the head in terms of how I like to accessorise – an interesting necklace is all it takes (especially since I let my ear piercings grow over and too clumsy for bracelets!). I love the interesting shape and colour use.

  446. I love the white diamond Pharos ring! Such a unique but beautiful item.

  447. The Golden Ardor Necklace is very pretty. I would accesorize it with a soft white/creme blouse. Nice and neutral.

  448. I would love to win the White Diamond Pharaohs ring. it is so beautiful and simplistic.

  449. Christina

    That White Diamond Pharos Ring is beautiful. I would wear that and nothing else.

  450. Oooo, difficult to pick! My final choice is the White Diamond Pharos Ring. I am a collector of thin, dainty rings and this one will be such a unique addition to my growing stack. I always joke that I do not have enough fingers to wear all the lovely rings I want to wear!

  451. I’d choose the Mini Quartz Studs since I only really accessorize with my earrings and I love simple studs with interesting textures or designs. Those would be perfect for that!

  452. I’d love the Golden Ardor Necklace – I have a few delicate rings/bracelets/earrings that are my go-to everyday wear, but for special occasions I love to vamp it up with a statement necklace and bright lipstick. I tend to wear black most of the time so it’s also my favourite way to glam up a simple outfit.

  453. The Golden Ardor Necklace, please.

    I’m quite a plain-vanilla girl when it comes to accessories. I wear the same tiny earings and a simple ring every day. But boy, I do love an unique, bold necklace when I feel like dressing up. And that Golden Ardor Necklace is like a piece of art.

  454. the white diamond Pharos ring is genius!! I love how it’s both simple and unexpected. I usually don’t wear a whole lot of jewelery. I like my pieces to be pretty minimal, but chic. This ring is right up my alley!

  455. I like to keep things fuss-free most of the time so a necklace is what I go with when I actually (remember to) accessorise. However, the understated beauty of the Pharos ring is captivating and I’d happily slide it on to my finger every day!

  456. That Golden Ardor necklace is beautiful! It would be the perfect statement necklace to add to a little black dress for a night out or to add to a simple tee and blazer combo for the work day!

  457. the pharos ring is amazing. i love its design sooo much.

  458. After splurging before on Of A Kind I’d had to wean myself off their beautiful wares – until now! I love the White Diamond Pharos ring but know I’d gouge my boyfriend with it accidentally. So I’d opt for the Golden Ardor necklace instead – such an amazing statement piece to jazz up a sedate outfit…

  459. in love with the pharos ring … delicate and simple

  460. SO hard to choose! I adore the Ingrid Cuff. I love the idea of styling a simple outfit, like a t-shirt and jeans, with beautiful, interesting jewelry…

  461. love Of A Kind! these are some great picks!

    personally i would love that white diamond pharos ring! so good.

  462. Ohhh I so want the mini quartz studs… They are gorgeous! Thanks for the chance.

  463. I would like to win the exquisite White Diamond Pharos Ring. This is the piece what I have been searching for so long. Simple, but gorgeous.

  464. I gravitate towards simple, elemental-looking jewelry. Those mini quartz studs fit the bill and go with everything! What a fabulous design, and what a great website. Thanks for introducing me to Of a Kind. It will become one of my new haunts.

  465. I adore N2 – the little quart stud earrings. I have a lots of piercings on my right ear, so I tend to mix&match many different little earrings on that ear and wear a bigger, but minimalistic (in this case – a gold ring) ; I would wear no more jewelry, perhaps only my Om symbol bracelet which is also golden, simple and subtle.

  466. I love all those pieces but the earrings are the most beautiful!I don’t have my ears pierced but would love to win the earrings to give to my wee sister who is half the world away living in sweden, she would accessorise with a big woolley hat that let those little diamonds peak out and sparkle in the swedish snow!

  467. I love the mini quartz studs! :) I like finding delicate jewelry I can wear everyday: delicate, stackable rings, simple earrings with a touch of quirk, and slightly bolder but still minimalist long necklaces.

  468. I really like the mini quartz studs. They look both chic and sophisticated, and definitely match with my style. I would love to win them.

  469. I have to go with the necklace #1!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

    It’s the perfect item to liven up any outfit. I like to accessorize interesting statement pieces over very simple & plain clothes…so one could say the outfit is actually the accessory:)

  470. I love the necklace, I collect statement necklaces from all over the world and like to accessorize classic, clean cut outfits with chunky, bold necklaces and delicate rings as I don’t really wear bracelets. Also, no outfit is complete without the perfect shade of lipstick as an accessory!

  471. Jessica Marie

    I like to accessorise pretending that I´m a punk magpie and the nature is my treasure house. The Golden Ardor necklace will suit me just perfect!

  472. I am obsessed with the mini quartz studs! I love to accessorize with simple statement pieces inspired by the wild beauty that surrounds me.

  473. First I saw those marvelous mini quartz studs on pinterest and thought ‘omg, those are soooo pretttyyy, they would be a wonderful gift for my lovely sister for her 30th birthday’. so here I am, entering this giveaway for my sister ’cause I love her and I know that she would be so happy to get these wonderful, simple but finished earrings :)

  474. The White Diamond Pharos Ring by Steven Shein is AH-MAZING. I am desperately trying to figure out my stacks (it’s so hard, right?), and this would solve all my index finger ring dilemma. #4 #4 #4. I love it.

  475. Courtney

    Love the Golden Ardor Necklace- and Miss Moss/Of a Kind!

  476. Caroline M

    Wow, I would adore that Ingrid cuff! I have admired Dream Collective’s stuff for years–so simple while being ethereal and gorgeous–but this piece is exceptional.

    My style is generally essentials and desert-influenced with one accessory that really pops, and the cuff goes along with the colors I usually wear (jeans and almost always something black, haha). I always wear my silver high school ring (after all these years!) and a thin silver band.

  477. I adore the Golden Ardor Necklace! I’d style it with a boxy black crop top & white zara skort. Keep it simple.

  478. Julia Anderson

    I am in love with the Pharos Ring. I’m not one for the flashy, which more often than not means it’s nearly impossible to find beautiful, yet subtle pieces. This piece would definitely become a staple that I would be excited to wear every day. :)

  479. Love the Pharos Ring! I’m very minimalistic when it comes to accessorizing and the unique shape of the ring is the perfect stand alone piece to a pretty manicure.

  480. I love the he mini quartz studs – as classic and elegant as diamond studs, but much edgier and I think better suited to dressing both down and up.

  481. I tend to wear jewelry one piece at a time, it seems the most special way to wear something maybe….
    So I cycle through what I’ve bought or inherited or been given, depending on my mood or where i’m heading. I think of where it came from, who I was, where I was, or a certain person. A small object can carry a lot of strength!
    The diamond pharos ring is subtle, strong, refined.

    love the blog,


  482. White Diamond Pharos Ring and Mini Quartz Studs are my favorite …

  483. I LOVE the Ingrid Cuff – it’s both delicate and such a statement. I usually wear bracelets and a stack of rings on my ring finger, and that’s it. Recently I’ve started wearing necklaces – which is still kinda strange but it works.:)

  484. I would love to win the mini quartz earrings! So simple and easy to wear, just the kind of jewlery I like and find it hard to find!

    Love from Brazil,


  485. They are all so pretty but I adore the Mini Quartz Studs! I’ve got my fingers crossed! Xox

  486. Elizabeth

    I would love to win the mini quartz studs. I wear a watch, ring(s), earrings, and a necklace basically everyday. I tend to over accessorize, so I’ll usually look in the mirror before it’s time to leave & take one thing off1

  487. I LOVE the mini quartz studs! I love to accessorize with timeless pieces, adding bold/edgy items from time to time to keep people guessing!

  488. The Golden Ardor Necklace is quite a looker, definitely the one I would like to win!

  489. The white diamond pharos ring has my heart. It would beautifully accompany my new voices of industry blouse (a gift from my mum), and a spring garden tea party or sunrise walks along my hometown beach. Yes please. x

  490. thanks for the giveaway they’re all beautiful I would love the pharos ring or the quartz studs.

  491. The Golden Ardor necklace is a dream.

    I’m a black / white / floral gal. Recently started accessorizing with rustic texture pieces.

  492. The Ingrid Cuff by Dream Collective got me hooked from the first sight with its playful pattern! I always wear a particular pair of studs and small pendant necklace for my everyday look and usually switch them for more sophisticated pieces when I go out for more special occasions. When it comes to style, I love to accessorize with any piece that is minimal in shape but unique enough to leave an impression when caught by eyes.

  493. I would love the white diamond Pharos ring. Amazing.

  494. I really love Ingrid Cuff, and I’ll wear that unique bracelet with a 3/4 sleeve white lace blouse, denim high-waisted jeans and a pair of mint chunky Eva lace up shoes from Topshop. The Ingrid Cuff makes me think in patterns from late 60s, so my outfit flirt with it!

  495. Such beautiful, unique pieces! Favorite = quartz studs!

  496. Such a hard choice, but I’ll go with the white diamond Pharos ring, since I’ve been thinking I’d like to start wearing more rings again!

  497. The Mini Quartz Studs by Giant Lion. I think I would probably wear them with everything from jeans to dresses. They’re beautiful!