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The Woven Bag

i have had an overwhelming response to the beautiful woven Kenyan bags that i posted about a while ago. the good news is that if all goes to plan i will hopefully start selling them in September! but in the meantime, if you’re into woven bags, here’s a nice round up for ya.

PS if you’re in Cape Town then check out Greenmarket Square and Design Afrika for woven bags. you can also find great vintage ones on Etsy & Kenyan ones at Hadithi.

The Woven Bag

1. Urban Outfitters // 2. Connected Goods // 3. Clare Vivier // 4. Matches // 5. J.Crew // 6. Mextli Artesenias // 7. My VietHome // 8. Fashion Zone// 9. Moos // 1. San Diego Hat Company // 11. Urban Outfitters // 12. Lucky Brand // 13. Sole Society // 14. Sensei Studio // 15. BCBG

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  1. I love the idea of a woven bag for the farmer’s market and such, but how do you keep the inside clean? Right now I’m using a canvas bag that I can just throw in the wash…do some of these have liners that you can add and remove for easy cleaning?

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