Miss Moss // Dornier

in light of yesterday’s post you can probably imagine that things are quite busy around here, so in lieu of a regular blog post – here’s another lately. these are all taken in my iPhone 4S and they are usually always posted on Instagram.

first, i have a poll of sorts running on this photo i posted on Instagram, asking if people would potentially be interested in buying bags like this on the blog. please weigh in!

Miss Moss // Bags

my most popular photo on IG lately, this insanely picturesque winter scene at Dornier Wine Estate. go there for the wine and the scenery, but not the food – it’s crap.

Miss Moss // DornierMiss Moss // Dornier

speaking of food, we had the BEST MEAL EVER at Hallelujah, a tiny asian tapas / champagne bar in Tamboerskloof. uuuuugh my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Miss Moss // Hallelujah

some evening scenes from walks around my neighbourhood, Sea Point.

Miss Moss // Sea PointMiss Moss // Sea PointMiss Moss // Sea PointMiss Moss // Sea Point

just another winter’s day in Cape Town.

Miss Moss // Hout Bay

i am enjoying all the old buildings that surround my office in the CBD.

Miss Moss // Cape Town

and the scenes i come across walking around some days.

Miss Moss // Cape TownMiss Moss // Street Food on BreeMiss Moss // Cape Town

we went to see Daniel’s exhibition at the Stevenson (now finished) amazing in person.

Miss Moss // Stevenson

i got a new desk made by Stokperd – it is white and glossy and beautiful, and i am constantly worried i’m going to chip it.

Miss Moss // Desk

some more vignettes from the studio, which i share with this gal & this gal.

Miss Moss // StudioMiss Moss // StudioMiss Moss // StudioMiss Moss // Studio
Miss Moss // Bag from Country Road
Miss Moss // Studio
Miss Moss // StudioMiss Moss // Studio

really enjoying winter….

Miss Moss // Winter

still buying too many plants.

Miss Moss' Home

my husband got into bread baking this month. i’m trying not to blame Masterchef Australia.

Miss Moss // Bread

not only does he bake us bread, he bought me this beautiful limited edition Momo!

Miss Moss // Momo

been thinking of getting my scarf from Klaus Haapaniemi framed and hang it on the wall. it’s too amazing to wear around my neck – so big and beautiful and detailed.

Miss Moss // Scarf by Klaus Haapaniemi

got some nice things in the mail lately. a lovely thank you package from Wsake:

Miss Moss // Wsake

and the new edition of Spaces by Frankie Magazine:

Miss Moss // Spaces

and, my incredibly pertinent to-do list:

Miss Moss // To Do List

(i really do have more to do than that, though)



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  1. says

    your husband made this bread?! it looks just perfect!

    and i can relate very much to buying too many plants:) also i´d love a shiny white desk, but unfortunately i´m a “chipper” so this is out of the question.

    have fun with our little package:)

  2. Julia says

    Hello, I love the baskets you posted and would put an immediate order in for four like the top ones. To ideally be shipped to Munich/Germany or if not possible Cape Town. Julia

  3. Despina says

    Love the polka dot country road tote, but haven’t be able to track it down anywhere online. Any ideas? Lovely photos, as always!

  4. says

    What fun! I so enjoyed looking at your photos. I’ve never been to Cape Town and it’s always been so foreign to me. Thank you for your lovely introduction.