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These Things No.59

this week we moved into our new office (during an unseasonable heat wave, ain’t nobody got time for that). and i was feeling so happy and sprightly and excited, that i moved desks and picked up furniture and ran up and down the 3 flights of stairs too many times to count… feeling GREAT! and then the next day, my back. OH! my back. i could kick myself for overdoing it after suffering from bad back problems these past few months. well, i can’t actually physically kick myself – it hurts too much.

so, here i am lying on my couch again. feeling like a dummy, and just trying to recuperate. which of course calls for a these things. lesson: look after your backs, people. get up from your desk. walk more. work your core. and don’t be a dummy, like me.

new pieces by Scout & Catalogue:

These Things No.59

loved this peek into Kate’s home:

These Things No.59

sleeping on a cloud:

These Things No.59

Telar, a textile collection by Nido:

These Things No.59

love these bright banners:

These Things No.59

funny thing is, i would have bought the issue with this cover, by Georgia Perry:


a watermelon dress!

These Things No.59

interesting art & photography by Vittorio Ciccarelli:

These Things No.59

love this bag:

These Things No.59

Seven Sisters Style and the beginnings of preppy style:

These Things No.59

these shoes by Reality Studio:

These Things No.59

sweet pieces by Martina Thornhill:


new collection by Lauren Winter:

These Things No.59

awesome street style snapped by Vanessa Jackman:

Vanessa Jackman

Samuji’s new lookbook:

These Things No.59

jewellery and rad things by Academy:


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  1. Hi Diana. I’m almost 43 and suffered from occupational overuse syndrome in my shoulders, neck and arms for years. In recent years I corrected my posture, got a decent chair, started focussed exercise at the gym two days a week. This got my pain down to 50%. About a year ago I started seeing a Chiropractor. Amazing. I’m almost pain free. Why not give it a try?

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