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hello my friends. sorry, that sounds like the beginning of a spam email – but i assure you it’s not. i haven’t posted since launching that amazing Rennes Giveaway earlier this week because i have unfortunately been sick. perhaps that is why this post sounds a bit barmy (it’s the painkillers, you see). anyway i wanted to assure you i am still here, and that posting shall be resuming with new vim and vigour. in the meantime, here’s what has been up… lately.

sunsets in Sea Point, and the last days of summer:

Miss Moss

my new office!! before:

Miss Moss

and after, sorta. watch this space.

Miss Moss

temporary wall hangings above my desk, thanks washi tape:

Miss Moss

the view :)

Miss Moss

we got a boat!!! well, Anton bought an old boat. what should we call it? we’re going to pretend we’re in a Peter Stuyvesant commercial while cruising around in it.

Miss Moss

easter came and went, and it was glorious. lots of buns were eaten:

Miss Moss

we spent a nice a morning at Groot Constantia:

Miss Moss Miss Moss cg-3 Miss Moss Miss Moss

getting ready for winter with two new pairs of Rasox:

Miss Moss

almost bought this exquisite Jamie Lee Curtis vinyl:

Miss Moss

and my week ended off paging through a copy of the lovely MOON Magazine (in bed):

Miss Moss Miss Moss Miss Moss

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  1. Hope you feel better soon! I’ve been sick all week too. :( Getting back into Monday is so much harder after you’ve been sick. My house is a huge mess, my work has piled up and to be honest I’ve gotten a little too used to laying around and resting. Wishing you a good start to the week!

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