in light of yesterday’s post you can probably imagine that things are quite busy around here, so in lieu of a regular blog post – here’s another lately. these are all taken in my iPhone 4S and they are usually always posted on Instagram.

first, i have a poll of sorts running on this photo i posted on Instagram, asking if people would potentially be interested in buying bags like this on the blog. please weigh in!

Miss Moss // Bags

my most popular photo on IG lately, this insanely picturesque winter scene at Dornier Wine Estate. go there for the wine and the scenery, but not the food – it’s crap.

Miss Moss // DornierMiss Moss // Dornier

speaking of food, we had the BEST MEAL EVER at Hallelujah, a tiny asian tapas / champagne bar in Tamboerskloof. uuuuugh my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Miss Moss // Hallelujah

some evening scenes from walks around my neighbourhood, Sea Point.

Miss Moss // Sea PointMiss Moss // Sea PointMiss Moss // Sea PointMiss Moss // Sea Point

just another winter’s day in Cape Town.

Miss Moss // Hout Bay

i am enjoying all the old buildings that surround my office in the CBD.

Miss Moss // Cape Town

and the scenes i come across walking around some days.

Miss Moss // Cape TownMiss Moss // Street Food on BreeMiss Moss // Cape Town

we went to see Daniel’s exhibition at the Stevenson (now finished) amazing in person.

Miss Moss // Stevenson

i got a new desk made by Stokperd – it is white and glossy and beautiful, and i am constantly worried i’m going to chip it.

Miss Moss // Desk

some more vignettes from the studio, which i share with this gal & this gal.

Miss Moss // StudioMiss Moss // StudioMiss Moss // StudioMiss Moss // Studio
Miss Moss // Bag from Country Road
Miss Moss // Studio
Miss Moss // StudioMiss Moss // Studio

really enjoying winter….

Miss Moss // Winter

still buying too many plants.

Miss Moss' Home

my husband got into bread baking this month. i’m trying not to blame Masterchef Australia.

Miss Moss // Bread

not only does he bake us bread, he bought me this beautiful limited edition Momo!

Miss Moss // Momo

been thinking of getting my scarf from Klaus Haapaniemi framed and hang it on the wall. it’s too amazing to wear around my neck – so big and beautiful and detailed.

Miss Moss // Scarf by Klaus Haapaniemi

got some nice things in the mail lately. a lovely thank you package from Wsake:

Miss Moss // Wsake

and the new edition of Spaces by Frankie Magazine:

Miss Moss // Spaces

and, my incredibly pertinent to-do list:

Miss Moss // To Do List

(i really do have more to do than that, though)


  1. your husband made this bread?! it looks just perfect!

    and i can relate very much to buying too many plants:) also i´d love a shiny white desk, but unfortunately i´m a “chipper” so this is out of the question.

    have fun with our little package:)

  2. Hello, I love the baskets you posted and would put an immediate order in for four like the top ones. To ideally be shipped to Munich/Germany or if not possible Cape Town. Julia

  3. love the atmosphere on your photos. you have a very tidy desk.

  4. Love the polka dot country road tote, but haven’t be able to track it down anywhere online. Any ideas? Lovely photos, as always!

  5. What fun! I so enjoyed looking at your photos. I’ve never been to Cape Town and it’s always been so foreign to me. Thank you for your lovely introduction.

  6. i love the bags!! shipping to germany or switzerland?
    and that’s how a to do list should look like.

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