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New Friends

i briefly featured the work of NYC based New Friends, aka Alexandra Segreti and Kelly Rakowski, last year – but i thought they deserved their own post because their work is just soooooo good. they were also featured in the UO blog last month and i just loved seeing a little tour of their studio.

New Friends design and produce weavings, textiles and housewares. They weave unique objects that combine the rich history of textiles and contemporary visual culture. The fibers used in their vivid, oddball collections range from locally sourced, plant dyed wools to man-made metallic threads.

photography c/o New Friends, studio images c/o the UO Blog, photographed by Jody Rogac.

New Friends New Friends New Friends New Friends New Friends New Friends New Friends New Friends New Friends New Friends New Friends


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  1. It looks like their work has a little soutwestern influence going on. I’m in Boston but my heart belongs to Sante Fe. I would love to include their work in my dream home there!

  2. So cool! I’ve recently gotten really into needle craft and so this stuff is so inspirational! And their workspace is amazing.

  3. Hi Diana! I don’t know how else to contact you, but there’s this portuguese shoes brand I think you’re gonna love them. Everything is so pretty; their pictures, vídeos, products, have a look:

    (I swear this isn’t some creepy promo stuff, I just think you’ll really dig it haha)

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