1. I love everything from the 1940s and older and back in those days the circus was something really amazing. I’m fascinated by the art of the circus, that’s why I also joined a circusschool a couple of years ago. It’s magical to be a part from it!

    xoxo Emma

  2. Anna Louise Reply

    Did you notice that in the fifth photo all the shoes would be highly on trend today? The ones on the far right look like Restrepo. I was there in September!


    Anna Louise

  3. My favorite vintage imagery is of the circus.. thank you so much for posting these beauties!! Those circus girls were tough, beautiful, glamourous, fit, strong & FUN!

  4. These are absolutely incredible. I love the one of the woman dangling upside down with a cigarette in her mouth.

  5. Such babes, imagine the stories they tell their grand kids. I did a photo series on a circus in Edinburgh a few years ago, it really is a world of its own.

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  7. You really do have to be tough. I’ve done circus since I was eleven. Coaches are brutal, crowds can be too, and don’t even get me started on directors. But its all worth it when you nail a trick and the crowds cheer. Pure bliss.


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